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  1. 19 hours ago, Nathan_in_DC said:

    During and just after grad school, I worked for an academic non-profit that promoted the academic study of the American founding and the early history of the United States. We mostly hosted conferences, worked with universities to endow chairs in History, Political Science, and Philosophy departments, publish academic journals, that sort of thing. But, because of the nature of the organization, we often worked very, very closely with museums and the organizations behind them...and what you say is extremely true with only a very few exceptions. For a museum and the associated support organization to be successful, it needs a significant amount of government support and a large endowment from a sponsoring individual or organization. And even then, they require huge amounts of donations every year to stay afloat. Museums can't be stagnant, they have to constantly be considering how to update and develop exhibits, improve collections (not just taking on new stuff but managing what they have properly), and pay enough to attract quality staff.

    Fort Negley would be an awesome site for a Tennessee Museum of the Civil War. Honestly, if done correctly you could just turn it in to the Tennessee Museum of Military History at Fort Negley. But, with the new State Museum having a rather comprehensive Civil War exhibit, I doubt we'll be seeing the sort of support from the State we would really need to see. The best hope for good facilities on the site would be a large grant from State and Federal government combined with a large private donation, and a long-term funding agreement from the city and a long-term fundraising development strategy that doesn't rely on admission fees. All of this will require a concerted lobbying effort to get state and US legislators on board with the project as well as a dedicated development team to get the ball rolling, and that is most certainly not being done right now.

    with recent expenditures at our current museum and archives, I wouldn't count on any state money being earmarked for new museums for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Licec said:


    Interesting. It seems that someone came out from one of the bars and jumped onto the tavern and then fell. So I guess more due diligence should be exercised by people to obtain more facts before reacting so they don't fall victim to misinformation. 

    It’s obvious from the video too. The narrator had already started filming, so already an incident was underway. Then the narrator shouts, “do they even know him?” Then he walks away from everyone after. But everyone jumps to the conclusion that the pedal tavern had overserved him, which doesn’t fit at all. 

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  3. 51 minutes ago, titanhog said:

    I just saw someone post a photo on Facebook of a new “ride” that a group called King of Hustler Nashville is driving around Nashville.  I think King of Hustler may be some kind of Male Dance Club for bachelorette parties…and this ride is a huge (body part) with a saddle on it…kind of like a mechanical bull.  I would post a photo…but it’s definitely not suitable for work.  However…it’s driving around on Lower Broadway.

    Anyone seen this thing?  I can’t believe something like that is allowed.  Really in poor taste and kinda takes us to a new low.

    I saw that. I'm pretty sure it was just being transported. Looks like King Of Hustler is a new male strip club and I guess that'll be their mechanical bull? It's not a downtown "transportainment" thing though. And if it is, we should riot. 

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  4. 15 hours ago, Baronakim said:

    Had a few thoughts further on this as to location of a new MLB field.  This recent photo shows extent of the PSC scrapyard and the aging warehouses just past the interstate bridges.


    I thought I would scribble down  an idea that may be worth pursuing.  When you look the area between the bridges creates a very large area when you include the forested west bank where the railway tracks are.  What if a pedestrian walkway could be suspended under the interstates bridges to access both sides of the river or a pedestrian bridge at least beside them  I think the best use for th PSC site is a large marina serving downtown surrounded by forested green space. A MLB field coud be located on the south side of the interstate with access roads on the east side allowing anew mixed use complexex to be built in a more accessible vehicular area without jamming up the traffic so badly at the Titans stadium . Eith development of the west bank as a park and looping the Greenways, this would give Nashville a central park area big enoug to be significant.  This is just a scribble as I do not have CAD or a drafting desk anymore since I retired.  Just a thought.    


    Aw man, Baronakim, you just razed my apartment! Haha

    There’s actually a bit more life in that strip of warehouses than most people realize—lofts, maker space, vintage stores, a flea market, go karts, etc. I personally would love to see the Davidson Street strip down to Shelby Bottoms rezoned and infilled with some more height—it could make a really great, unique neighborhood with just a little tweaking.

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  5. 21 hours ago, NashRugger said:

    Take it as you wish, but there's a "general manager" job listing in Murfreesboro for Whataburger.

    There are at least five coming to the Nashville area: Murfreesboro, Madison, Hermitage, Lebanon, and Gallatin.


  6. 1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

    I can't find anything on this one.  Looks as if no media has reported on it. When you look at the sign again, get any names like the developer, architect, etc. off of it. That can be a place to start.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a revamping of that low-income apartment complex a block off Gallatin there, not a new construction. They slapped a mural in the building, renamed it The Canvas, and doubled the rent.

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