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  1. Fantastic overheads Mgelbach. Just Amazing. Here's one from the ground.... taken 3 mins ago. Sorry, meant to say the last pic was the Truist relection on its neighbor. Here's a bonus pic.
  2. Tonight from Courtside vantage point. Lights came on in staggered fashion. Wife says it looks like a strip club. I like it even more now.
  3. What a beautiful morning. Couple of guys are up on the crane working.
  4. NC Mountains this time. Hickory Nut Gorge hiking this weekend (Lake Lure area). Over 30 tree snails the size of a half dollar squeezing into cracks "chasing" whatever treats they can find. Never saw such a thing.
  5. As others have mentioned this project is going to have a tremendous impact visually given its setting. Today from Courtside. Very exciting to have some action in this part of town!
  6. Traffic was light last evening but for fun decided to test out the new toll lanes 77 southbound all the way. In the single lane section you can have 1 slow driver in front and that's that. Very nice where it is 2 lanes.
  7. Drive by in the rain but looks super cool in person and we all know we need more murals all around.
  8. Anhinga at Hilton Head yesterday. Straight pointed beak otherwise looks like Cormorant to me. Stays still as a statue as it dries its wings.
  9. Courtside residents received guidance in this regard mid April but I'm not there to see if any signage was posted (and therefore can't speak to exactly where on 6th they are referencing below): "....The City will be marking two temporary loading zones for deliveries, USPS, resident moves, etc. – • One loading zone will be on 6th St.• One loading zone will be on Caldwell, in front of the restaurant.Both loading zones will be time restricted. No loading will be allowed during weekday peak hours (7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm) or during arena events. The City will install signage to help make th
  10. Hello all, first post. Just received notice that GF will be installed at Courtside in First Ward next week. If we sign up I'll try to remember to send a followup.
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