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  1. Room gets Musky and Hot overnight?

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  3. Room gets Musky and Hot overnight?

    Hey all, I live in a cheap college dorm which gets very hot at night in the winters (and summers because we don't have A/C). This causes my room to get really musky and nasty overnight. I would like to have my window open to let in cool fresh air, but there's always drunk kids outside being loud, and if that's not enough I'm right by a loud highway - so I'm forced to either deal with the noise or have a nasty room.j Any ideas for how I can get fresh air in and keep the noise out? (I don't want to spend a ton of money on an air purifier and my University does not allow A/C window units because they are a fire hazard) I feel like this might be a common problem in cheap city apartments, so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!