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  1. I fully understand. The situation sucks for everyone and it is a hard one to solve. I just don't want the solution to be let them make a mess of my or any other neighborhood.
  2. I'm assuming you live in South End so this is not in your back yard. I have lived in Fourth Ward for years and letting these people live in these conditions is not a solution. Lets be honest also, the tent city residents are in no way taking care of their area. They are littering all over, allowing open flames to set fields on fire, harassing people walking down the street (my mother visited and had some very nasty things yelled at her from across the street). If people are not whiling to utilize facilities then our government needs to fix the safety issues some may have with them and the remaining homeless that still choose not to accept help cannot be allowed to sleep in tents in neighborhoods.
  3. I think they did a really good job giving an EIFS façade building some character with the different colors and mix of floor plans.
  4. Whatever the fix is (a lot of different opinions on this) our city cannot allow all these tents to remain. I live in 4th ward and it is aggravating to see my area literally trashed by these people. This tent city situation is going to disrupt development on the north side of uptown. Having people live in tents is not a solution and everyone bringing them supplies so that this can continue to go on is enabling and making the problem worse. To be clear I want these people to receive help but dropping off water and food for them so they have no incentive to seek help is not a good idea.
  5. I believe most people on this site push for high-rise construction because it is exciting to see the skyline grow. I think if we are all honest with ourselves it may be better to get more infill projects of mid to low-rise size that would help fill in some empty areas and provide more street level engagement in uptown.
  6. Construction goes vertical to maximize the developers profit for the land area they have purchased. There is a lot of open space in uptown but Lennar does not own it. If the market will support a 30 story apartment building why would you build a 6 story apartment building on the one plot of land you own?
  7. We get a high quality precast and glass tower and complain about the last 20' of roof screen...
  8. EIFS is a go to because it is a very energy efficient façade. Having all the insulation outboard of your dryline allows the building systems to be much more efficient because the insulation is nearly continuous. It may not look the best but it is a really good system.
  9. A 90 degree turn would have fixed the problem.
  10. ATS (automatic transfer switch) is used to switch from battery power to grid power if battery power is insufficient. A lot of people on this site are in the construction industry. Please do not spout opinions and act like they are facts.
  11. Solar + battery storage = night power
  12. I would enjoy a Rhino market type place in the Rock Bottom space. May be a little large but that would be better function to me than an actual restaurant.
  13. Rock bottom on Tryon is closing. Note posted on the door that says they are officially closing March 25. They did not have the best food but this seems abrupt. Jinx @CLT>
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