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  1. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Elmington Capital’s apartment complex at 1205 Robinson Road in Old Hickory. First building topped out.
  2. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    I’m within walking distance as well and it’s not a rough neighborhood at all. This is replacing the old community center located in the same park (which will be demolished), and I can’t recall anything bad ever really having gone on there.
  3. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Madison Park Community Center opened today. It includes a fitness center, dance studio, indoor track, basketball court, and several multipurpose rooms. The renovated park features an outdoor track, playground, and several pavalions.
  4. Guys, no need for animosity. I don’t think the Charlotte comment was meant to be belligerent.
  5. fishsticks176

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Reminds me of this:
  6. fishsticks176

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Apparently I'm paying way too much for car insurance. Also, a lot of new Yorkers seem to be pretty salty over the move. NY Post: Most New Yorkers' comments on these recent articles would have you think that we're all living in log cabins and plucking the banjo barefoot with barley in our mouths. I'm from NJ/NYC originally and getting a kick out of this.
  7. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    The Fluffo building on Gallatin next to Butcher & Bee. They’ve had scaffolding up for forever and I’ve wondered what was going on with it but I certainly didn’t expect this! Does anyone have more details?
  8. fishsticks176

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    It was the weather. The low clouds, the fog, and the humidity. People in Donelson, Berry Hill, and Antioch could hear it clear as day. Friends of mine in East Nashville told me that their walls were rattling. I view the disturbance as unworthy of any sort of action, given the noise curfew and the infrequency of these weeknight concerts, but I also don't want to make those who complained out to be ridiculous crybabies. As of the publication of the Tennessean article, the East Nashville petition to ban rock concerts at Ascend had a whole nine signatures, so my conclusion is that the media is blowing all of this out of proportion.
  9. fishsticks176

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I think the biggest factor in passing future referendums will just be a change in population. As more people move here from larger cities where transit is used and appreciated, they will have a bigger sway over the vote. In the meantime, traffic will get worse and people who were on the fence this time around under the impression that a new, “better” plan could be easily and quickly conjured will be less hesitant to vote in the next one. What we need to focus on while we wait is keeping transit in the spotlight and educating people about its value and function. This vote created a lot of armchair urban planners with some pretty ridiculous notions as to best practices. Fighting that amount of misinformation was an impossible task to accomplish in just a two month countdown to the vote. Let’s keep the conversation alive and position ourselves better for Nashville’s next shot at this.
  10. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Forest Park Townhomes, a 47-unit, 10-building development at 501 Forest Park Road in Madison. All residential buildings look to be in the final stages, and the foundation has been laid for the main office building.
  11. It ceased to be a "park" a long time ago. It's really just a homeless encampment in the middle of the city. My mother worked in the downtown library for a decade and would frequently be harassed by some of the homeless there as she walked in or out of the building. The library staff routinely has to deal with the homeless/mentally ill defecating in the halls, pleasuring themselves in the aisles, and getting into fights in the lobby. We absolutely need a dedicated facility that can provide services (including mental health services), basic necessities, and transitional housing for the growing homeless population downtown. The encampment beneath the Ellington/James Robertson bridge has begun being cleared out now too, and those people are just being bounced around with no real place to go. As for my peers I was talking about, I can guarantee you that none of them have ever set foot in that park. They just reflexively raise their pitchforks whenever they hear anything regarding a developer. It's dialogue right out of Atlas Shrugged. I think, too, that there's a belief that if they can halt as much development as possible, Nashville will go back to the way it was ten years ago and that their rents will go down. Someone said in earnest that "now that we've voted down transit, transplants will get fed up and leave and we can finally get back to the old Nashville".
  12. An ever-growing number of my peers (25-35 crowd) have been framing it as a corporate giveaway and decrying Metro for donating assets to wealthy developers while schools are underfunded and homeless is a growing problem. Metro is giving away more land to some rich private developer! They're taking our park! That 25 million is being pocketed by some multimillionaire developer who's only going to build 100 units! This is their rhetoric, not mine. They seem to (willfully) misunderstand this project, the transit proposal, the MLS stadium, and many many other developments. Honestly, I think most of it isn't really about the details of the developments/deals themselves, but just stems from their frustration of being on the short end of the growing economic divide in Nashville. It's become an "us vs them" mentality for a lot of people. And they don't understand that they're shooting themselves in the foot when they oppose public transit or transitional housing or more residential construction. EDIT: This is in response to TNinVB's comment a few posts up, asking why there seems to be such opposition to Tony's homeless shelter being built.
  13. fishsticks176

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Some building finally at the 40-acre Mill Creek development at the corner of Lebanon Pike and Donelson Hills Drive. The site will develop ten acres to include 18,000 square feet of retail fronting Lebanon Pike with at least 50 cottages behind. Thirty acres of the site will become an eco-park of arbors, trails, and wetlands that may link into the Greenway system.
  14. fishsticks176

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I haven't seen this posted on here yet. 69% of early voters were aged 50+. I know I'm stereotyping, but that does not seem good. Let's hope that we're able to get the younger crowds out en masse on May 1st.