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  1. The Llanito

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments New Gastro Pub along Michigan Street. Love the rooftop idea.
  2. The Llanito

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    This location is full of potential. I just hope whatever goes in there restaurant/bar wise takes full advantage of the proximity to Rosa Parks circle and has some outdoor seating.
  3. The Llanito

    RFP - 201 Market

    I think there is more chance of getting Amazon HQ2 than an MLS team. The stadium was designed to be 'open' to be able to host concerts, fireworks and other such events. It is my understanding any future stadium plans will be closed in on all 4 sides, which fwiw is my preference too.
  4. The Llanito

    Michigan Street/Midtown Neighborhood Development

    Some dirt is being moved around on the Third Coast site at Michigan and Benson. Now that the houses and trees have gone it looks like some concrete has been poured. I thought this development was going to include the whole block but strangely the building on the corner at Grand has not been touched yet. Any news or updated renderings on this project?
  5. The Llanito

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    As someone who lives around the corner from this development I seriously hope its not a Duthler's. I have been secretly hoping for another Ken's but i think the fire at their store probably set them back a bit from future expansion.
  6. The Llanito

    People talking about Grand Rapids Another list GR made it on.
  7. The Llanito

    Predictions for the coming year

    Would be interested to see how some of these predictions held out.
  8. The Llanito

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Went in to the party cooler next to this site and they are in the middle of remodelling the inside. The layout has completly changed and they are putting in new flooring. I was also told that they are looking to add a decent wine selection too. Glad to see this business trying to improve its apperance after all these years.
  9. The Llanito

    RFP - 201 Market

    I was all for the stadium project but after seeing that rendering I am glad it was not selected.
  10. The Llanito

    Martha's Vineyard

    I can not like this enough! Their food is really good.
  11. The Llanito

    Michigan Street/Midtown Neighborhood Development

    I wonder if this will have any impact on the propsed plan to have the Laker Line go all the way down to the Spectrum Health parking lot on Plymouth. It seems like this "loon" could be the end of the route instead.
  12. The Llanito

    Founders Brewing Company Expansions

    Long time stalker, first time commentor. I dont understand the thinking behind adding more surface parking lots to this area. Central Station is just accross the road from Founders and should be marketed more than encouraging more people to drive to a brewery.