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  1. “One major office tower announced for Commerce St (not in Nashville Yards) 46 stories” Is this a hint at something
  2. Any word on when the Apple store will share a rendering or start construction?
  3. It seems I saw somewhere that it was going to be a storage facility. If that’s the case they could build something in the parking lot since they won’t need it for parking.
  4. Will it be very close to the interstate where it will visible to the passing traffic. If so the size of it would be an amazing site coming into town.
  5. Crane was going up today on the hotel sandwiched between interstate loop and titans stadium. Sorry I don’t remember name of hotel. Got a pic of the stadium inn and it had this sign hanging on it. Hope this is a good sign of something coming. Anyone know if something is about to be built here.
  6. I don’t know why but I can’t wait to see this one rise. I guess I’m hoping it will spur more growth on that side of the river.
  7. I prefer to use Best Buy to purchase my Apple products. I love my Apple products but I hate Apple stores.
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