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  1. Thanks, it's been nice getting out in this weather. Thabks for all your pictures on here, it's really nice to see the parts I don't normally travel to in charlotte!
  2. Yup! I've got a little DJI Spark I don't take out nearly enough.
  3. I'll try for some better pictures with more angles on Sunday when there's no workers present
  4. From July til now. If anyone has any requests for pictures of any projects let me know, I'll be free with the drone most of the weekend.
  5. I don't know if this is relevant but Duke does have a 400 person meeting coming up, February 19th.
  6. With the crane boom still attached, is that crane taking itself down? I figured they'd use the other crane to dismantle it. If so, that's pretty cool!
  7. The former charlotte art gallery is getting a new roof. I think I've heard around here it's going to be the Design Within Reach showroom?
  8. Thank you so much for these pictures! I live across Camden Rd. from Dimensional Fund but almost never drive around the block to see its backside.
  9. https://images4.loopnet.com/d2/Bm5iWkrjkXJ6NC8KwpfSoiWOAtAFQKQH9E-j5nEWxaM/document.pdf A few of the building are under contract for redevelopment and a few more for sale around lucky dog!
  10. Does anyone know what's going on behind the warehouses of tuckaseegee and Jay st.?
  11. Not including any places with bottle service, You've still got Dandelion Market, Roxbury and Prohibition close by if people are looking to go out and dance.
  12. Are there any unconfirmed rumors about the retail tenants going in here yet?
  13. I found the big and mini brick versions of Legacy Union in NYC
  14. Using the little crane to build the medium crane to take down the tower crane
  15. Crappy picture, but there's a lot less power lines and transformers
  16. If there's any progress by the time I get home from work this afternoon, I'll shoot a picture
  17. Looks like power limes are starting to be removed or moved today.
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