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  1. Wow! This would be absolutely nuts to see in Kannapolis!
  2. I'm generally not an advocate for writing traffic tickets, but can we please start ticketing people for sitting in the left lane. High key tired of getting stuck behind all these dumbbells who just camp out there.
  3. Semi-monthly Graham St sucks post.... Seriously, there's gotta be something that can be done to improve Graham St. The existing ROW is pretty narrow, and the lack of turn lanes at nearly every intersection causes constant bottlenecks. Most of it should probably be restricted to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane, and bus stops should be flared out so that buses can pull aside to let people on/off more safely. Starita or Craighead should ideally be rerouted so that there are not two intersections within like 250 ft of each other, and Woodward and 24th definitely needs to be fixed (supposedly this is planned?). Also, a huge roundabout at Graham/Statesville/Dalton would probably be simplest and easiest solution to that cluster of an intersection. With the remaining ROW left over from removing two lanes, new sidewalks (and separated bike lanes if they can fit) should be added as I see a lot of pedestrians and cyclists along this corridor, and the existing infrastructure is in pretty rough shape.
  4. Trammell Crow, same company behind 400H
  5. In terms of mileage, about 60% motorcycle/40% car (coupe). Unfortunately almost everything is too far or too dangerous for me to walk/bike to currently.
  6. How did that happen? That's worse than one of my motorcycle friends who bought a Kawasaki at a local dealership, and they forgot to put any oil in it.
  7. Yeah....I have an account there. Don't post much but I do check in, although I'm sure everyone on DTR glares disapprovingly at me through the internet now that I live in Charlotte. Lol
  8. ^yeah, met a few people at the gym last week who work at Arrival. They echoed the sentiment that it's not looking good. With mass-produced electric vehicles already in/rapidly nearing production from legacy automakers like Ford and GM, I think it's highly unlikely that many of these startups will be around in even five years. Tesla will likely survive comfortably, and maybe one of the three between Rivian or Lucid or Vinfast makes it through the initial gauntlet, but after that the window of opportunity for startups will slam shut. I have zero doubt that what Ford has learned and invested into the electric F-150 Lightning will be transferred to commercial vehicles like the Transit line before we know it. Same for GM with the Hummer truck, electric Silverado, etc.
  9. Can't remember what this hotel is gonna be but along Person St today.
  10. Certainly not breaking any construction speed records here, but finally some noticeable progress.
  11. While no one was watching for the past 7 months, this first building has neared completion.
  12. Looking forward to seeing this project rise! Last I heard the residential tower has been increased to 37 stories!
  13. More pics of 615 Peace, plus some current pics of the Creamery lot as well as a new demo a couple blocks up from that.
  14. I think this needs its own thread (it's 435 feet tall!). Plus it's getting a little tedious jumping back and forth between the Raleigh Union Station thread, Warehouse District thread, and Downtown Raleigh's Future thread because random pics and info get distributed between all of those. Pics from today...
  15. I swear this has to be the least-photographed under construction tower in the Carolinas, at least here on UP.
  16. In town this week...pics from around North Hills and Midtown. Side note, why are so many pics in the Triangle thread posted by out-of-towners?
  17. Close to a million bucks in that pic. Owner also has a Lamborghini Huracan STO, Ferrari SF90, Porsche 911 GT2RS, Mercedes AMG GT Black Series, and a few other exotics.
  18. It's likely the same one since we're all suddenly seeing a DeLorean around South End and Uptown. There used to be several DeLoreans that showed up at car shows, not sure how many are still in the area but I'm sure there are probably 5-10 around that are rarely ever driven. Compared to older Ferraris and other stuff, they're not nearly as expensive, so it's easier to swing one of these if you're not stupid rich but still want a unique fun car.
  19. If I remember correctly there was a company out of either Florida or Texas that bought the design rights to those cars, but I don't know if they ever really built any new ones. The one I saw a few weeks ago was the real deal though.
  20. ^I saw one of those a couple weeks ago at a bar edge of South End and Dilworth. Wonder if it's the same one. (Also the black car hiding behind the bushes is a Ferrari 812 Superfast)
  21. More parking
  22. Left lane exits are stupid. Very uncommon, plus far too many people already camp out in the left lane which unnecessarily clogs up traffic. They did this with the Asheboro bypass as well (on the east side).
  23. Is there any hope of adding street parking to Tryon St through the University area? I feel like there is a lot of development going on but it feels disjointed and very suburban due to the automotive sewers that are Tryon St and Harris Blvd.
  24. Managed to grab a pic this time while I was stuck at the light. Later a pic from my car of the quad cranes as I was approaching from the opposite direction.
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