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  1. What actual improvement has Cooper been in favor of in his time in Metro Government? Nothing comes to my mind.
  2. [quote post="1624497" This particular garage at the Grand Hyatt looks to be pretty well disguised once everything is in place, and the office towers don't have any visible pedestal at all since the garage is separate, so these are far from the worst offenders anyway. It's some of the new SoBro hotels by KVB that bug me more. The garage at the Grand Hyatt is below grade. That big box base is meeting space.
  3. This project is very cool. Too bad it is sandwiched between the horrid AC Marriott and a Holiday Inn. At least it anchors the corner.
  4. They are really far behind on the glass. Virgin Hotel is a much shorter building, they just topped out, and they have glass half way up the facade already.
  5. Without hesitation this is the most attractive Drury hotel anywhere. ESA did a very good job.
  6. Perhaps a sarcasm font is needed. The initial comment was intended to have some snark, but was also intended to be playful. In re-reading I understand how that was misconstrued. I definitely reacted negatively to “here is a helpful explanation to the clueless like you.”
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