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  1. At the Porters House restaurant in Ballantyne on Thursday. @KJHburg mentioned in a previous comment that he had to park his Ferrari and Lamborghini in the streets at this restaurant, so I am sure that several of these are his.
  2. nicholas


    Retweet. I drove through Durham last week, and don't recall seeing a single construction worker in the NC147/I-885 interchange construction zone.
  3. A few weeks ago, when I met up with one of my friends from UNCC at the new Kannapolis ballpark, he mentioned numerous times how he could hardly all of the development going on there. He is also a real estate development nerd, but had not been watching Kannapolis very closely (although I suspect that's changed now that he's seen it in person, lol). Seriously though, nearly 600 apartments either planned or currently under construction in downtown, plus office, townhomes, retail, and entertainment....I'm not sure Raleigh even has that much residential being built in downtown. Hopefully the Research Campus starts to get in on this wave of activity, because a sizeable employment base will go a long way towards giving Kannapolis a formidable core of housing and employment.
  4. Can't believe I'm not in any of your pics @QCxpat I was inside the Lendingtree building at 10:25 this morning, lol.
  5. Looks like a lot of Camaros and Chargers based on the photographs. I have seen a lot of Chargers weaving in and out of traffic in Raleigh and Charlotte, and unfortunately I think those are pretty popular cars among street racers as well as other American muscle cars.
  6. Really?? Prior to Covid, I was driving around one weekend and saw four different new Maybachs between Southpark and Ballantyne, lol. I do love me a Lotus. That is an Evora (possibly an S, can't tell for sure though because the only visible difference is a single exhaust pipe instead of twin exhaust pipes) in what looks like Ardent Red and I believe the 2+2 seating option (adds back seats which are only habitable for very very small people). Evoras are powered by 3.5 liter V6 engines sourced from Toyota, and the S models (as well as later 400 and GT models) add a supercharger to that engine for more power and torque. One of my dream cars that I unfortunately rarely ever see in the Carolinas.
  7. Refreshed administrative building looks solid. New library. I've always thought the Marriott deserved an update. It looks so weird compared to both the classic buildings throughout downtown as well as the modern ones.
  8. Driving past the old stadium yesterday
  9. Who remembers the explosion in downtown a couple years ago? I think this is the block where it occurred.
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