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  1. Washington Post article about the growing skylines in Western Cities. Western cities like Denver are building much taller buildings to deal with huge increases in populations. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/national/western-cities-changing-skylines/?utm_term=.99faa58e3190
  2. I'm far from a bible thumper, but my excitement for this project is muted by the so so nature of Casinos. They can be a boon if done right, but they also can introduce vice and in some instance blight to the surrounding area. The city needs to review this proposal very carefully to make sure that it will solve more problems then what it causes.
  3. Downtown Businesses are still bullish on the future of Downtown despite the loss of Norfolk Southern. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/maritime-and-transportation/article_c5620a68-ffe4-11e8-9305-d3670f114d8f.html
  4. The city could do everything they can to make the small startups into big corporations. Grow Interactive comes to mind.
  5. Once NS leaves what happens to their headquarters building. I pray it is not torn down and will be bought by some developer.
  6. You know if Norfolk can continue to draw cruises to the Half Moone terminal maybe a cruise company may want to move to Norfolk and make the city their headquarters.
  7. Looks like every other development in OV. Underwhelmed by this project, but at least it adds to density.
  8. Norfolk went way overboard with urban renewal destroying buildings simply because they were old. That being said there was a good reason for the creation of NRHA. Norfolk once had the bad designation of having the worst slums in the country. Slum clearance was the mantra in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Norfolk's zeal to be a modern city led them to tear down some nice old buildings like the Monticello Hotel. They could not imagine the drive to preserve old buildings that came about in the 80s, 90s, and the 00s. Glad the city preserved such gems as the Royster Building, the new Savoy and the Norfolk YMCA building (the Rockefeller).
  9. Here is a painful picture of the beginning of urban renewal in Downtown Norfolk. They sure loved the wrecking ball back in the early 60s.
  10. Wasn't an improved marina always part of the plan for the Waterside District?
  11. I was down in Norfolk for the Grand Illumination Parade and I really like the growing urban feel of Downtown. Me and my partner stayed at the Main and all I have to say is this Hotel is probably one of the best Hotels I have ever stayed in. Here are some pictures from in and around Downtown Norfolk.
  12. The design isn't too bad. It looks modern and streamlined. I wish the parking could be put in the back to give it a more urban look, but not bad for the Newtown Area.
  13. Article in the Washington Post about how large cities are missing the mark when it comes to luring businesses by lavish tax subsidies. According to the article large corporations value more being near Universities, other tech companies and a large pool of high tech potential employees. Amazon all along was going to pick Arlington, Va. and Queens New York for HQ2 because the two areas check most of the boxes for what Amazon is looking for in a Metro Area. Tell me what you all think? https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/11/16/inequality-makes-it-harder-than-ever-cities-say-no-amazon/?utm_term=.1dfd7de6dade
  14. Agree doesn't seem like a good idea. Similar thing was done to Maine Ave. here in DC and the results have been increased backups for people driving from Downtown to the Maryland Suburbs.
  15. Here is a film reel from the Ford Motor Company showing many images of Norfolk circa 1917. A lot of the buildings shown in the video are still standing.
  16. I understand that Amazon may open data centers around the state of Virginia. Virginia Beach and maybe Norfolk may be great locations for these.
  17. Could be the sign isn't taller because its in the flight path for Norfolk International. Just my guess.
  18. Virginia Beach landing the transatlantic cable makes a natural location for hi tech companies. I understand large corporations already have locations in Va. Beach. Norfolk will benefit by being a part of the Southside loop envisioned to provide high speed internet to south side Hampton Roads.
  19. For a lot of people in Arlington there is a little relief that the number of employees will be cut in half. Traffic is already atrocious on Route 1.
  20. According to my friend who works for Norfolk Southern there is nothing that could be done to keep NS in Norfolk. Norfolk has a substandard airport and NS has a plan to consolidate employees into one location.
  21. Looks like Dallas, New York, and Crystal City in Arlington, Va. are in high level talks with Amazon about the second location. Insiders believe that Arlington, Va. may be the location for the second Amazon Headquarters adding 50,000 more jobs.
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