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  1. Has the plan for the Tupelo Honey building been announced? I'd hate for that building to see the wrecking ball, but I also doubt that it was purchased with its current state in mind for the future.
  2. Man I hope they can get creative here. I'm not a fan of Crosland's portfolio and I think all of their projects would be a bad fit for this area, but obviously they could make a huge impact with this much land combined with Eastland.
  3. Went up to Boston this weekend and spent some time in Somerville. I thought Bow Market was an awesome spot and something that Charlotte could use as a good example of adaptive reuse. This is a former storage facility where they turned all of the storage units into small little stores. The ground floor had a brewery and some street-food-style restaurants, and the second floor was primarily soft goods retail. A huge courtyard for public space and hanging out. No parking deck to be found, but good bike lanes make for easy getting around. Link https://www.bowmarketsomerville.com/
  4. Wow, what a massive win for BofA and Charlotte. That's the kind of game that would always go to Atlanta or New Orleans in the past. This game is going to be a sell out and will have the CFB spotlight for sure. Also Go Tigers!
  5. Some projects have mandates on where the steel is sourced. I worked on a project that forbid Chinese steel in the construction specs. I know a lot of the steel being used in construction right now is from India, but I think the true answer is that it comes from all over - primarily China. I would be surprised if the Federal Courthouse expansion wasn't being done with a US steel supplier. Often times supplier location is factored into bids for government buildings or public utilities.
  6. Yeah, it has definitely lost a lot of the intimacy and uniqueness which made it a cool place to visit in the beginning. Wooden Robot just outgrew that size of a brewery though and this was inevitable. In other news, I got to visit Devil's Logic for the first time this weekend and was thoroughly impressed by their beer. I had the Castles in the Sky which was a tasty and clean IPA and the #8 which was a really nice stout. I think this one will quickly fly up the ranks in Charlotte. I thought the space itself was awkward, but it was wet and cold when we went so everyone was forced to be indoors.
  7. Yes, they recently completed a large expansion. They took the former space of the Park It company that was there, and added a massive outdoor beer garden.
  8. Yup, and its an eerie sight when you see them start to spin in a storm over an empty construction site. It gives of a very apocalyptic vibe. I remember this happening once or twice while they were building LU1 in Uptown.
  9. Got out to Sunstead this weekend and unfortunately left a little disappointed. The space is gorgeous, but I was there about 3PM on a Saturday and they were already out of their two best selling beers. The two beers I had were both average if not below average, and their NE IPA didn't really look or taste like a NE IPA. Hopefully they get the beer figured out because its a cool little spot.
  10. Problem with the BK lot, and a few of the other lots in this area is the Duke transmission lines running through the area. That lot in particular has a massive Duke easement running right through it. It will be challenging for a dense building to fit on that lot. The gas stations on the other hand . . .
  11. Rampart/Hawkins/Tremont is becoming the day-drinking epicenter of Charlotte if it isn't already. Between Sycamore, Pins Mechanical, the Design Center, now a Drive Shack and the Skipper Dog Bar there really is a ton to do in that little area. Skipper Dog Bar for those that haven't seen it: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/188966/skipper-is-opening-a-20000-square-foot-dog-and-human-social-hub-with-25-beer-taps-in-south-end/
  12. Sharp looking building. Any idea if they are incorporating ground floor retail?
  13. The engineering on this thing is incredible. Each floor looks unique, and I love how there is a wild array of pillar shapes and sizes. It looks like something that I would have tried to build with Lincoln Logs as a kid.
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