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  1. I think the main problems are companies that buy up used homes and rents them out. It's definitely causing a strain within the used home market.
  2. I guess any amenities that a city of 6-7 mil population offers compared to a city of 2 mil at the cost of cheaper housing. It can range from restaurant options, shopping options, diversity, job opportunities, housing options, etc. Granted, traffic still sucks within Dallas/Atlanta/Houston , but at least the infrastructure is some what still on par with their population metrics in comparison to Nashville.
  3. Speaking of natural scenery, Nashville is definite up there, but I was referring to city amenities. Nashville isn't quite up there compared to Houston, Atlanta, or Dallas.
  4. The companies that rent out homes/neighborhoods are definitely causing issues, but it's to complicated to monitor and make laws against it.
  5. Can we talk about home prices? It's really getting out of hand. A townhome is going for around 300k. The sheer amount of homes needed to cover the demand is nonexistent. At least for the suburban areas, homes are going for around 300k-350k, that's if you can out bid the competition. I know there is demand to live in the Nashville area, but this is getting out of hand. I'm debating on moving to Atlanta or back to Dallas. Nashville doesn't even have nearly the same amount of amenities in comparison to Atlanta or Dallas. The inventory size of Atlanta and Dallas is still abundant. Even with the home prices going up around the country, it's still nothing compared to Nashville. For example, a 2500sqft home in suburban Atlanta is about 300k, while the equivalent price in Nashville is about 500-600k. For about 300k, you'll be lucky to get 1250sqft. Another thing that I notice that most of the new homes being built are either townhomes or med-large size homes. Nashville really needs to do something this is getting out of hand.
  6. Bonchon, a Korean style chicken wing restaurant is planning to open 3 locations in the Nashville Metro. The 3 locations discussed are Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna. If you haven't tried Bonchon yet you should definitely give it a shot. https://bonchon.com/blog/coming-soon-to-nashville-and-miami
  7. I have a friend working on the incoming Buc-ees project In Murfreesboro and the site on Joe B Jackson has been confirmed. However, the project is still in the planning stages.
  8. Madison and Hermitage aren't too far, but yeah I see that trend with most "unique" fast food places nowadays. It's similar to in-n-out in that there's non located within the LA downtown area.
  9. All current and proposed Whataburger locations listed below. I'm surprised there's non in Franklin or Brentwood. I thought they were building one in Williamson county. I guess the area might be too high class for Whataburger 5055 Old Hickory Blvd, Hermitage, 37076 – Jan. 5 1123 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, 37066 – early 2022 1835 Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, 37129 – mid 2022 450 TN-109, Lebanon, 37090 – mid 2022 630 S Cumberland St, Lebanon, 37087 – fall 2022 1715 Gallatin Pike N, Madison, 37115 – fall 2022 360 W Sam Ridley Pkwy, Smyrna, 37167 – fall 2022 11190 Lebanon Rd, Mt. Juliet, 37122 – fall 2022
  10. And there’s really no major cities outside of Memphis. Maybe Little Rock, and Jackson? Then there’s already an IKEA in St.Louis. Meanwhile, cities near Nashville that may benefit from an Ikea includes Clarksville, Bowling Green/most of southern Kentucky, Huntsville/most of North Alabama, and Knoxville/most of East TN. Jackson and Chattanooga would have been a split between Atlanta and Memphis.
  11. I agree. I have a whatever outlook with Ikea. If I do go, it's either for food or miniscule items, not even furniture. I rather buy my furniture else where. I don't know, maybe I'm still salty about them pulling out last minute
  12. The worst part is that the interstate probably won't change much, even when the Nashville metro hits 3+ million population. The good news is that TDOT is at least expanding highway 96, which is way overdue. Highway 96 should have been expanded at least 5-10 years ago.
  13. That's probably the reason why they're so reluctant to build one in Nashville. There's already 3-4 Ikeas in about a 3-4 hour drive from Memphis, Indy, and Atlanta. However, Atlanta does have two Ikeas in the same metro, but Nashville can't even get one. It makes no sense.
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