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  1. JSquare

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I would enjoy a Rhino market type place in the Rock Bottom space. May be a little large but that would be better function to me than an actual restaurant.
  2. JSquare

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Rock bottom on Tryon is closing. Note posted on the door that says they are officially closing March 25. They did not have the best food but this seems abrupt. Jinx @CLT>
  3. Test blast went well today. Pictures below are before and after. Added the video. For those interested blasts will start a normal timeline soon of Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 pm.
  4. JSquare

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Just to put a real world spin on this for the ones who ask why do we not bury all parking? Burying one floor of a mid to small sized garage in rock will cost roughly 3 million. As you go deeper that 3 continues to grow with each level. A garage the size of stonewalls could easily have been 6 - 8 mil per floor. I still wish we could bury them all but... $
  5. Better yet, leave the deck, throw some astro turf on a few levels of it and have a multi level covered dog park! Really though a dog park in uptown would be awesome.
  6. JSquare

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I do not have an answer for this particular project, but normally these changes in looks are due to costs. They are not always driven by the developer wanting to save money. They are often caused by issues not found in the original design that are discovered as more eyes are put on the plans. The developer does not want to add money to the project deal they have already worked out so to absorb issues that come up during design/pricing they have to value engineer to keep the project moving forward. These changes normally happen after the second round of pricing the project since this is generally when a lot of misses in the design are discovered and corrected. I can assure you this is not what is happening. A lot of times the renderings that get out are not meant to and they are released too early before the budget is 100% set for the project. I will say I think a lot of Crescent's team really do seem to have the city in mind and want to deliver a project that people will think makes a positive impact.
  7. I believe it is Cleveland Construction. I am looking forward to seeing their logistics plan. I am having a hard time visualizing where they will stockpile materials on this postage stamp of a lot.
  8. JSquare

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Now imagine Tryon Place in between Duke Energy and 615 College... It is going to look packed from that end.
  9. JSquare

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Yes I posted the currently planned rendering for the Medical Office Building above this. With a small explanation of what the plan is.
  10. You will see some buildings start to disappear next week also.
  11. I am sorry guys but I am seeing a lot of misplaced negativity on this site lately. We are not New York City. We are Charlotte N.C. Not every project we get is going to be a mega project. I think by the current renderings the highrise portion of this project looks good. It is different, it has some nice features to it and it has decent size. Since when is 14 stories small? For being on the wrong side of Graham street I am happy with the size of this job. If we want to complain about the same old mid-rise design that is surrounding that I say do it, but we need to start giving some credit when it is due.
  12. Developers care about making money. Not saying this is their only concern but they are a business, they need to make profit year by year. If you "mothball" a bunch of floors you have already paid for them but they are making you no profit. If a deal makes them a good return short term it is less risky then building more and speculating that the extra space is rented out in the future. Most office tower projects are sized due to the anchor tenant for instance Tryon place jumped up and down in levels many different times before it settled at 26 floor and that is due to the amount of space rented by the anchor tenant. Floors sitting not rented looks bad on the books.
  13. JSquare

    Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    @SouthEndCLT811 Beautiful examples of old mixed with new but I wonder if government building that are not really for public use are weary of spending so much money on looks. The lot this is on is obviously not large enough to do that type of stuff which you did acknowledge but I do get your point about putting something in for the public. I do still like this project though I think it will be an improvement over the current building. Still very early on in the life of the project as well. I am truly not hinting toward anything but there could still be time for changes.
  14. JSquare

    Learning from Other Places

    I understand trust me I am not an elitist by any means, I just do not personally like McDonald's but to each his own! I hope you get your McDonald's back in uptown!
  15. JSquare

    Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    I disagree I like the look of a more Gothic style architecture for a courthouse (I know it's not really Gothic style but you know what I mean). I would rather see the new library be the ultra modern addition to the city. They are not tearing down the existing court house so adding a modern addition to the back of it would look so forced.