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  1. Yeah I think the quirky and cool ship sailed when the old Common Market building got taken down. Props to Common Market for bringing it back further South, but it has never felt the same. Southend has been trending this way for several years now, but I think the pace of development has pretty much choked out any originality. Eventually all of the younger kids will start choosing Plaza or NODA instead and the development hammer will swing that way as well. Southend will become Uptown 2.0. Just sort of the way it goes.
  2. https://twitter.com/CBJFahey/status/1404767629538205697 CBJ reporting a new mixed-use tower coming near Suffolk Punch in Southend. Anyone got any more details on this one?
  3. Went to Vaulted Oak last night to check it out. I started with the Spare Change, which is a lighter saison, and I thought it was fantastic. I'd give that beer an A-. Next I went to the C-Note IPA which I thought was just okay, probably a C-. I also tried my wife's Sister Polly Pale Ale which I thought was a solid B+, and the Pineapple Gose which I thought was a B-. Overall, I thought the space was cool and the beer was above average. I was pretty pleased that they are trying to mix it up and had a good variety. I'm excited to go back and try some more stuff, hopefully their beer only ge
  4. No, but that would be big news too if it came to fruition. They just posted the news on Twitter. They are going to be leaving the Duke Energy Center at the end of the year.
  5. ^ Sounds pretty familiar. Maybe they should change the name to Older Mecklenburg Brewery.
  6. Any idea what that is? Did it fall from the building or get dropped by a crane?
  7. I went when it first opened and it was way worse and a good bit more expensive than any selzer you could buy in the grocery store. Went a few weeks ago and it was substantially better. I'm not a big selzer drinker but my wife was pretty impressed with it.
  8. Vaulted Oak looks very close to opening. Their FB/Instagram pages are full of pictures and the place looks great. Anyone have an inside scoop on when they expect to open to the public?
  9. The groundfloor looks really promising here. It looks like they incorporated some big wide sidewalks and did a good job orienting this toward the corner of Camden and Worthington. This will really help build some more cohesion between the design center and the rest of this strip. Is there also retail in the back of this building under the parking garage?
  10. That's massive for the Charlotte beer scene and they will fit in well in Plaza.
  11. Not attacking you, but genuinely curious what you think CATS could have done to roll this out better. In my mind, there should have been better communication with the folks living in the area about why the city is doing it and what the benefits are. It truly was perceived as nothing more than a nuisance by my neighbors. CMPD never enforced the rule and, in my mind, created a dangerous situation by incentivizing wreckless drivers to speed through the right lane past stopped cars in the left lane.
  12. The last time I got a car loan, I believe my loan officer was sitting in a call center somewhere outside of New Delhi.
  13. There is a BB&T across from this new branch that has a line of cars out the parking lot and out into traffic every Friday evening. I guess there are a lot more people than you would expect that don't have direct deposit or get paid in cash.
  14. Not sure if there is a better thread for this, but does anyone know what is being built in the recently fenced off outparcel at Eastway Crossing between the QT and McDonalds?
  15. I'm a little torn on this one. On the positive side, it is a great office building squeezed into a parking lot that is a terrible use of space, it provides good density, and it has a modern sleek design. On the negative side, it looks like there is a ton of wasted ground floor space. I wish it interacted a little better with the lightrail station and it sort of comes across as a massive monolith which doesn't really blend with its surroundings. Also that parking deck has to be the size of an entire apartment complex. . . I mean sheesh:
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