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  1. Looks like demo started on 3018 W Broad (old Comfort Inn). Lease listing is live too. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3018-W-Broad-St-Richmond-VA/12946440/
  2. This is great. Obviously the FR just has such a dominant positioning from that north facing perspective, which happens to be the most photogenic of the skyline. Other viewpoints show it differently. Looks great!
  3. Watching the ACC baseball tourney in Durham stadium, man what a great looking park and surrounding development. I hope Richmond can figure this out. Need a colesium and a baseball park that can attract some tournaments and events.
  4. I saw this today driving downtown. It’s really going to dramatically impact the height and overall appearance of the building. Super pumped!
  5. It’s imposing. Wide and really nice looking with the curve.
  6. If that is the height of the "back side" crown, the "front side" crown should be almost 4x the height on the tall end (at least according to the renderings). That is exciting and really starts to show how this building will deliver a dramatic impact on the skyline. I also noticed you can see this building pretty clearly from the far western end of Monument Ave now, which is pretty cool.
  7. If you look at the renderings, the "high side" of the crown appears to be the equivalent of 5-6 floors. Sorry for the giant size of this, I snagged it from the web.
  8. Yeah, you can see the flag in the third and second to last pictures above.
  9. Long time lurker, first post... Happened to to be on the 24th floor at 1111 E Main today and got this perspective of the new tower.
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