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  1. At least you probably wont be able to read this from the airport! Sidenote: I cant believe there's signage with more SQFT than my condo.
  2. Those views from the Lincoln Harris Deck are great!
  3. I think it's for the people who just look at proximity to their job and pricing. I'd venture to say that most people moving into Charlotte haven't been here and have no clue where the hotspots of homeless are, they're just looking for somewhere to move to for the time being. I had a friend who moved to Gastonia a few years ago because she just saw that it was in the middle of kings mtn, her job, and Charlotte, the next closest city.
  4. A couple skyline shots from last night!
  5. Yeah, it’s just a little DJI Spark, I launch off my table and just grab it out of the air so I don’t need to try landing
  6. I know they're not all midrises, but the Southend Skyline is shaping up!
  7. Spring has sprung! I might not be allowed to leave the house, but at east I've got my drone!
  8. It sounds like they're going all out in Charlotte, I guess they didn't want everyone moving from up north switching to BofA or WF down here.
  9. Has anyone ventured past the fences into the actual deck? I have a "Friend" who really wants to go take skyline pictures from the top.
  10. Blue glass might as well be Charlotte's urban camouflage. Also Deloitte after dark. If you click on the pictures they won't look so blurry, idk why it does that.
  11. Common Square is officially visible from my condo’s balcony!! Also a great example of social distancing
  12. Speaking of dreary, here’s the Charlotte famous Levine Deck!
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