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  1. There's also live on the green, and the ascend amphitheater.
  2. MagicPotato

    IKEA to Nashville

    They could possibly make the store size smaller to save money, and at the same time focus on the online market.
  3. MagicPotato

    IKEA to Nashville

    That's cool, hopefully we eventually get either one.
  4. MagicPotato

    IKEA to Nashville

    The thing about modifying their business for online is that it works well with small items, but for furniture/large items not so much. Unless they want to charge 100+ dollars for shipping.
  5. MagicPotato

    IKEA to Nashville

    Not a smart move by Ikea. They could have profited big if they had a mid south store for Kentucky and mid/east TN. Especially with the redevelopment of Antioch .
  6. That is true, initial cost doesn't measure up to the entirety of building efficiency, but it does play some part in it.
  7. True, but initially time to build and cost is lower for a neighborhood. It's significantly higher initially for high rises, long term wise it's cheaper.
  8. We could build taller near midtown, south Nashville, or even closer to west Nashville. I think the FAA rules aren't as strict in those areas?
  9. Oh no one more level higher, that's so terrifying.
  10. MagicPotato

    Nashville Public Art Nashville's top 5 in art scene growth. 
  11. MagicPotato

    Nashville Bits and Pieces Nashville's top 5 in art scene growth.
  12. I agree, a crown would have made 505 stand out more.
  13. I've noticed that too when I went back a couple weeks ago. It might end up like how Las Vegas is set up, but excluding the casinos. If investors were serious they can add a bunch of places similar to the diner on 3rd ave. Imagine if they concentrated development near 3rd for all/late night gigs.