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  1. I love these guys who claim the high-road. Your very name is a troll. For real???!!! See the last post in the "Comparing Orlando" section. In a single post, I was called . . . Humorless Arrogant Jugdmental Self-important d-bag. I consider each one a personal attack. Do you? Do you have any plan to handle it? I like to bring it up everyone JFW criticizes me. He thinks he is model of reasonableness.
  2. I have sent you multiple posts in which people have called me a douche bag or troll. Some people have told me that, if I were a "good parent", I would move from the area. Other have told me that they don't even believe I live here. All of that for giving my honest opinion on things. How is that acceptable? I can say definitely . . . the people on this website have no interest in different opinions. If it's not mindless cheerleading, they don't tolerant it. Period. I have (and you) ) have repeatedly asked that they simply IGNORE me. They'd rather argue though. I've blocked several people myself.
  3. I have made my opinion rather well known. Either you and this website protect differing opinions, or you don't. If you want to get rid of me, just do it. But don't play this game where you pretend to be against intolerance. You are right. The personal attacks are getting very old.
  4. Anyone know what happened to the HostDime HQ in Eatonville? It's been stalled for a long while. But I don't even see signs there anymore. Did they pull the plug? It would have been great addition to that underdeveloped area, with tons of visibility.
  5. I've got an idea that's completely out-of-the-box for this group. Why don't we let people post whatever the hell they want? It's sickening a handful of people think they control this website. They determine what's good for it, as if they're guardians who protect it from the evils of differing opinions. . My opinion - and yours -is just as valid as their's. I make no attempt to stop them for saying whatever they want. Yet they think they can stop me from expressing my legit opinions. In my mind, the only thing wrong with this site is that a handful of people have hijacked it. This is a public forum. Treat it like one.
  6. Orlando's total residential real-estate is valued at an estimated $178 billion. That value is equivalent to the entire GDP of Qatar. https://www.lendingtree.com/home/most-valuable-cities/
  7. Or you can block me. I blocked 4 people yesterday. It's not hard. It really isn't. Take responsibility for yourself. Any by the way, there are literally hundreds of names on this site that are no longer active. Is that my fault too? Start your own website. That makes sense.
  8. Looks like the Treasure Coast will get a Brightline stop. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mypalmbeachpost.com/business/brightline-considers-adding-treasure-coast-stop/uYYTjEw1dxa0yXKgW18sjI/amp.html
  9. "Contributors We Miss": 339 views on 31 posts over 1/2 day = 11 views per post My last post on "Cool Things in Other Cities" = 33 views in 2 hours People obviously hate reading my stuff. And everyone has clearly rushed to block me. LOL. Some people truly think they own this website and speak for other people. Joke's on you.
  10. Not such much "cool", but definitely interesting. The Tower of David - the 45 story unfinished tower in Venezuela that became a famous "vertical slum" - was recently damaged in an earthquake. Its top 5 floors have bent to a 25 degree angle and may fall. (The pic is old and doesn't show the damage).
  11. I see you guys are still posting stuff. I can't read it, but I am certain you are not blocking me. Because you (1) are too damn interested in what I say and (2) know I am right. I dare you to block me.
  12. Spenser, you've had a million chances to Ignore me. But you never did. I just blocked you. I highly recommend you block me as well. I will miss your 80-90 posts each day about above how "perfect" Orlando is. Those are my favorites.
  13. Since JFW wouldn't take my advice or the advice of the moderator, I have blocked him. It was quite easy. Whoever Ivanhoe is (I'm pretty sure its JFW under another account), I have blocked you as well. Your arguments bore me. Learn to accept other viewpoints.
  14. I was very clearly referring to the website, not the city. The website is a kiss-ass, PR-job for the city. Rah rah rah. It's pep rally. A mindless exercise in civic boosterism. There is no objectively. Again, I am talking about the freaking website. If someone doesn't want to hear both sides of the story (about the city, on this website), kindly hit IGNORE. (can I spell this out more clearly?) Even the moderator asked JFW to IGNORE me yesterday. He absolutely refuses. He'd rather have the same argument over and over again. This is really boring me to tears. To anyone who doesn't like me . . . here is your reckoning. Ignore me now or shut up. Take it or leave it. I don't care one way or the other. This is really getting old.
  15. Preach on about tact, JFW. (You're really making this too easy. And someone said that I have no self-awareness!!!)
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