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  1. The Cayman is alright, but I'd LOVE to have that GT3. Naturally-aspirated flat six with a proper six speed manual and RWD? Where do I sign up....
  2. I think they're cool, but sadly a lot of them are bought up by "collectors" who then lock away the cars in their collections and never ever drive them. I mean the full carbon-fiber Senna for sale at the McLaren dealership was locally owned for most of last year, but the owners just trailered it to car shows and whatnot, and never ever actually drove it on the road. And personally, I think that's a shame because at the end of the day, it's just a car, and it's meant to be driven. Maybe it's because I put a lot of miles on my car, but I just do not get the point of buying a really cool car and then literally never ever driving it.
  3. Actually no, not by a long shot! There is a 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta that apparently has never been owned by anyone who knows how to drive it for sale at Formula One Imports on Independence Blvd for $4.69M!!! The same dealership also has a 1988 Porsche 959 for sale for $1.425M, which fortunately has been driven at least a little bit. The McLaren dealership also has three (!!!!) McLaren Sennas which are not priced, but are all likely in the $1.4M-$1.6M range.
  4. ^OMG!!!!! That is a Bugatti Veyron, a car I've never ever seen in person. When it came out in the mid-00s, it was the fastest, most-powerful, and most expensive car ever produced by a huge margin with a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds, just over 1,000 horsepower, and a price tag of $1.25M. Simply incredible to see a picture of one roaming the streets of Charlotte! Check your sofas and see if you happen to have $1.4M lost in there, as it's for sale at McLaren of Charlotte. Also nice Raptor.
  5. There has never been a more accurate description of a Polaris Slingshot driver (rider?) than this.
  6. Then why do we have yearly vehicle inspections? There are always going to be some cars that aren't capable of high speeds, but that's why there are multiple lanes going in each direction on 485. Also, the left lane is supposed to be for passing, and if drivers would get out of the way by moving out of the left lane once they are done passing a slower car, it would instantly reduce potential conflict by lessening the urge for faster drivers to change lanes constantly because no one else has any lane discipline. I do agree about red light cameras though. It's far too rare to not see numerous cars running a red light at basically every single intersection. Even when police are present, I've never ever seen someone get pulled over for running a red light.
  7. I get your points, but it also seems to me that if you're arguing for setting up speed cameras to only capture drivers going 12+ over the speed limit, then the speed limit is set way too low for that respective road. Based on my observation, most 485 traffic seems to be traveling somewhere between 75 mph and 85 mph, with no real issues. Why not just change the speed limit to 85 mph or 90 mph, and then aggressively enforce it? And/or - this is something that would have to be implemented going forwards - stop designing and building roads to standards much higher than the speed limits reflect. People generally drive at speeds they feel comfortable with, and if you're designing an interstate to a 90 mph standard and then trying to limit speeds to 70 mph (or something like that), then drivers will routinely ignore the posted 70 mph posted speed limit because going 85 mph feels comfortable and relatively safe to them.
  8. I have posted about this before, but I'll keep saying it. WHY - given that modern cars have gotten so much more capable in terms of power, handling, braking, and safety - are we still subject to all these ridiculously low speed limits everywhere??? Obviously not every road needs to be an autobahn, but we're talking about 485 here!!! I seriously doubt that writing tickets for 15 (or whatever) over the speed limit is keeping anyone safe, because almost everyone goes that fast. I would much rather see drivers ticketed who weave in and out of traffic, refuse to move out of the left lane, don't use their turn signals, and do other actually dangerous things. There is no reason, other than revenue generation, that a 100 mph speed limit is unreasonable. In each direction on 485, there are 3-4 lanes of divided, limited-access highway on the entire route, with no sharp turns or major visibility issues anywhere. A neighborhood street is one thing, an 8-lane limited-access freeway on the edge of town is something entirely different. Also agree with @ertley, speed bumps suck, especially when your car has a heavy stage 1 clutch. However I don't get the point of putting up speed cameras and then just setting them for 12 over. Why not just increase the speed limit by 12 and actually enforce it instead of playing this stupid "guess the magic number" game that we're already playing.
  9. Ok so looking now at the plans on the Hines website, it looks like the one on the lower left of the pic will actually be the 14 story tower. The bottom right is a 7 story deck (!!!) with a 10 story office tower perched atop it. I count roughly 2,400 parking spots combined between the four parking decks from the plans...
  10. It had been a while since any development news came out of the Bull City. This is big, if all stays the same it will be the biggest single project in downtown Durham history! The two timber office buildings will be among the first of their kind nationwide, and the 14 story apartment building will be a solid addition to the skyline. Also very noteworthy is the 90,000 sq ft of retail, some of which is being targeted for a grocery store. That would be a huge win!
  11. Looks like a Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe, Meyers Manx Kick-Out SS (rare sighting around Charlotte), and Porsche Boxster.
  12. Still up here in Raleigh for the next 5-ish weeks, but I may be able to do something in September.
  13. ^what does any of that have to do with the UDO? Don't we have a politics thread?
  14. Challenger with the Widebody option, nice Can't tell if that's just a Scat Pack or Hellcat, or possibly a Demon, but I'm sure it's plenty fast. One of my uncles has a 2015 Challenger R/T with a six speed manual, and it is a blast to drive!
  15. Cayenne of some sort, probably the base model because it has the basic exhaust tips.
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