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  1. I wouldn't have been able to breath for a few minutes from laughter if someone addressed me as Mr. Southernnorthcarolina.
  2. Yeah, definitely for this lot, given how ambitious the city is. It would be nice to get a Grand Bohemian somewhere in downtown though. Really like this rendering, looks a bit like the one being built in Greenville, SC (which looks spectacular based on the renderings).
  3. Restoration Hardware definitely nearing completion:
  4. I have to run premium so I'll take either Shell or Amoco/BP, lol.
  5. Isn't there already a Circle K at the corner???
  6. Nah quit joking man, that's definitely Charlotte
  7. Depends on timing of course, but I'm interested.
  8. Is it just me (or just an optical illusion) or does it look like it's sagging in the middle on the Graham St side? It's been bugging me since they finished the third floor, lol.
  9. Well a lot of the problem is that the roads are still designed around cars. Even when sidewalks and bike lanes are present, they're largely just thrown in as a token gesture. People only slow down when a - the lanes are narrow, and b - when there are visual obstacles that create uncomfortableness (such as trees and/or parked cars). People drive at pretty reasonable speeds down parts of N Tryon St and Graham St that were built back when lane standards were much narrower (probably 10 feet wide), and really slow on Tryon St in uptown, but they haul ass down the newer roads with 12 foot lanes.
  10. I understand that, but I still think it's dumb to post limits lower than what the road was designed for, then wonder why no one obeys the posted limits.
  11. We need to do away with the 85th percentile bs. Either design the roads to 100%, post a speed limit that reflects this condition, and enforce it aggressively, or just do away with speed limits altogether. Right now they're pretty arbitrary and not obeyed by anyone (including police).
  12. Oh ok. I prefer the labelled Next Unread Topics, but I'll check out the activity streams. I've never actually noticed them before.
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