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  1. Downtown Norfolk Skyline in 1985. Waterside was still a busy place and had become a part of Norfolk's urban fabric. I remember those days well when Downtown Norfolk became a destination on the weekends. In the foreground is the USS America Air Craft Carrier.
  2. Aerial picture of Downtown Norfolk July 1963. Urban "renewal" was well underway.
  3. Exactly what happened to Coliseum Mall in Hampton. The Peninsula Town Center has reinvigorated the whole Hampton Coliseum/Mercury Blvd corridor. I think McArthur will be remade in a similar fashion. but it will take place very slowly. Military Highway corridor is just now starting the planning process to convert the mall into a town center. I believe this project will be completed way before the redevelopment of McArthur Center
  4. Military Circle would be a great place to build an arena. Like someone commented above Military Circle is between Downtown Norfolk and the Virginia Beach Town Center. Also two major interstates are nearby I-64 and I-264. The light rail station is nearby which will allow for access for people who don't want to drive to the Arena. This area is a natural for a large arena.
  5. Now this is an urban infill project. The building wraps around the parking lot and the apartments are on the street.
  6. I get the Otter Berth and the Banana Pier mixed up. Otter Berth I think was where Waterside and the Spirit of Norfolk is now. I remember those early Harborfests when the announcer would announce on the loud speaker that there was some event at the Otter Berth. Most of the time we were at the Banana Pier near the Bousch Cold Storage Building so I think that is why I get them mixed up.
  7. Zepplin 14 I guess I've lived up here in DC for far too long. I had forgot there may be a reason for parking lots in the front. Is it possible that the parking lot is a buffer between the water and the buildings? Urban living usually means not relying solely on a car to get around. I would not expect the apartments to right on the street, but a wide sidewalk which I have seen here in DC may provide somewhat of a buffer. The parking everywhere simply looks suburban. The railroad district is supposed to be Norfolk's answer to Richmond's Scott's Addition. There the new apartments are right on the street with parking in the back. I would think that maybe a slight of hand could make the apartment appear to open to the street. I've seen it where there is a small mound in front of the apartments to give the appearance of a barrier to the street. I know I have seen it before.
  8. I was born in Norfolk but raised in Virginia Beach. I unfortunately don't have deep family roots in Hampton Roads, but I do have many of my former neighbors who I see as family. My Father was born in DC and raised in Arlington and my Mom was from Natchez, Miss. They moved to Norfolk in 1954 in order for my Father to start his Dental practice off of Church St. thus my brother and sisters were all born in Norfolk. I love the city of Norfolk and so wish the two cities would just get along. It seems Norfolk is in competition with Virginia Beach on who will be the big dog in Tidewater. This is so counterproductive. There is a glimmer of hope that the whole area may coalesce around Norfolk's bid to build a first class arena. Also Virginia Beach's Mayor is very interested in improving service at Norfolk Int'l Airport. Baby steps I guess.
  9. Here is a photo of Otter Berth in Downtown Norfolk 1980. Now the area is where the Wisconsin is docked and all of the industrial buildings and parking are now expensive waterfront condos.
  10. The Retreat at Harbor Pointe was once planned to be a group of mid to high rise buildings at the Campostella Bridge. When I saw the picture of what is there now I gagged at the 1980s townhouses. I'm glad something was built there but could it have at least look like a complex built in the 21st century? Again another new complex in Norfolk with parking lots everywhere. Would it have killed them to hide the parking lot behind the building. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/vp-nw-campostella-homeless-apartments-20201213-m3nxootqs5g4xn2trtkksdyibu-story.html
  11. Why are Hampton Roads Cities so enamored with parking lots in the front of buildings? The Railroad District should have a more urban feel not feel like a suburban Industrial Park. Hide the Parking behind the building and if there is a street behind the building plant trees to block the parking lot from that street. All and all this is a nice looking enough development for Lamberts Point/Railroad District.
  12. Drone footage of Downtown Norfolk on the Festevents Youtube Channel.
  13. Found this picture of Downtown Norfolk on Yahoo images.
  14. Baltimore Sun article about the pandemic's impact on the Inner Harbor Festival Marketplace. I do think that the Inner harbor badly needs a make over to make it appealing to 21st century tourist. https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-pr-md-inner-harbor-future-20201002-s25ccrtllrgahjry2b62rhpxei-story.html
  15. In the center of the photo is the beginnings of the Virginia National Bank Building now the Icon.
  16. No shortage of parking in Downtown Norfolk in 1966.
  17. City Hall Ave. Downtown Norfolk 1929.
  18. Here is a WAVY TV 10 News story about the topping out of the CHKD Tower. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/chkd-hosts-beam-ceremony-celebrating-milestone-in-construction-of-new-mental-health-hospital/
  19. At one time wasn't a tower planned for Brambleton Ave? I thought it was going to be called Hoffler Tower? Would have been a great catalyst to re-envision Brambleton Ave from a commuter thoroughfare to a much more commercial Avenue.
  20. The casino looks like something you would see in King of Prussia Pa. outside of Philly. We went there once and it definitely has a suburban hotel vibe. I just don't like all of the surface parking. Its still a good development for that part of Portsmouth that is more suburban in nature.
  21. Wow River Tower has quite the impact on Fort Norfolk. I hope more high rises will be coming to Fort Norfolk in the future.
  22. The renderings of the proposed Portsmouth Casino https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/portsmouth-rush-street-gaming-unveil-casino-renderings/are released.
  23. Norfolk/Virginia Beach has the highest Hotel occupancy rate in the country. https://str.com/press-release/str-us-hotel-results-week-ending-4-july
  24. Norfolk and Virginia Beach's CVBs have joined forces to promote both cities. I love to see the state's largest and second largest cities that are joined at the hip cooperating with each other for a change. https://visitnorfolkvabeach.com/?fbclid=IwAR0HeZcD9QH7HPvJ7u_YECsNTArD5dT_p8AQf6Z92dQ4bTyQDLcCA7FyF_4
  25. Norfolk and Virginia Beach's CVBs have joined forces to promote both cities. I love to see the state's largest and second largest cities that are joined at the hip cooperating with each other for a change. https://visitnorfolkvabeach.com/?fbclid=IwAR0HeZcD9QH7HPvJ7u_YECsNTArD5dT_p8AQf6Z92dQ4bTyQDLcCA7FyF_4
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