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  1. BOA Corporate Center from a Cessna
  2. I'll send the drone up if I have time this afternoon and do a roof inspection for you guys!
  3. If it helps, it’s getting fixed, it’s just been complicated getting the right replacement light. Not sure how long it’ll take, but they are working on it!
  4. Speaking of Varnadore, once it's remodeled it's going to have some amazing views
  5. I know it probably isn't but I really hope that's the final design for the tower. It's gorgeous!
  6. Just minor tweaks In Lightroom; exposure, contrast, and straightening everything up so the buildings aren’t crooked or anything! I also attempted (miserably) at fixing the patchy grass in the second picture
  7. That would've been totally worth it! I had it set up to follow my car on some back roads, but it couldn't keep up, traffic started lining up behind me, and snow banks kept me from pulling over. By the time I could turn around it had disappeared. I searched for a while hoping it had just gone back to where I launched it, but no luck!
  8. Bad news: I lost my drone flying during my visit to Alaska. Good news: I bought an upgrade! Now flying a Mavic 2 Pro, so hopefully better aerials from here on out!
  9. I feel the same way about it, from far it's hard to see all the details that make it pop. fingers crossed for some cool lights on it closer to completion. Also I think I'm going to be able to check out the views from the pool area. Will update with pictures if it happens!
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