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  1. I think they've got updated LED's, it's been blue for panthers games and then right back to white the day after and it would be tough to change out gels like that in a night on the roof of a building. I'm guessing they in order to get their exact branding colors they had to dim the lights down since its hard to make a bright dark purple. Just take a look at all the other buildings in the city when they were shooting for "purple" it came out more as pink
  2. Totally forgot to post this the other day, but here's the skyline from Crowders Mtn
  3. To be fair to Camden, they've got a lot of great looking building in Charlotte. Off the top of my head Camden Gallery came out great especially with the retail and I'm sure there's more examples I'm just drawing a blank right now. This isn't Crescent who always seem to cheap out at the last second.
  4. I've heard it'll be lit up the new company colors on Monday or Tuesday, so I guess building excitement?
  5. Super trivial compared to some of the other news around here, but I've heard Monday or Tuesday Truist tower will light up with the new company colors! So sneak peak on the new branding?
  6. Are they ever going to take the fencing down from the courtyard in front of the lobby?
  7. That's what it looks like, they opened it for a week or so around Christmas, but closed it again shortly after.
  8. The weather actually cleared up for a little bit last night! Definitely ready for some sunny days though.
  9. If you guys want, I can probably send my drone up on Sunday and send some pictures of what it looks like up on the roof right now. It would just depend on if the workers have the day off to how close in I could get.
  10. Happy new year everyone!!
  11. The Skyline is seriously going to be impressive in a few years when the projects start to peek up and over Charlotte pipe and foundry.
  12. Was that a Camera or a Drone?! That shot is gorgeous!!
  13. Just look how extended the skyline is going to be once the South end high rises wrap up construction!!
  14. I think we'd charge around 12$sqft, but I've got no clue what size that right there is.
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