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  1. Can't believe all the cranes downtown made it through the storm.
  2. Sneak peek showing at the theater on 09/24 for downtown residents. Would imagine this means open to the public 09/27?
  3. kwl


    Agree, based on Dogfish Head, I’d be surprised if this came in at < $750 Million given the strength of brand, assets, sales growth, capacity, etc. From what I’ve always heard, their cap table has been an absolute mess (although this was before the 2014 round). I’m certain there were a few people drinking and retiring early last night, but I’ve also heard there were (in the early days) absolutely dozens of shareholders. Extrapolate that across multiple and significant dilutions and your guess is as good as mine. Also, an important thing to remember, these transactions are typically asset sales. I’m just speculating here, but I can’t imagine the state of their balance sheet given the amount of capital expenditures they’ve had over the past decade. If indeed an asset purchase, all those debt holders are getting bought out in advance of any equity distributions.
  4. Confirmed Elite Airways CRJ-200 is scheduled to arrive at GRR this afternoon. Midwest Express is using Elite’s planes through an existing agreement.
  5. Agree on Spirit. Seems like it would be brutal to compete with an already saturated ultra-low cost carrier lineup that’s pretty much servicing every existing destination for that demo. I think JetBlue makes sense because they’re aggressively attacking DAL and have ambitions to launch international service. They also have a fleet of E-175s which would allow they to effectively service GRR from BOS/JFK. Alaska would feel like a stretch to be honest. Servicing GRR from the WC would require a pretty big plane and I’m unsure if we’re at the point where demand is there
  6. Based on how quickly the other buildings have risen, I see a fall start and a late 2020 timeline to be doable. I can imagine most of the site work is already done and it’s just a matter of pouring the foundation. Anyone know if they poured footers as part of the parking garage? I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to seen them kick this off next week.
  7. What an incredible project and significant props to Olsen Loeks. Acrisure is growing hyperbolically and they’ll likely consolidate back office functions as they integrate their M&A targets. This should fuel HQ growth going forward and insurance isn’t as cyclical as other industries. I’ve been in GR for 10 years and this is without a doubt the most exciting news to date. Going through most other cities you’re immediately alerted to the presence of urban HQs and we’ve always had an absence of that. Outside of medical (and soon to be former with the Spectrum migration), none of the entrepreneurial pioneers have felt compelled to relocate their companies downtown. One must wonder what some of the newer organizations in town will do when it comes to risking downtown and if so, what does this mean for a post-Grand Action world?
  8. This is correct. I heard the city was exploring this is other garages about a year ago. The technology is the same as what causes toilets to automatically flush (ultrasonic sensors). Now looking at you GRR........
  9. My two cents: since this is primarily a biotech accelerator / innovation hub, it will have a higher security level than a typical university research station and thus they likely insulated the major entrance and eliminated major street facing windows. Any potential tenant exploring novel drug development is unlikely to do so without enhanced access controls. Also, here are a few other labs in the US which seem very similar to this building.
  10. Dig the new signage.
  11. Looks like they have configurations listed here: https://www.apartmentfinder.com/Michigan/Grand-Rapids-Apartments/Studio-Park-Lofts-Apartments-zlb7f7y This particular layout is 558 sq. ft.
  12. Model 1BR/1BA is posted: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=ze7VurJduDC Unreal if this exposed block remains, I don't think Grandville Castle is this bad:
  13. Unrelated to HQ development, but Spectrum is closing their downtown Strive! office in August. Unfortunate that they couldn't get the model off the ground after boastings 2500+ members right after opening. I can't help but imagine that 90% of those were corporate freebie members, but who knows.
  14. Problem with DAL is that we're right in the middle of a ~25-40 minute flight from connecting to probably 95% of their destinations (MSP & DTW). I think the switch from LGA -> JFK could only happen if it meant opening up more international destinations since I can imagine the landing fees are much higher there. SLC, SEA, and LAX couldn't really be accessed via RJ which is a huge component of legacy carriers business through the airport anyways. Although MSP and DTW are a pain in the ass because there is no cabin service, the elimination of the MD-88/90s over the past year has made the trips a lot more enjoyable. If there is one thing I'd hope for as part of the airport evolution it's the addition of another airline like JetBlue, Moxy (upstart), or Air Canada connection.
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