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  1. Probably so that UNCC Students don't use this as an extension of campus parking.
  2. What an odd combination for a company. Surely the coal would just get the ice dirty.
  3. I could care less if the decks are screened or not, the one thing I was Charlotte had more of is retail on the ground floor of parking decks. Sure the upper levels don't look at good, but since the renovation in the deck where JJ's Rhino and B. Good I don't think I've looked up or even noticed the deck above it.
  4. I don't think I've seen this view before, Thanks!
  5. Working at the stadium today, enjoying the Skyline in the background
  6. I just park it out of the way by the front door, there's only about 13 people where I work and no one minds it. Haven't taken it grocery shopping or to a restaurant yet though.
  7. Didn't they pull the bikes because no one rode them as soon as the scooters were released? I ended up buying my own scooter as well after realizing how much they cost and I'm substantially less sweaty getting to work in the mornings.
  8. Just for the sake of conversation, did Jerry Richardson have to pay taxes on the 2.2 billion dollars that he sold the team for? If so where did that money go, and could that be used to help pay for the new stadium IF the city/state ends up putting up some money?
  9. Current pics of the future Honeywell site
  10. While not news, I did ride byt he stadium for the first time in a while and was surprised to see such a grand entrance to the practice bubble. I figured it would just be a cheap metal door.
  11. Damn....I hadn't realized how much land was leftover after LU 1,2 and 3! Two more buildings, or will they break up the lots and have a few more?
  12. Is the Design Center apartment building finally getting started, or office tower?
  13. Charlotte's own giant hole!
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