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  1. I think the emergence of Raleigh as a legitimate contender for an MLB expansion team played into the decision to delay construction. Maybe it wasn't the only reason but if I remember correctly there was a considerable amount of land set aside for a soccer stadium at the edge of Downtown South. If I was Kane I would probably want to wait and see what happens with the MLB if there is a chance that some of the site has to be redesigned to accommodate a baseball stadium.
  2. This is bad if true. https://theathletic.com/5105215/2023/12/06/carolina-panthers-frank-reich-firing-david-tepper/
  3. Why does every. damn. discussion. on here devolve into rampant accusations of sexism and racism?? You basically can't have a debate on here anymore without commenters screaming about some sort of perceived discrimination or injustice, while not coming across as being familiar at all with the topic at hand, and had never even posted in the thread until whatever controversy is being discussed was brought up, and everything is either white or black with no room for any grey area. Is there sexism towards Nicole Tepper? Maybe to some degree. Should she be calling some of the shots? Probably not (although it's hard to find out much about her past experience from the Internet). Do both Teppers meddle too much? From the looks of it, yes. The difference is that David owned part of the Steelers for about a decade whereas Nicole did not have any previous NFL experience that I am aware of, and when bad decisions keep being made there is generally a lot less patience for those in key positions of authority who don't have any sort of track record to indicate they know anything about what they're doing.
  4. So, after rereading your comment that I quoted, I think I slightly misunderstood your point. However it seems like you're bringing the Jerry Richardson scandal into the discussion for no reason because it doesn't have anything to do with what's currently being discussed. Is anyone on here defending Richardson's actions? I would certainly hope not, although I haven't dug through most of the 77 other pages of previous comments to be sure. But it's coming across like we're not allowed to critique business decisions that were heavily influenced by Nicole Tepper, just because she is a woman and some other women (who have no connection to anything that's going on with the team currently) were sexually assaulted by a man (who died earlier this year and also didn't have anything to do with the Panthers after 2018).
  5. Uhhh... probably nowhere considering the Teppers to my knowledge had no connection to any of the sexual harassment stuff..? What is absolutely astounding is that Tepper came from being a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team generally regarded as one of the most well-run sports franchises of all time, and in just over five years in Charlotte has done the TOTAL opposite of anything and everything that the Steelers do. There have been some crazy situations in the NFL before but the Panthers' current predicament is borderline unprecedented, like I'm not sure there even is a light at the end of the tunnel or a silver lining anywhere.
  6. Imo, Tepper is showing his true colors. There were signs before (Rock Hill, Eastland), but I am very concerned that he has put the Panthers in a dangerous situation. Thinks he knows everything because he made a billion dollars, but unable and unwilling to accept that investment banking is hugely different than sports, and also unable and unwilling to stay in his own lane due to his wealth and ego. Ever since he has taken over, each season has just sort of drifted past with no apparent goal. "We're just a QB away from the Super Bowl!" "That isn't working but a different free agent QB will fix everything!" "He's not working out either so we should tank. And fire everyone!" "But we can't tank too much! I hate losing." "Well we didn't tank enough so we need to sell the farm for another QB in the draft." With Tabor taking over the rest of the year, we will be on our FOURTH head coach since the beginning of the 2022 season. No worthy HC candidate will want to go a team with that much turnover. Especially if the rumors are true and the Teppers overruled Reich's desire for CJ Stroud based on how a dinner conversation went, as there will be the sense that the HC here won't have necessary level of authority in roster decisions. Not to mention very publicly-scrutinized temper tantrums followed by kneejerk firings. Obviously, the NFL is fickle and teams go through their highs and lows for a number of reasons, but there's a reason why the better-run organizations gradually come to dominate the league for extended periods of time as the right combination of coaches and players is eventually found, while other teams seemingly can't ever figure it out. Tepper has been ripped by all sports media over the past 24 hrs and I'm all for it (other than that we're well on our way to becoming the next Jets).
  7. What! I'm not even sure which of those is more surprising!
  8. Where does it do that? I thought NC was the only state that had built any of I-74 (other than the existing route heading west out of Cincinnati) and assumed I-74 would follow I-77 northward through Virginia and into WV until it reached I-64 in Charleston?
  9. Imo (as a car enthusiast/gearhead)... Given the type of infrastructure investment over much of the past century (especially in America), cars are virtually a necessity for most people SO cars are extremely visible by everyone everyday BUT a substantial majority of people don't really enjoy driving AND (most critically) there is growing concern about the impact of ICEs on the environment. --- All of that makes it incredibly easy to demonize cars, particularly in the wake of growing environmental concerns. They're basically in your face all day every day. So EVs are pushed as something of a remedy for each of those points. We can all post factoids and studies showing this and that about how bad ICEs supposedly are, how good EVs supposedly are, etc, but at the end of the day I would like to think that most of us on this forum can agree that reducing car dependency should be a much higher priority than just switching to a different kind of car. Obviously there will always be things that we need cars and trucks for, but from my observation a decent number of trips can be easily handled by ebikes and motorcycles, which bridge the gap by allowing for fairly quick travel around/across town while using minimal to no fuel, contributing a negligible amount towards road wear, and taking up substantially less parking space than cars. I am not anti EV, and even as a car enthusiast there are only a handful of ICE cars currently in production that I would be interested enough in to buy new (due to too much needless tech and too much of a focus towards performance numbers on paper), but I am of the opinion that EVs are being pushed to save the auto industry more than the environment. There's minimal public backlash towards things that aren't as readily visible...the tens of thousands of private jets (most of which are based in America), each burning hundreds of gallons of fuel every hour to ferry mostly celebrities and executives and politicians between cities already served by existing airlines. The 50,000+ cargo ships each burning upwards of 60,000 thousands of gallons of fuel every singly day, carting various goods across the globe because so many countries have outsourced their manufacturing to counties that have minimal environmental protection efforts/human rights (does anyone care that their iPhone was likely produced with near-slave labor?). Stuff like that. Idk I guess my mind is just wandering like usual, but I do wonder about the "out of sight out of mind" secondary effects that are less visible like mineral mining, battery recycling, etc. I can't imagine a Gaston County lithium mine being popular with residents of the Charlotte region who might have the will and political connections to kill a venture like that, but I have a hard time believing there would be anywhere near as much impactful resistance down in Chile (which while I'm not an expert on Chile it likely doesn't have nearly as stringent environmental/worker protections as the US, and is also MUCH farther away from numerous new and coming battery plants here in the US which necessitates additional resources to transport everything to the states). And yeah, everything I own/have owned has been powered by an ICE. My car is from 2011, my motorcycle is from 2009, and my project motorcycles are from the mid-1970s. But the way I look at it, the main initial environmental impact from each of those vehicles happened over a decade ago. Granted I have to replace various fluids and components here and there (on my car I'm about to change the oil/filter and replace the brake pads/fluid and oxygen sensors, and on my 09 motorcycle I am replacing the fork oil/seals) and perhaps I'm completely wrong, but by and large it seems like, by fixing a few minor things here and there as needed, the amount of waste and environmental impact I am responsible for is pretty minor compared to what it would be if I was buying brand new cars and motorcycles every few years (regardless of whether they were ICE or EV).
  10. Was the crane at Zack's Hamburgers apartments mentioned? It's still up there. Crane at Yancey and Tryon seems to have been taken down in the last week or so.
  11. Or, make your way over to the other side of the rail yard and support one of the many great local coffee shops like Night Swim or The Hobbyist. That being said, even just a couple years ago I never could have imagined Starbucks building a standalone store at that location.
  12. Just drove past and there is a red one at Yancey/Tryon. Also two more at S Tryon/Clanton (one on NE corner, one on NW corner). If crane bases count, there's one at Queensbridge. Not sure if N Tryon/Matheson crane has been mentioned yet. Also. In the main list, can each crane be listed by address or nearest intersection? (At least for 5-over-1s because there is an insane number of those going up basically everywhere). I am all over Charlotte almost every day and I can't remember which project is which just by name. Maybe also include the total number of cranes as of most recent update. Looks like we're at 34 currently but it's tedious to count all of those. @tozmervo should be Charlotte addresses I would think?
  13. I'm pretty sure there's a crane up on Poindexter behind the South End Harris Teeter and Edge apartments. Can't remember the name of the project but I don't think it's been mentioned on here yet. Edit - Aspen Heights tower in the Gold District. Think there's still one or two along Dunavant, one or two between Yancey and Tryon, some others throughout South End that I can't think of off the top of my head.
  14. Yeah, I would have to imagine Austin and Nashville are somewhere at least in the middle of that list. Raleigh might slide into the lower half as well, can't remember how many cranes are up there currently but I'm pretty sure it's at least 10.
  15. @Genesis704 ironically I saw your GS cruising through South End last Sunday. Over by the DFA building.
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