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  1. It's a shame that stretch of DeVos Place across the street has such a drab facade. Still holding out hope something's built there eventually.
  2. As one of the most architecturally interesting, centrally located, and underutilized spaces downtown, I would love this. I only worry about accessibility, given the main entrance is up a short flight of stairs. It would take a lot of the small interior space to have both it and the rear door open.
  3. I can do more to differentiate those routes, but I can't add the QR code — that asset could move at any time, leaving a dead link. The most I could do is add a link to The Rapid's homepage, but that would imply their endorsement of this diagram, which I don't see them giving.
  4. Smaller update this time, been swamped lately. I switched up the inoffensive flair in the corner for some little pictographs -- still work to be done on them. I also added my custom "The Rapid" logo, since I can't use the real one. Otherwise, mostly some minor tweaks to the line shapes, line style (to distinguish peak-only service, still need a blurb to explain), and the start of the line number callouts on the detail diagram.
  5. Found a Reddit thread talking about some specific rumors, particularly around the area of The Pantlind. https://www.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/16mnrb/storm_drainstunnels/c7xgccq EDIT: And another *two, https://www.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/1ogivq/where_are_cool_hidden_areas_of_gr/ccvhnmw https://www.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/3azhbf/grand_rapids_urban_myths/cshuv5w
  6. "Tunnel to Chase Bank", I presume? I've seen it before, but never had reason to actually use it. Other tunnels I know to actually exist go from The Pantlind to DeVos Place, I think from DeVos Place to the ramp below Calder Plaza, and then on to the Federal Building. I don't know if any are publicly accessible, but I have seen photos of them. Somewhere, sometime. There's also the steam network crisscrossing downtown, but I don't know if any are carried through human-sized tunnels. I think some tunnels in the Butterworth complex. Gypsum mines, of course.
  7. If I recall, the greater legend is that the street level was raised to prevent flooding, and existing storefronts went underground (physically). Over time, they would get covered up and forgotten, but they still exist under our feet to this very day! ~spooky noises~ I think it's probably based on other cities where this actually happened, like Seattle.
  8. I've got a generally relevant question for all you UrbanPlaneteers. For ages and ages, I've heard rumors about a system of "secret" underground tunnels, storefronts, and whatnot in Grand Rapids. Everybody's uncle or friend works for the city and got exclusive access, but no one ever has any photos or concrete evidence. Just now, I even saw reference to them again on the GR subreddit. There's nothing to this, right? I can't imagine there'd be anything beyond the odd passageway between adjacent buildings, areaway, coal chute, etc. Certainly not anything resembling a larger system or complex.
  9. Something I've always wondered about is how some of the more uniquely named streets got made so boring. Holland became Winter, Thomas became Summer, and Van Buren, Ann, Elizabeth, Caroline, and Jonathan became 7th through 11th. Why remove their character?
  10. That's hideous. Good infill, but hideous. I often wonder what people 50 years down the line will think of this particular architectural movement.
  11. Further updates: I finally made a trip out to Kentwood Station to record the new platform layout, shown in the lower middle of the artwork. I also added some inoffensive stylistic flair to the corner (to be enhanced later, I'm not super pleased with it), more labels, compasses, etc.
  12. Since no one's told me not to yet, I'm just gonna keep posting occasional updates until the diagram is done. I switched up the colors, I'm thinking I'll ultimately end up with two versions -- light and dark theme.
  13. New WIP here: I had to make the detail map a little taller to fit DASH North (#52), so the station layout diagrams are a little cramped. I'll fix it later. I notice now the river is also cut short, haha. I reenabled the label layer despite not adding anything to it, so it's still a mess. I also still have yet to add little indicators along the lines for which number they belong to, to make keeping them straight easier. As ever, if anyone has any thoughts on improvements they'd be appreciated.
  14. I'm working on a bus map for The Rapid's system in GR (i.e. not the area out in Allendale yet. It has two parts: a low detail map for the complete(ish) service area and a high detail map for the downtown area. WIP Here: The empty space to the left and bottom will be for text-based info --- the route list, service distinctions, etc. Does anyone have any thoughts on what should be included at each detail level? What do bus riders need to know the locations of? FYI, I've disabled the road label layer for this render because they're kind of all over the place atm. I know this isn't a transit update per se, but this is the most relevant thread I could think of. Disclaimer: I am not professionally associated with The Rapid in any way. I just ride it.
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