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  1. Probably shy of 600'. New Duke building is 40 floors at 597'.
  2. Would you want to open a business in any of those spaces? I don't think its a big mystery. Lincoln Harris set up their retail like they were trying to meet a quota rather than trying to build spaces where retail could thrive. I think the parcels pending development have the most promise though since they have frontage along Stonewall, so I'm (pessimistically) withholding judgment.
  3. CTiger


    Monroe Road seems doomed to be a very high-traffic, car heavy area . It would be great if we could get a little mini entertainment district around the coliseum for before and after events. I wouldn’t really want to walk anywhere around here though.
  4. Am I to assume that this cool building is no more?
  5. How much land does he own in Plaza? Is it more than just the apartments and the lot on Commonwealth?
  6. Somehow he found that narrow intersection in the venn diagram of doing nothing and not doing it well.
  7. Yeah I really hope that this building has space that could be transformed into retail in the future. It might be a tough sell right now, but this stretch of road is going to get more and more activated as time goes on. Think about the Pipe and Foundry future development, LU being fully built out, Queensbridge, Tepper's entertainment district, and the continued development of apartments down Mint St towards Wilmore. This is right smack dab in the middle of all of that. Just because retail might not make sense now, doesn't mean it never will. Look at Camden Southend or Ashton. At the time they were built retail was a tough sell but now they are both in absolute prime locations.
  8. That's devastating. That might be my favorite restaurant in Charlotte.
  9. Personally I think this is all posturing for future stadium negotiations. I think Tepper is trying to build up a reputation of "if you don't give me what I want, I'll take my business elsewhere". I think it is working too. I now believe that if the city doesn't give him everything he wants in a new stadium (and he is going to want a hell of a lot) he'll go out and find a city that will.
  10. Looks like it was designed by the US Navy.
  11. Anyone have a scoop on what is going on with the old pawn shop across from the new development at Central Square? It looks like its been completely gutted.
  12. Axios also just posted that Central Coffee in Southend is closing due to rent increase. That’s a shame. I used to go there all the time and there was always a line.
  13. I'm kind of flummoxed by the "not everywhere needs retail" sentiment towards new development in Southend. Like it or not, Southend is becoming the core of the city for entertainment, nightlife, and hopefully one day shopping. If you want to create a cohesive district where people can do all of these things in a day, you need to make it dense and walkable. The more buildings without retail, the more the retail will be forced to sprawl and become less desirable. Sure, not every building in Southend needs retail, but there are also already plenty of buildings without it. We don't need to keep building more. Aren't you guys sick of telling out of towners that if they want to do some shopping they have to go to the mall? Also, these buildings being put up aren't temporary. Charlotte is growing fast, and I think we are going to look at all these buildings in the not-to-distant future with a "thats a shame, a bar, shop, or restaurant would kill it there" attitude.
  14. I'm guessing Central would have to go down to one lane from at least Hawthorne to Landis at which point you could probably widen Central to make room. Once you hit Eastway, you could probably get rid of the median but I doubt even that would make enough room. Based on how these neighborhoods reacted to converting like .25 miles of Central to a bus lane, getting any support for designated streetcar ROW would go over as well as a fart in an elevator.
  15. Oh no, I get it. The same problems exist at FedEx field which has claimed the careers of many NFL players. Poorly maintained grass is probably just as bad, and if the Panthers aren't going to be able to maintain the grass well enough to make it a safe playing surface, then maybe this is the right call. My point is that artificial turf is just inherently riskier due to the fact that it doesn't have any give to it. The NFLPA openly advocates for the elimination of artificial turf due to safety concerns: https://nflpa.com/posts/only-natural-grass-can-level-the-nfls-playing-field There is also this study that shows that 58% more injuries occur on turf than grass: https://www.uhhospitals.org/for-clinicians/articles-and-news/articles/2019/08/artificial-turf-versus-natural-grass I think ideally, we would think about introducing the ability to swap grass in and out of the stadium when we build a new one like @HopHead mentioned above. Seems like the best of both worlds.
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