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  1. If you haven't checked out CLTDevelopment's instagram posts about this development, you should go give it a look. There are a few interesting tid-bits in there. The Wilmore Park associated with this project is expected to begin construction this month. The apartment building surrounding the garage will contain mico-units similar to Railyard The development includes micro-retail units similar to Railyard as well. I'm a fan of the micro units for retail. I think it is way more conducive to building more of a neighborhood vibe. Having a park surrounded by retail and a hotel should create a lively atmosphere.
  2. Yeah, they pretty deliberately leave it out of most of the renderings because it is awkward looking, but if you go back and look you can find some renderings showing that the screening is complete. I know this is an outdated rendering. I the new renderings screen it a little bit further, but still have a big unscreened section.
  3. The areas of the parking deck without screening are going to slowly drive me insane.
  4. Interesting. I don't like any of those restaurants, but I would still be annoyed if the buildings were demolished when there is a surface parking lot directly across the street.
  5. Finally got to try Gilde. I found it at Noda Market and Deli of all places. I actually thought it was pretty good and was happy with the purchase. It isn't going to blow you away by any means but its a solid Pilsener and I think 9-10 bucks for a four pack of cans is about right.
  6. Bummer. This was one of my go-tos for taking out of town guests and visitors from work. I was always impressed with their food.
  7. Lol I'm definitely not complaining. I just thought it was sort of strange. Usually these companies try to make signage obnoxiously large and this seemed like the opposite from the pictures.
  8. Those letters seem really small. How does it look from 277? You'd think they would want the signage to be as big as possible with so much traffic driving by.
  9. Is it this lot?: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/172484/nandina-towns-townhouse-community-in-plaza-midwood/
  10. One of the best in the area. They make one of the best french saisons I've ever had.
  11. Hell yeah someone put this on a hat pronto
  12. I want to like it. I really do. But man this just feels very . . . MS Paint-y? Did they turn down any concepts, or just go with the first draft? Guess I got my hopes up for something more exciting.
  13. The cantilevered glass box is such a great element of this project. It feels very imposing and definitely catches the eye when driving down Stonewall. I'm so pumped for this stretch once everything is finally open.
  14. That would definitely be more palatable! It would be interesting to see an updated proposal for that kind of a project and what work is included in the full number. The world has changed a lot from 2012, and few places have changed more than Charlotte. Relocating or greatly reducing the footprint of that substation would open a ton of doors for that area of the city for both development and connectivity. Maybe someone like Tepper has enough weight to make it happen.
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