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  1. DC actually is in the middle of capping a small portion of I-395 downtown with buildings and connecting some street network. The project is taking a considerable amount of time though, and I believe was quite costly. However, I know a large portion of this project has been paid for by the private company who wanted to build on top of the interstate. So there are definitely developers out there who would be interested. http://www.capitolcrossingdc.com http://3rdsttunnel.com
  2. Trying not to get argumentative on here as I usually am just a reader of this site, but I relocated to DC from Nashville and currently use the Green and Red Lines to commute to work every day and I am not exactly sure what you are talking about. My commute routinely takes about 25-30 minutes during rush via the metro and during that time I can look over paper work or read the news without worrying about sitting in traffic or driving. I honestly find it super relaxing. Sure sometimes there are delays or construction issues, but this is not the norm. Overall the experience is much preferred to sitting on I-65 north for an hour because too many people are trying to merge at the same time. The few times I've had to take a car to work for whatever reason the commute time is never predictable. Sometimes I get there in 20 minutes, sometimes 50. Plus, with the way the cab drivers drive around here I feel like I am in a defensive driving course the entire time. For me, the reliability of travel time and the removal of stress driving in traffic causes makes me love the DC metro.
  3. Although it does not make sense for it to affect the transit plan, with all the PAC money involved to stop it I unfortunately think it will. Look for arguments along the lines of "if she is not trustworthy in her own marriage, how can we trust her to be honest about this transit plan" or "if she's using public dollars to fund her affair how do we know that she is not wasting money in this 'unnecessary folly.'" This does not necessarily mean the plan will be voted down, but it certainly does not help the campaign to approve it.
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