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  1. Wonder if Amazon or HCA will be the new owners if this building.
  2. Anyone know what’s going in here since it has 2 drive thur windows. Dunkin Donuts maybe and some offices in the rest?
  3. Don’t forget all the high voltage power lines running through that property.
  4. It would also need to have extra thick walls and ceilings if it were a drive thur street. Remember Christmas morning.
  5. I actually think the guitar shaped hard rock hotel looks good. I especially like the lighting on it at night time.
  6. Love the Grand Hyatt lighting. Hope we get more like it.
  7. I’d bet that the empty lot will end up being a staging area for the rebuilding process.
  8. I’ll admit I’m not much on all the honky tonks but I do love the neon signs. I’ve always thought that the old signs should be displayed somewhere in town when removed. The old signs are art and should be kept running and on display for all to see. I’ve seen this done in Las Vegas and have always thought Nashville should do the same.
  9. They should have the one’s that were identified for vandalizing during the protest doing the cleaning as part of community service.
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