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  1. Really wish they’d cover those hideous farm trough tree planters with brick or something.
  2. Love this. Although the promotion of unity and diversity contrasted with the location is a bit paradoxical. Like placing a giant olive branch sculpture outside of Raytheon.
  3. I know the pandemic changed things, but seems like this project has taken longer than the original tower construction?
  4. Was perusing MLCC website and it appears Total Wine received their liquor license for the only Baby R Us location across from Costco.
  5. I'd add that they probably see the success in Aldi, Trader Joe's, etc. as well. I'd add a few things; Wal-Mart does play conservative here. Their locations are usually all off major thoroughfares and there is zero-to-little signage and advertising. I think Whole Foods will be successful as Meijer seems to have overly segmented their concepts in the GR area. This might not be as excessive in smaller areas, but shopping there has become a very frustrating experience. Some store layouts, like the remodel on Kzoo & 28th, are so different that locating products takes 2-3 times
  6. Suspect long-term net positive for GRR as major and regionals consolidate post-COVID. DAL recently suspended service from Flint Bishop and UA is suspending service form Kalamazoo & Lansing. I believe most of the expansion money was earmarked before the pandemic hit and I can't imagine we won't see a substantial infrastructure package passed soon.
  7. Madcap has closed their market location.
  8. I live right by the Warner building and I'm still surprised at how "far away" the west side feels. I'll regularly walk to Bridge Street Market via the Gillet Bridge and through the Northern Ford Museum parking lot and the whole area has kind of a desolate vibe despite being in the heart of the city. It would've been cool to have a pavilion cafe on the lawn a la Mies van der Rohe Chicago Post Office style like what they're proposing for Calder (although I suppose flooding makes this impossible). Perhaps there is opportunity to tunnel under 131 and move the Ford north parking lot to Dash Area 7
  9. If I were to guess, I bet they're referring to the handful of parking spaces on Weston immediately adjacent to Hopcat. Since the project will eliminate the alleyway behind the Ionia stretch, the continuation of Weston west past ionia will no longer be needed. Theres already a grass island there separating the larger parking lot.
  10. Surprise it's actually going to be 50+ stories.
  11. Do I have to be the person that says this has Trump Tower Chicago vibes.
  12. Indeed, and I believe ~80% of incidents happen within 2 minutes of landing or take off. And something like 80% of pax fatalities occur once the plane is on the ground (unable to exit properly/quickly). Fatalities/incidents of planes falling out of the sky are extremely rare. Planes are equipped to take off, fly for 120 minutes if over water, and land all on one engine. If that’s not enough to comfort you, O2 (or lack there of) concentration at cruising altitude all but ensures one would pass out within seconds if there’s a depressurization event. I just tell myself the scariest
  13. 2020 Predictions 1) Downtown Grand Rapids evolves more towards convention catering. More recognizable, concept brands (Texas de Brazil) begin to compete with local flavor. 2) Founders capitulates and releases a hard seltzer, 2020 is a make or break year for the brand. 3) Early success of Studio Park makes just about every downtown developer wonder what they thinking over the past decade. While tower might be built on parking garage, people realize that the development was too small and added retail/food is desperately needed. 4) ArtPrize announces final year or is canc
  14. Last year recap: Partial - Studio C will finally force downtown retail to turn a corner. This will lead to something new and exiting in at least one of the major downtown vacancies (38 Commerce, 20 Fulton, Morton, etc.). True - We won't see movement on the DeVos Convention Center Hotel. I think CAA will stall to see what occupancy is like after a bevy of hotels come online (Curio, AC Hotel, Hyatt Place, Residence Inn, Embassy Suites, etc.) Nope - We'll finally see movement at 201 Market, but it will differ in scope from the original proposal. Nope - Gordon's or Bridge St
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