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  1. Sorry to spam this thread with pictures. I went back out today to see how close I could get pictures to the renderings. Almost there
  2. I totally agree, they're an eye sore to look at and make it so hard to take pictures of the buildings
  3. To finish this discussion once and for all!
  4. Originally posted in the wrong thread. Lifting precast concrete last night!
  5. My bad.......Wrong Childress Klein project. I'm definitely not a morning person.
  6. Crescent moon over Bank of America tower tonight
  7. I think it might be my fault when editing the pictures. I literally found out today that my monitor has been super un calibrated.
  8. Nick, I would kill for Charlotte to be next to a lake or river. I'm so jealous of all the Chicago and NYC pictures with these super cool, super vibrant reflection in it! Also thank you so much CTaylor!
  9. Couple pictures from my flyover on Wednesday
  10. I was looking at that earlier. Talk about some killer views up there! Hopefully one of these days we'll have a public overlook that high that's not a 14 story parking deck.....
  11. A few before and after shots of Charlotte
  12. It is! Been here living here for about five years or so!
  13. Couple pictures from this morning's sunrise
  14. Couple Pictures from this morning and the weekend
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