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  1. This one is kind of cool. Was that against the law in the past? Would that open the door to local breweries creating unique products to be sold by local sports teams or something?
  2. What happened on Kings Drive? Did the city buy up a bunch of buildings to make way for the Metropolitan?
  3. Yes, Southend rents have gotten very inflated (my rent went up 10% this year) and in my opinion the value of living in Southend has become very marginal. Not only are rents going up, but all the restaurants and bars have seemingly become expensive, trendy spots as well. I think the Blue Line will move people up towards NoDa or further out towards Scaleybark/Woodlawn.
  4. I think its just a dumb strategy to try to generate more clicks. A swarm of dirt bikers and ATV riders descending on a "Town" is used intentionally to conjure up images of hoodlums attacking a small innocent town. They are trying to scare people into clicking on the article. If they put "Major City" in the headline, most people lose their sympathy towards the situation.
  5. Duke and the Residence Inn use that whole deck. I'm on the waiting list for a spot in that parking deck and have been for months.
  6. Employees were going in today. I walked by this morning and they had a weird welcoming party with live performers pretending to be statues and some other strange stuff going on.
  7. Anyone got a scoop on when we can expect QC Pourhouse to open? Their website looks like it is in good working order and Google says that it is already open, but it still looked like a construction site on the inside the last time I walked by.
  8. Anecdotally, I have heard that the apartments are small and not very nice for the price. I've also heard that there are way too many people living there for the amenities to be of any use. The location is good, but that area isn't all that great for young people. You can pay less, get a bigger apartment, and be in arguably a better location if you live in Southend in one of the many stick-built monstrosities that litter the landscape.
  9. Tuesday July 30th is the announced opening date for Flower Child. Around the corner I saw some workers in Ilios on the corner of Summit and Church after months of the site being dormant. There may be some life in that one yet. . .
  10. I'm never out in this area, but happened to drive by the other day. The renderings above are beautiful and make me feel like this area could be one spark away from becoming a nice hub of development, especially if the city ever gets the gold line out there. Is anyone on here close to this development? Has any progress been made towards development been made in the past year?
  11. I'm already worried about how this area is going to handle this many more daily workers. Light rail is already packed to the gills during rush hour and auto traffic is just as bad. Add Portman and The Square and we have a debacle on our hands. Hopefully most of these workers will be coming from Southend.
  12. Surprised no one has posted this yet, but per Woj and ESPN, Boston is the front-runner to land Kemba this off-season. I'm a big Hornets fan and will always root for them, but if Kemba leaves I will probably lose about 95% of my interest in the team. Lets hope MJ realizes how important he is to the team and city and opens his wallet.
  13. Way bigger than I had thought it was. Thanks for the info. I'd love to get my hands on some of this to see what its all about.
  14. This is sort of a bizarre story, and I'm struggling to make sense of it. This is not some sort of massive European brewery trying to make a splash in the US. Gilde is a relatively unknown regional German brewery that pretty much just makes a pilsener. Even that beer only has 23 reviews on BeerAdvocate. They also only have 12k check-ins on Untappd (OMB has 170k for reference). The brewery has virtually no online presence. This doesn't mean the beer won't be good, but it seems like a very ambitious plan for a brewery that makes one "okayish" beer halfway across the world for a small audience. I think they may be heavily underestimating the type of competition they will find in the states.
  15. Are those real renderings? Is the architect a cartoonist from Nickelodeon?
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