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  1. Yes, I can finally choose which lanes I want to be stuck in traffic! But with a bonus fee! Then the laughable amount of 750 million for each region to cover infrastructure upgrades. You would think the 3 billion would be distributed evenly by the demand of infrastructure upgrade is needed for each region. The Nashville and Chattanooga regions are probably needing most of the demands, with Chattanooga having a major interstate leading up to Atlanta and the rest of the deep Southeastern region. Then Nashville's outdated infrastructure being behind by 20-30 years in relation to the region's growth.
  2. Vintage Nashville kind of had a Midwest/East Coast vibe when it came to the older architecture. If you showed me this picture without me knowing that this was Nashville, I would have guessed Cleveland or something.
  3. That's the irony of it. Nashvillians want to claim that they don't want to end up being the next ATL, but the funny thing is that we are heading towards that route. A route that may possibly be worse than ATL
  4. At least with ATL, they're somewhat trying. ATL has a mediocre, but functional transit system. With how Nashville is growing, the traffic may end up worst in the next decade or so. That is if you're comparing the traffic ratio to city size.
  5. Only if the Nashville Star was more convenient to use... The problem is that the hours are wonky and there's not enough stops to make it convenient. It'll be nice if the Nashville Star connected directly to BNA.
  6. White Bridge Road needs to be widened more than anything. The traffic there is terrible. But with anything here, the roads are always the last things to be upgraded.
  7. Another tidbit, there's no bridges that connects from East Nashville to Briley. The area east of the Cumberland River is in a need of a few connecting points. The only access points from East Nashville to Briley is the Gallatin Pike S interchange. The Eastern part of Nashville in general has terrible connecting points with Wilson County, excluding I40 and Lebanon Pike.
  8. I-40 west inner belt has so many unnecessary ramps and exits. It's crazy how it took tdot this long to notice. In comparison to other cities, it's mindboggling how this design was approved in the first place. Tdot should really convert that area into a tunnel with some kind of park/recreational area on top like the one in Atlanta. I think it's called the Lenox Road overpass or something.
  9. Hopefully, the Northern suburbs gets more developed. The amenities up there are severely lacking.
  10. My trip to Houston. Wow I never noticed how rugged Northwest/west of Nashville is.
  11. Wilson Co. is a bit overdue. The county is mostly flat, great proximity to Nashville, sort of has transit (music city star), and has access to both Percy priest and the Cumberland river. Their growth should have bolstered a long time ago.
  12. Nashville should eventually be an operating base for Southwest. I'll give it about 5-10 more years. Indirectly, Southwest is already kind of an hub.
  13. Wow, the Alcove building really makes the Skyline pop. The skyline's also looking really dense for a metro population of sub 2 mil. Nashville is about to one of the most densest cities within the 2-3 million population mark.
  14. Music Genre Preference in Each U.S. State Interesting that TN isn't country. Even more surprising is that country is popular in PA, VA, WI, and OH.
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