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  1. Perhaps a sarcasm font is needed. The initial comment was intended to have some snark, but was also intended to be playful. In re-reading I understand how that was misconstrued. I definitely reacted negatively to “here is a helpful explanation to the clueless like you.”
  2. You escalated that quickly. You have no idea who you are talking to with your self righteous attitude. It’s called a mat foundation. It’s a shallow foundation system intended to spread out a massive load like an office core without drilling down to the rock. The “randomness” is just the rebar bundles, which are spaced closer then what we typically see for columns, which have a more cage type form spaced much further apart.
  3. Reality - media rarely, if ever, gets the details right. Chronically understaffed and under budgeted. Big picture story.. quick edits... good enough. Move on.
  4. There will be a bingo card for how many drunk bachelorette party girls tumble down the staircase.
  5. What you see currently is what is holding it up.
  6. DeemonBruhn

    City Lights, 7 Stories, 71 condos, restaurant

    A case where the renderings were so much more attractive then the final product. Another pseudo traditional beige and red brick apartment. It hugs the site nice is all I have to say.
  7. Sad that a Holiday Inn looks far better then the tri branded Marriott next door. Far far better.
  8. This is a pretty great project for what was considered the “worst” site in the former Gannett Property. Very impressive street activation on 11th. Church Street is going to be nuts.
  9. Can’t park on them. Helical ramps are expensive. The only reason to use them is that they save physical space.
  10. Planning has already approved the project. The NIMBY’s are fighting at the council level.