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  1. If we manage to get just one of the 40 stories and half of the others, the skyline will be looking reeeeeeally different in just a few years. I just hope it's not like seemingly every other time when we've had a ton of proposed towers and then the economy crashed or something ridiculous (Covid...) happened.
  2. Drove by tonight, unfortunately it was pretty dark and I only had my phone so the pictures would have sucked, but about half of the buildings have been knocked down!
  3. Some recent construction along New Bern:
  4. Not too much longer now. Street parking is now open in front of the AC Hotel. Also note the fairly new bar to the left.
  5. Down the street at the Iron Works and East End Market projects:
  6. More progress on the Main District. The Walter towering over everything.
  7. New Chase Bank branch going in the former McDonald's spot. Surprised to see this going in here as I believe they are also building a branch in the Hayes Barton/Five Points area nearby. New construction on Daniels St. Not sure what this will be.
  8. Is that construction equipment???? Edit - I need to grab some updated pics already because I hear that demo has begun
  9. Some recent pics of the Tru Hotel near White Oak.
  10. I mentioned this in another thread, but I feel like pedestrian infrastructure between Glenwood South and the Warehouse District is somewhat limited due to older sidewalk designs as well as the train tracks. 401H will I think start to really tie both of those areas together, but the tracks are an obstacle and the bridges across them were built before the recent focus on walkability, meaning that everyone is stuck with narrow sidewalks immediately adjacent to very wide roads. I wonder what the feasibility is of replacing the current crossfit gym with a park that goes over the tracks and bumps
  11. Fencing has been up for a couple weeks now, existing buildings are still there though. Hopefully this will spur a redevelopment of the parking deck diagonally across the street, which is a huge dead zone and I hardly ever see cars parked there anyway. This and the AC Hotel are really going to help connect Glenwood South with the Warehouse District, however the tracks are an obstacle and I wonder if there is any chance of a dedicated pedestrian bridge being built to further connect both of those areas. Currently there are sidewalks mostly everywhere, but a lot of them are narrow and right up
  12. Looks like another floor has been poured in the past month or so.
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