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  1. nicholas

    Charter Square (Site One)

    This is starting to look really good.
  2. Quick update from earlier today. Work has started on Phase II, can't wait to see that part rise as well.
  3. nicholas

    One Glenwood

    Feels like they're taking their time on this one, but since my last update some windows have gone in and the first layer of siding is finally up to the top.
  4. I’m guessing he’s taking gas/insurance/etc into account, but that’s still a ridiculously high figure. It’s like $189 a month to lease a Corolla.
  5. nicholas

    301 Hillsborough

    Cones were gone on Monday night and the parking lot seemed to be open as usual.
  6. nicholas

    301 Hillsborough

    Noticed that orange traffic cones were blocking all entrances to the surface lot currently occupying the property earlier tonight.
  7. nicholas

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    While not inherently regional, one thing that I think all of the Triangle cities could benefit from are separate bicycle lanes. This past weekend, a temporary cycle track was installed along Harrington St in the Warehouse District. While Raleigh has added bike lanes on a few streets such as Hillsborough, they ride right against the flow of traffic with nothing preventing the careless driver from wandering out of his lane and endanger cyclists, and given how wide many of the streets are throughout downtown, I think they can be added relatively easy to some of the lower-volume streets such as Harrington and Jones. I think streets that carry lots of vehicular traffic such as Hillsborough and Glenwood should mostly be left alone, but adjacent roads should definitely be prioritized for bicycles.
  8. nicholas

    One Glenwood

    Quick hotel update for the first time in far too long.
  9. Couple of pics from last night.
  10. nicholas

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Remember how the Raptors had Lebron-itis for several years and never could beat the Cavs in the playoffs despite having arguably better overall talent? They now have Jeremy-itis.
  11. nicholas

    Charlotte Crane Count

    Kane does that in Raleigh as well.
  12. nicholas

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Yes. It'll open this spring.
  13. nicholas

    Design Center Expansion in South End

    There was probably a 50 foot line of people outside of Jeni’s at about 5pm last night. I was going to grab some ice cream but didn’t feel like waiting quite that long.
  14. nicholas

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I'm pretty sure that Lambo is owned by @idealauto on Instagram.