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  1. with recent expenditures at our current museum and archives, I wouldn't count on any state money being earmarked for new museums for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.
  2. They had their opening event on Halloween Night, although it was only in the venue section. Last I heard, there’s a small section of flooring still missing and the materials are held up in the supply chain, and inspectors won’t let them fully open until that last bit is laid down. Everything else has been ready to go for a month or more.
  3. It’s obvious from the video too. The narrator had already started filming, so already an incident was underway. Then the narrator shouts, “do they even know him?” Then he walks away from everyone after. But everyone jumps to the conclusion that the pedal tavern had overserved him, which doesn’t fit at all.
  4. I was able to read it without a subscription. This jumped out at me as seeming erroneous: Davidson County lost 10,000 households? Do they mean people who moved but were replaced? Because they’re making it sound like Davison lost population.
  5. I'm not and I can read it, but I think there is a monthly limit for free articles.
  6. NY Times: "Nashville's Twisting Journey" https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/24/us/politics/nashville.html
  7. A few residential developments around Madison Park. Land has been cleared at 223 Roosevelt Ave for what looks like a condo/townhouse complex. Work has resumed on the townhouse development at 1207 Pierce road. Several other new builds in the Cumberland Bend development and the surrounding area.
  8. I saw that. I'm pretty sure it was just being transported. Looks like King Of Hustler is a new male strip club and I guess that'll be their mechanical bull? It's not a downtown "transportainment" thing though. And if it is, we should riot.
  9. I took one week off from Urban Planet and everything went crazy! Scrolling all these stories right now is amazing!
  10. Grab the pitchforks, don’t wanna look like suckers!
  11. Aw man, Baronakim, you just razed my apartment! Haha There’s actually a bit more life in that strip of warehouses than most people realize—lofts, maker space, vintage stores, a flea market, go karts, etc. I personally would love to see the Davidson Street strip down to Shelby Bottoms rezoned and infilled with some more height—it could make a really great, unique neighborhood with just a little tweaking.
  12. https://theathletic.com/2184287/2020/11/07/nashville-toronto-raptors/ Nashville being considered as temporary home for Toronto Raptors for 2020-2021 season.
  13. There are at least five coming to the Nashville area: Murfreesboro, Madison, Hermitage, Lebanon, and Gallatin. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fox17.com/amp/news/local/whataburger-eyeing-nashville-for-new-location-restaurant-tennessee-hermitage
  14. One of Acme’s longtime employees posted a list of reasons on Reddit:
  15. I was just in Over-The-Rhine yesterday, actually! Absolutely beautiful but WeHo doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of historic buildings it would take to replicate that feel. It’s the largest in-tact neighborhood of Italianate architecture in the US. And the Bell Connector made me even more jealous.
  16. Fencing up around The Skyliner and activity on site. 2996 Dickerson Pike.
  17. Madison Motel demolished. Any ideas what the plan is for this site? I remember the owner of the parcel (I think) put out a poll last year asking what they should turn the property into.
  18. Saw this yesterday at the corner of Gallatin and Inglewood, a block off of the Briley Pkwy ramp in North Inglewood. The lot was fenced off with a couple of these signs up. 20 STR-zoned apartments with two penthouses coming in 2021. 1100 Inglewood Drive.
  19. Yeah, it’s just a rebranding of that old run-down complex between Litton and Delmas, a block off of Gallatin. I just drove by it to make sure.
  20. I’m pretty sure it’s a revamping of that low-income apartment complex a block off Gallatin there, not a new construction. They slapped a mural in the building, renamed it The Canvas, and doubled the rent.
  21. Lots of construction going on around Nossi College of Art in Madison, including Six O Nine, Creative Way Villages, 500 Creative Way/Ellington Landing, and The Briar.
  22. Logan’s just became Martin’s BBQ and got some renovations I believe.
  23. Ron, didn’t you just make a long post about not using this board to insult others who hold beliefs/views different from your own? —An “irresponsible, narcissistic person” who in good faith believes that we need to re-open the economy and can do so safely while high-risk individuals continue to self-quarantine if they choose.
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