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  1. Huracan STO at the Southpark Mall last weekend...
  2. That would be an extremely short-sighted move on the city's part, that block is DEAD currently as it is a completely exposed ugly parking deck. No one lives there, tax value is minimal, it's ugly....I mean name a single upside to the city killing/significantly watering down this project.
  3. KJ has posted pics of that from the Greenway and he said it was the old bridge over Mallard Creek for 29.
  4. I wonder what Siler City will look like in a few decades. It's pretty far from both Raleigh and Greensboro to benefit from either of those cities, but the Wolfspeed plant will only be like 10 minutes away, plus US 421 which runs right past it is a future interstate. I rode through downtown Siler City about a month ago and noticed a few new businesses as well as several rehab projects going on. For how small the city is, there is a decent grid pattern downtown and a lot of empty lots, especially along the train tracks. Definitely don't anticipate it blowing up like Kannapolis has outside of Charlotte, but if its downtown can build on its momentum it could definitely be more than just an exit ramp sign.
  5. Fayetteville St is an odd street to rave about imo. There are stretches of well-preserved classic storefronts, some restaurants, and other businesses along there, but I've never thought of it as unusually vibrant, whether during 9-5 or Friday/Saturday nights. I think mostly because Fayetteville St is not a through road like Tryon St (it starts at the Capitol Building and ends at the Duke Energy Performing Arts Center). Glenwood Ave through Glenwood South is much much livelier than Fayetteville St or Tryon St, at least at night.
  6. let's put white text on the lightest blue background we can find
  7. Did the height get reduced? That sucks. I thought it was originally 33 but then increased to 36 although one of those I'm pretty sure was a utility floor. Unfortunately the design has been hugely value engineered. The pedestrian view in particular seems way less engaging somehow than before. Super disappointing especially considering what the previous renderings looked like.
  8. Mercedes-AMG GT, possibly GT C or GT S but hard to tell for sure. Starts at about $120k for the base GT and goes all the way up to $325k for the top of the line Black Series. Hopefully the Nissan didn't crash into it on its way out.
  9. Friday night...Ferrari SF90 at the JW.
  10. Wow! This would be absolutely nuts to see in Kannapolis!
  11. I'm generally not an advocate for writing traffic tickets, but can we please start ticketing people for sitting in the left lane. High key tired of getting stuck behind all these dumbbells who just camp out there.
  12. Semi-monthly Graham St sucks post.... Seriously, there's gotta be something that can be done to improve Graham St. The existing ROW is pretty narrow, and the lack of turn lanes at nearly every intersection causes constant bottlenecks. Most of it should probably be restricted to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane, and bus stops should be flared out so that buses can pull aside to let people on/off more safely. Starita or Craighead should ideally be rerouted so that there are not two intersections within like 250 ft of each other, and Woodward and 24th definitely needs to be fixed (supposedly this is planned?). Also, a huge roundabout at Graham/Statesville/Dalton would probably be simplest and easiest solution to that cluster of an intersection. With the remaining ROW left over from removing two lanes, new sidewalks (and separated bike lanes if they can fit) should be added as I see a lot of pedestrians and cyclists along this corridor, and the existing infrastructure is in pretty rough shape.
  13. Trammell Crow, same company behind 400H
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