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  1. Less than four miles from the Wake Forest Rd store though.
  2. ^Looks to me like the bottom of the existing building has been sealed off in the pit.
  3. I dunno about that. Tryon St is stop and roll when there are lots of pedestrians (morning, lunchtime, early evening, etc). This past Saturday night I drove around Charlotte, and it took me over twenty minutes to go from 10th to Morehead. Hillsborough St in Raleigh has several roundabouts, and while they move traffic much more effectively, pedestrians don't like to cross near roundabouts due to continuously moving traffic.
  4. Made it up to Mooresville last week for the first time in a few years. Downtown looks great and the Mill One project is going to be a game changer for downtown. It's a shame the old building won't be saved though. Also grabbed some food from What-A-Burger while I was there; the fries were a little thick for my liking (next time I'll be getting the onion rings), but the What-A-Cheeseburger was on point.
  5. That's weird, I tried to deactivate most of the existing teams so that new people could join. Unfortunately I haven't had time to figure out all of the commish powers on Yahoo, and I don't know if a fantasy league will work this year due to low interest.
  6. Guys this should let you join. Been busy and couldn’t figure out how to find the correct link to join the league. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/626317/invitation?key=f9c4de21eebeca65&ikey=4670751cd3a62deb&soc_src=app-sh
  7. Too dark to get a pic unfortunately, but last night when driving through Salisbury, noticed that the block has been fenced off for the Bell Tower Park. Looked like they've already started grading the lot but couldn't tell for sure.
  8. I thought that was the project across Fairview? Apex is at Sharon and Morrison iirc.
  9. These are the bridges that are still in use from the original Independence Blvd routing, shown in the article. This is the exit ramp from east-bound Wilkinson onto 77 south. It uses the old bridge over the creek, but grass has somewhat disguised the unused part of it. This is the exit ramp from 277 onto Carson over the train tracks.
  10. If we continue to build more and more roads, people will continue to find reasons to use whatever new roads are built. And then in 20 years, we'll look around and see a ton of congestion everywhere, and say that it's time to widen the roads we built 20 year earlier or just build even more roads. It's an endless cycle. Not to mention that every new road is yet another road to maintain, clearly we're already having issues keeping 85 lit up around Charlotte and it's only going to get worse as more and more roads are built. Also, interstates have their place as effective connections between cities, but they don't need to be running through the heart of our cities. I mean, I'd argue that we still need complete interstate connections running from Charlotte to Wilmington, as well as from Charlotte to Asheville, but after that we should probably start looking at removing some interstates/limited access roads such as parts of 277 in Charlotte, BUS 40 in WS (instead of throwing millions of dollars at it), BUS 85 in GSO, and parts of 147 in Durham.
  11. Anyone from UP is welcome no matter which market they represent. It would be cool for someone from Nashville to join so we can talk smack about their skyline. Honestly though, anyone (even non-UPers) is welcome as long as they're willing to actively play. I'll go ahead and get the league set up and post the link. Edit - if anyone new wants to join, let me know. I'm having a difficult time managing the teams as I'm not on my computer right now.
  12. For such a prime lot, I'm surprised the proposals are so conservative in height. Obviously increasing the density and overall pedestrian activity of the block is what really matters, but it's going to be a while before these lots are worth enough to warrant knocking down 20 story buildings for 40+ story ones. It's old, no one really uses it anymore. To quote my mom, "by the time I finally figure out what it means, nobody says it anymore,"
  13. Is there any feasibility to move those houses?
  14. or better yet, go bother some other city.
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