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  1. Ellington Crossings Townhomes (in front of Nossi College of Art in Madison) topped out and in final stages of construction. Land cleared for Creative Way Village apartments on the other side of Creative Way (no picture). Also, across Ellington Parkway, construction has started on residential complex The Briar. Adjacent land has also been cleared but I’m not sure if it’s for a second phase of The Briar or for another development.
  2. You *are* allowed to have your own opinion, you know, and you can do so without the disingenuousness of shouting “groupthink!” at those who don’t agree with you.
  3. You read it as angst? A mod just asked you to credit the photo. That’s standard practice on this site. I think you’re taking this to heart too much and being a bit defensive unnecessarily. We all friends.
  4. Petition signed; email sent. fudge this guy.
  5. Rolling Stone write-up of Nashville’s local music gems: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/nashville-downtown-best-music-clubs-hidden-hangouts-938229/?fbclid=IwAR0iCWrJtjGuHlpiKWrljkX7bOXn3Qz-JZ-FET2xBp35aVFR21pfLfHZ2g8
  6. Just got some insider info from someone working on the project that there will be a Ritz Carlton going in behind the JW Marriott. I can’t remember that being mentioned on this board. Is that new info?
  7. I’ll chime in as a 30 y/o male. I only shop online for specialized items. If I’m shopping for clothes, I want to be able to try them on. If I’m shopping for necessities, I want it now and not in 24-48 hours. If I’m shopping for furniture, I need to be able to see the spaciality of it. If I’m shopping for pretty much anything else, I still want to be able to browse the options and get guidance from someone in-store. I think that online shopping was novel for a while but now that so much of life has become centered around the computer, people will want a respite from that. For as much talk as there always is about millennials preferring the “experience” of things, that concept rarely gets applied to brick and mortar retail, and I think it should. Then again, I also do my banking in-person at my local branch and pick up my own to-go orders, so maybe I’m just weird.
  8. Maybe it’s just me but I see a distinction between “That’s not a great design” and “what a loser that guy is”. As an artist myself I’ve learned it’s always a good rule of thumb to focus criticism on the art itself and not the person behind it. I suppose YMMV. I’m also probably just being a bit sensative because I’m not sure what the protocol is for me even having posted it in the first place and I may have been out of line. I love this forum and sometimes get too eager to share with you guys! I should’ve asked first though.
  9. Yikes y’all are making me feel guilty for posting it. I’m going to delete before I get my NMAAM friend in trouble for giving me an early peek. I didn’t know it was the decision maker’s son and that my posting would lead to public personal attacks on him. Prob not a good position to put her in.
  10. https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/most-changed-metros-of-the-2010s/ Nashville tops the list for the most changed metro of the decade.
  11. An ex of mine went to Fisk and said that while it was technically open to everyone, some of the professors were openly hostile toward non-black students and at least one would even preach “white devil” hate speech from the podium. I know there’s also a larger social discussion around whether or not it’s even appropriate for white students to attend HBCUs. Vox did an interesting documentary about that a couple years ago and a lot of black HBCU students interviewed were very against it. I think that one was filmed at Morehouse. Anyway, apparently Fisk faculty has been debating for years now whether to advertise and actively try to recruit more non-black students in order to fill ever-growing holes in the budget and secure their long-term viability. I don’t think they’ve made any steps in that direction though. It’s an amazing institution that does a lot of good for the community and adds to the prestige of Nashville and I really hope that one way or another they find the means to thrive. As much as I would cherish the opportunity to live in a building like that one day, I would hate to see that campus dismantled and turned into condos.
  12. https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/journal/the-report/why-coastal-creatives-are-moving-to-nashville/5180?setupsession=false ^Mr Porter, a high-end men’s fashion site, casually and pretty definitively mentioned Oracle building a campus in Nashville in its blog last week. Thought that was interesting.
  13. Eastside Bowl, the concept originally planned for the Madison Bowling Alley, is pushing ahead at the new location of the defunct K-Mart building at 1508 Gallatin Pike in Madison. It will include bowling lanes, a music venue, a 24-hour diner, a bar, and more. It is set to open in August.
  14. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191202005663/en/iHeartMedia-Selects-Nashville-Headquarters-iHeartRadio-Digital iHeartRadio will be opening a Digital Services HQ in Nashville. They currently have offices in NYC, SF, and San Antonio.
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