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  1. I am Reality

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Florida Hospital ranked as the 5th best hospital in FL, according to the just-released US News rankings. Orlando Health is #8. Neither is nationally ranked. https://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/area/fl
  2. I am Reality

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Redesign for approval this week
  3. I am Reality

    Economic Development

    Interesting article re: lack of housing starts since the recession. Housing starts in Orlando have been down almost 3X since the recession (when compared to the period of time between 1985 and 2000). This is the reason there is so little housing inventory and why prices are increasing so much. The market is ripe for a deep-pocketed developer to come in and go crazy with some high-density housing projects. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/more-than-six-million-homes-missing-from-us-housing-market-300696445.html
  4. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Agreed. Or how about at the Calgary Assembly project along I-4? Our best projects deserve great visibility.
  5. I am Reality

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    The new $2.3 billion Saleforce Transbay Transit Center in SF. It is 5 city blocks long. The roof is a 5.4 acre public park.
  6. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    OBJ has said the final site plans were filed earlier this year.
  7. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    At long last . . . an Orlando building project that is architecturally interesting. Designed by Arquitectonica. All the way down In Lake Nona. Ugh.
  8. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    I've never heard a defense of urban sprawl before. Interesting, but we will have to agree to disagree. I didn't bring up the bigger cities. But while we are talking about NYC, Boston and Atlanta, let's also discuss the reasons why they grew the way they did: - population densities requiring outward development - public transit making outward development possible - corporate communities that provide centralized downtown development, as well as quality in-fill development, making the inner and intermediate cores cost-prohibitive. I fail to see any similarities. Orlando is not a dense city, by any measure; its transit system sucks, and downtown development lags. It's sprawl for the sake of sprawl. I would not be so quick to rubber stamp anything Orlando-related.
  9. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Just because it's a charmless empty field under an airport runway that is devoid of any character? Developers need to end their fascination with cheap land. It's heartbreaking to see them push further and further out, while ripping out every piece of vegetation in their way. Trees rock.
  10. I am Reality

    Kudos - Orlando area folks we're proud of

    Local hero Deney Terrio, from Titusville. He changed the world with Dance Fever, Saturday Night Live, and The Wrath Of Khan.
  11. I am Reality

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    The block-wide, parking pedestal seems to be the new trend. For better or worse. The new Deloitte project in Vancouver looks ridiculous. It will take the most visible location in town, across the street from the Amazon/Central Post Office project. Shame.
  12. I am Reality

    Winter Park & Maitland

    I love Aent's last post! On a serious note, let me pose a stupid question about the Enzian. Let me first say I love the place and go there regularly (although not as often as I wish since I have children). But why is something like this not located downtown? Art-house theaters are typically located in areas with lots of younger, urban, more-sophisticated residents. They tend to attract quirky, eclectic types. I have never really seen one is a boring suburb. People move to WP/Maitland to die. (I say that jokingly as someone who lives in the WP/Maitland area). Something like the Enzian would be such a big draw downtown. In fact, downtown is really missing something like it.
  13. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    I thought the same thing about the employment numbers. I did a double-take when I read it. The press release definitely says that the Lake Nona project will employ only 80 KPMG employees. I assume KPMG will subcontract with a company like Aramark to handle dining and a hotel-company to handle lodging. KPMG has no practical experience handling either. The company (as mentioned in both the headline and the press release) will hire 330 total statewide. Although costly and large-in-scale, the Lake Nona project will not positively impact local employment more than a large hotel. The press release says: "In addition to 80 new KPMG jobs associated with operating the completed learning, development, and innovation facility, the firm expects to add some 330 jobs in Florida over the next three years as its business serving audit, tax, and advisory clients continues to expand. KPMG currently employs nearly 700 people in offices in Orlando (in the Regions Bank Tower on North Orange Avenue), Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami." https://home.kpmg.com/us/en/home/media/press-releases/2017/05/kpmg-breaks-ground-on-400-million-learning-development-and-innovation-facility-in-lake-nona-announces-plans-to-hire-330-statewide.html
  14. I am Reality

    Economic Development

    Interesting article re: apartment construction to follow up the discussion yesterday. Why are developers not building more units? As the article says, the apartment occupancy rates are high. The demand is clearly there. Rents prices continue to rapidly increase (leading the nation). What is the problem? Any thoughts? I can honestly think of no explanation. https://m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/08/09/orlando-will-likely-have-50-percent-less-new-apartments-by-the-end-of-2018-which-is-really-bad
  15. I am Reality

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    I have an different take on the KPMG project that will probably be unpopular. I promise it is my honest opinion and is not intended to be controversial. Isn't it essentially just a new resort? My understanding is that it will provide mostly living space and dining for trainees (in addition to the obvious classroom and meeting space). The entire center will only hire 80 people total. Maybe 2-3 dozen of those employees which will be high-paid accounting instructors. That is not much bang-for-the-buck for a 1/2 billion dollar project. I would put it in the "business tourism" catagory more than anything. We can expect more airport traffic, car rentals, and some ancillary restaurant/catering business. But trainees will likely stay on-campus most of the time. That is not a problem. But it is far from a large accounting office with high-wage, permanent workers buying homes and putting down roots here. Just my opinion.