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  1. I just overheard a conversation between what sounded like two of the equity guys for Nashville Yards. No hard information, but they said the future phases of the project are set to accelerate their timeline and that the third building is already about to go under contract to an office tenant desiring two million square feet of space in the heart of the city. It sounded like they were in town to close that deal. Obviously take it for what it’s worth, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.
  2. I park over at the Farmer’s Market. It’s only a couple blocks away and it’s a nice stroll through Bicentennial Mall. It’s free and there are usually plenty of spaces that time of morning.
  3. The LSU/Vandy game, Pilgrimmage Fest down in Franklin, TSU homecoming, an 11,000-person conference at the convention center, Preds preseason game, and just normal weekend activity.
  4. This is true. It’s a symbolic fight. I had the misfortune of conversing with one of the old ladies in charge of the “Save The Rock Block” group that’s fighting to keep those Ellison apartments from getting demolished. The conversation went something like this: ”They’re going to destroy that whole neighborhood! These greedy developers are destroying any history Nashville has left! They’re trying to build *a hotel*! It’ll ruin everything!” ”But there are already hotels there” ”And this will be the final straw! It all started going to hell when they closed The Gold Rush! These developers don’t care!” ”Did that close because of a developer? It hasn’t been turned into anything.” ”Well I don’t know but probably! And there was so much history there! I used to hang out there in my younger days. And now The Exit/In and The End are going to close!” ”No they’re not. There aren’t any plans to close them.” ”Trust me. They’ll tear them down and build more hotels.” ”Did those properties sell too?” ”It’s all the same area!” ”Yeah but they’re different properties...” ”Are they though?” ”...yes .” ”Well ok maybe but these developers won’t stop until they tear down everything! They’re probably going to come for my apartment building next! I’m not going to let them get away with it!” As we pulled up to her apartment building, she goes, “ You know there used to be a beautiful Victorian right here across the street. And they just tore it down!” I asked if there was something getting built there that I didn’t know about. She said, “No, it was just old and in ruins and had turned into a crackhouse. But can you believe that they would just tear down such a beautiful building that was always there?!” That pretty much sums up the people in these groups.
  5. St Louis has always been one of my favorite cities specifically because of the historic architecture. A large fire around the same time of the Great Chicago Fire resulted in a citywide all-brick building code and it’s visually stunning with so many Second Empire homes and Gothic Revival churches. It’s a shame that so many parts of the city are in disrepair but there does seem to be a homegrown revival of several neighborhoods going on. I’ve always felt like there’s so much unrealized potential in that city.
  6. Nashville thrives while other cities get left behind: https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1UE13B
  7. Music City Roots announces plans to built a new 1,000-capacity venue called The Roots Barn next to Amqui Station in Madison. Set to open next year. https://www.wmot.org/post/music-city-roots-partners-madison-tn-new-roots-barn-venue?fbclid=IwAR0K-4LvKyvf3IE7s9Gqeyk7nBN-mBpl3N_CuO2geVpO4AjPn4ay5ECZnuw#stream/0
  8. Ron Sanford Productions is opening a 40,000 square foot event venue called The River’s Edge in a converted warehouse at 420 Davidson Street, next to Music City Karting and across from the PSC Metals site. https://www.google.com/amp/s/outandaboutnashville.com/coming-soon-a-new-place-to-celebrate/amp/ amp/s/outandaboutnashville.com/coming-soon-a-new-place-to-celebrate/amp/
  9. It really does seem like PSC is cleaning up. I walked past yesterday and all of their yards along Davidson St. have been cleared of scrap. My mom lives in the 508 Davidson building almost directly across the street and said that there’s been an unprecedented level of train activity in and out of the yards there over the past few weeks. I peeked in and saw about two dozen empty large dumpsters lining the tracks that have never been there before, in a field that always used to be piled high with scrap. Obviously I can’t say for sure what’s going on, but she’s lived there for six years and I walk that stretch of PSC frequently and something’s definitely changing.
  10. I’ve been following this board for almost two years and I think I’m finally going to make this one! Excited to meet y’all!
  11. The CBS show “Tell Me A Story” is basing its second season in Nashville and filming on location. Each season modernizes a classic fairy tale and this upcoming season puts the story of Beauty and The Beast in the context of a singer/songwriter looking to make it big in Music City. It’s set to air later this year. I ran into one of the producers randomly and she told me about it. I don’t have any more info or a link to follow its progress, but I wanted to share!
  12. https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2019/06/25/mitsubishi-moves-headquarters-franklin-tennessee-california/1549906001/ mitsubishi is moving its HQ from CA to Franklin
  13. I was just interviewed for an upcoming French documentary on the rise of Nashville called “Nashville: Where To Dream Big”. It will air later this year on one of the premiere French TV stations to an estimated audience of a few million people. Contrary to most Nashville documentaries, this one largely ignores the country music history of the city and instead is focused almost exclusively on Nashville’s rise to the world’s stage and the plethora of economic opportunity here. It follows several artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world who have found success in Nashville. It sounds like it’ll really bolster our reputation in France. I’m excited to see it once it’s released!
  14. Chinese investors catching on: https://amp.scmp.com/property/article/3001588/yield-king-real-estate-investors-ditch-new-york-la-second-tier-us-cities
  15. I’m a hockey fan. I suppose it’s because of a cold maternal presence in my childhood and an existential feeling of always being on thin ice. Idk, I’ll ask my therapist.
  16. Whenever I hear utter mischaracterizations of Nashville as some podunk town, all that means to me is that there is a lot more room for growth for us on the national stage. With all the national and international regocnition we’ve been getting, and the influx and growth we’ve seen here, sometimes I worry about topping out. Comments like the ones on that board reassure me that there is still a lot of snow on the ground to ball over.
  17. The Waffle House on Dickerson Pike in Inglewood was being torn down this morning. I couldn’t snap a picture as I passed. No idea what the plans for that site are.
  18. It cited the absence of state income tax, low property tax, no state or city minimum wage in excess of the federally minimum, right-to-work, and a general lack of excess government regulation of business. I’d be more thorough but I don’t have a subscription either and apparently I’ve now exceeded my free viewership for the month after the initial reading :-p
  19. In response to the Guardian article, here is a WSJ opinion piece entitled The Secret of Nashville’s Success: https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/secrets-of-nashvilles-success-11555452849
  20. Of all the things that have relocated here from Memphis over the years, I would’ve felt guilty over this one. Apparently they considered dismantling Graceland brick-by-brick and moving it to Nashville: https://slate.com/business/2019/04/graceland-memphis-elvis-presley-tax-exemptions.html
  21. First off, I love that this thread was halfway down the second page of this forum. Things have gotten insane. Secondly, here’s a new ULI writeup about the project: https://urbanland.uli.org/development-business/fifth-broad-making-connections-in-the-new-downtown-nashville/
  22. NYT: The NFL’s Great Cherry’s Tree Caper https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/08/opinion/nfl-nashville-cherry-trees.amp.html
  23. Another point of contention that I’ve heard is that, while the NFL will fund replacement of the trees, there is a high mortality rate for newly-planted cherry trees and the replacement will effectively result in less trees than were there to begin with. This was posted on Reddit by some source but I’m on mobile and unable to cite it right now.
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