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  1. Grabbed a few pictures! Were you in the parking lot across the street from the staging area DMann??
  2. It's all the angle from where I was taking pictures, definitely a lot more building like in person!
  3. The sunset tonight was so gorgeous. Great picture!
  4. In honor of this topping out , I wanted to grab a few pics with the drone As always,, give the photos a click! I've got no clue why they look fuzzy otherwise
  5. Oh hey! I took that second picture
  6. Lower Tuck today! Has anyone seen renderings? I'm super curious what the grading across the street is for.
  7. Ellis is looking good from the air and ground these days!
  8. Signage is officially up for Lending Tree!
  9. Skyline from Last night! Can't wait until Truist is lit up full time
  10. That might be the best view of DEC2 I've seen so far! They've got it fenced off pretty darn well. How close could you get to the window when you took this?
  11. I’ve heard 7:00 AM tomorrow, I have a friends who’s making a video for it and that’s when he said he’d be out there. It’s not one hundred percent though. Just what I’ve heard!
  12. I've already told one of the lighting engineers, or maybe THE lighting engineer, I told someone!
  13. Hahaha Thanks! I've actually been talking to LS3P about taking pictures of LU2 for them and since I'm still trying to figure out the best angles I figured the least I could do is post to the forum while I do! I might have another few to upload tonight
  14. What on earth are they doing on the hill next to the highway?
  15. I feel like I just miss you every time QCxpat! Idk why, but make sure you click on the pictures for maximum crispyness
  16. I'm so curious. think they're just testing before it goes up for sale, or is there about to be a project announcement?
  17. No I absolutely haven’t!! Every single one of the pictures posted here have new details and things someone else would have missed! Harvest moon Charlotte last night
  18. I know the look almost the same, but if you look closely there's a sweet pyramid reflection in the Duke Energy Building
  19. I’m keeping up with my posting more, here’s the full moon over Legacy Union last night!
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