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  1. Pretty incredible numbers, really. Bodes well not just for LIT but the region as a whole. It'd be huge to get back a NYC direct as well as something to SF or LA. With continued growth like this I'd think we'd be seeing more directs sooner rather than later.
  2. It would be great if this was built as rendered, was a huge success, and showed people that LR is ripe for these types of developments. Chenal and mid-town both could improve livability and become much more desirable over the next decade for outsiders if developers would hop on this train.
  3. arky

    West Little Rock

    Not sure both of them would even do it. Costco's are typically ~15 acres, the center that had Chili's and Dixie Cafe is ~9 acres, the center next door less than half that.
  4. arky

    West Little Rock

    Unfortunately this part of town doesn't seem to be able to hold it's own as development continues to move further west (and also back east in midtown / downtown). I don't have high hopes.
  5. Is the opposition just to the style of architecture? Surely it's not opposed to the use of the land itself.
  6. arky

    Little Rock Midtown Area

    Arkansas Business has a large article on the redevelopment to occur at the Northwest corner of 630 and University. PR is PR, but it sounds like the firm is going to put a significant amount of money into this development and it will be a major project. I'm hoping they execute well and incorporate some walkable elements. It's said to be very restaurant heavy across 11 buildings totaling nearly 60,000 square feet, not including two hotels. They will be demo'ing all existing buildings and re-routing streets and infrastructure to better use the land.
  7. arky

    West Little Rock

    I'm beginning to think some chains are starting to outsource their real estate efforts to Chick-fil-a - i.e., simply following them wherever they go knowing it is a good location that will be extremely high-traffic. I've noticed many chains seem to congregate around CFA. I know this one's been there for a while but wouldn't be surprised if that entered the calculus when Chilis was evaluating real estate in the area, especially with that lot being vacant right across the street.
  8. arky

    The River Market

    This should really help bring some more life to that block during the day. That building was mostly vacant and should now have over 300 people coming to work there everyday. With the continued growth of that bank, that number should only continue to increase.
  9. Has anyone seen occupancy or rate numbers for Little Rock lately? I was under the impression after the spurt of hotel openings in recent years that occupancy was a bit lower than what would drive new development. Are we at risk of becoming saturated, or does the downtown sub-market outperform the market in general?
  10. I bank with BofA and will be moving away from them soon for decisions like this. All of their branches are understaffed in this areaand lines are ridiculous - I rarely go into branches and when I do it's a 20+ minute wait. No exaggeration. It's clear they are cutting costs and doing it at their retail branches. I think this is more of an opportunity for this block than anything - bank branches are terrible, only open 40 hours a week, dead on nights / weekends. They should convert that lobby to restaurant or something creative.
  11. Nice to see VCC involved as well. Unlike several announced projects this should get completed.
  12. That's great news - I've long thought downtown needed to focus on 3 -6 story infill developments vs. the 15+ story condo towers that were the rage years ago. An extended area well connected by a grid and filled with 3 - 6 stories is an extremely walk-able, dense environment. See DC, lots of SF, etc - you don't have to look like Manhattan to have a great urban neighborhood.
  13. arky

    The River Market

    I don't have any unfortunately - was told just that a "reputable developer" had secured a site for a commercial project in the River Market.
  14. arky

    Riverdale area

    Interesting. I had never been inside, but that makes more sense.