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  1. Photos of the major warehouse renovations, and new town home community going in.
  2. Hawthorn bridge is officially open, for foot traffic and sunset pictures!
  3. After searching and searching is there any way we could get this thread named canged over to "Vantage"? Some aerial pics with my new drone of Charlotte's newest light bending building! Might go out at twilight so see if I can get some lit pictures.
  4. Update from Gman's post back in July. There's some serious progress with steel beams being made.
  5. Couple pictures of the fresh crane over at Spectrum, and the townhouses with terrible terrible views.
  6. I never knew there was a webcam for this! Think they'd let me up there to get it not so crooked?
  7. The fancy soil testing machine, with bonus small dirt mounds!
  8. It might be a week outdated already, but here’s a view of FNB from a view you don’t usually see, the top of DEC
  9. Cranes as far as the eye can see!
  10. Pics from my fly-about in southend today.
  11. KJ has the ground view covered, I finally got out and got some aerial photos!
  12. Did anyone catch the rainbow yesterday?! Also, a bonus pic from my camping trip this weekend in Grayson Highlands
  13. It really does! Fingers crossed there son lighting up top as well
  14. Didnt they have to do a rescue like that when they were starting construction on this?!
  15. Did anyone else get to see the storms last night?!
  16. A few pictures I took of the storms last night!
  17. A few pictures I took of the storms this weekend
  18. I know its not the skyline, but south end is really going to have its own in a few years! Super high res pic, click for full resolution.
  19. Crap, you're totally right! I wish I had been a little older and had a little bit more money back then, I heard that the condos sold for dirt cheap.
  20. I might be biased because Davin Ravin let me go take some pictures from the Skylounge at the Vue, but I really agree, they build some of the nicest apartment towers, even if they are normally a little more expensive than the rest.
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