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  1. Not 100% sure which apartments these are, I'm starting to lose track of all the projects!
  2. Technically they were done before the end of monday
  3. Some pictures from over the weekend!
  4. Ready to see this tower start to rise!
  5. Sorry man!! I'm awful about rolling into work half asleep, posting pictures from the night before and THEN catching up! Lowe's had a glass section left out for a while and when I asked was told in case they needed to get big materials in that wouldn't fit in the elevator for the offices, I'm willing to bet this is the same and it'll be covered in plywood until they're near completion with the interior!
  6. Can't wait to get some pictures! With this being so close to my condo, I hsould have most major milestones covered!
  7. Can not wait to see this and the Walgreens tower finished and added to these pictures!
  8. RIP, gone before you even had a chance to shine Moxy
  9. Thank you so much, that really means a lot! I take plenty of bad pictures, and for what i post, I normally have about a 1:5 ratio of what i do like. Proof i can take a bad picture!
  10. No Tower Cranes yet, but I've been keeping my eyes out!
  11. Speaking of S. Blvd, it has to be one of the most miserable roads to drive on right now!
  12. Small crane is coming down by the end of the month, big cranes by end of June! Get your helicopter flights in while you can, if you want pictures before then!
  13. Sunset tonight was ridiculous!!
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