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  1. I feel the same way about it, from far it's hard to see all the details that make it pop. fingers crossed for some cool lights on it closer to completion. Also I think I'm going to be able to check out the views from the pool area. Will update with pictures if it happens!
  2. Interiors of the first tower!
  3. Went out last night for some pictures of the testing in uptown!
  4. A few pictures from the past week!
  5. I kind of really like both the Crown and the CLT signs
  6. Got to go up in the plane last week! 1. Stonewall's growth is absolutely insane 2. when can we change Southend's name to downtown?
  7. Day two of trying to copy KTGY’s rendering of The Ellis
  8. Truist was already one step ahead!
  9. Some pictures of the full moon rising over Charlotte from tonight!
  10. I think it's just staging and construction trailers for Legacy Union, specifically the Honeywell tower. Wouldn't look into it, unless you see dump trucks, bulldozers and an excavator or two, that they're building anything.
  11. I'll send the drone up to investigate either today or tomorrow!
  12. It’s definitely taller than the Hawk for sure! There might be a bit of forced perspective with the pictures though and the angles making the Hawk look teeny tiny
  13. Officially able to see the tower from my rootfop patio!
  14. I'd love to know too! In the mean time, I grabbed a few pictures from yesterday
  15. Yes!! I hope they’re testing out either panthers or hornets colors
  16. Thanks man! I love how the building is turning out. The concrete exoskeleton is such a cool feature to have on a tower in uptown, and take it up from being another glass box. I cant wait to see the top lit up either.
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