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  1. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Fair enough. I will apologize for some of the things I said. I am seriously disappointed that people aren't laser-focused on low wages. People here STILL deny there is a problem (despite the data and articles and simple observation). It is such an obvious problem to me, I honestly don't understand how other don't see it. In my mind, all the other stuff is totally inconsequential. I make a very good living myself. But I see a lot of people struggling here than in other places (including the big cities that have pockets of adject poverty; I've seen some real hellholes). That is poor urban development. And this is an urban development website. Having said that, I will still posting. I'm not here to crap on anyone's big-city aspirations. I think I raised a very important issue though. And I hope you will give it more thought. This city can be great if we get our priorities straight. I meant to say I will stop posting. Typo.
  2. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Tuesday's Sentinel: "Central FL below national average wages, with the the exception of waiter/waitresses and cooks/fast food workers." Today's Sentinel: "Orlando first time home buyers fall below income needs, data shows..." Orlando first time buyers in Dec earned about $500 less than the $40,184 they need to qualify for a mortgage on an entry-level house with a price of $195,000, according to an Orlando affordability report using federal guidelines." This is just stunning. First time home buyers in CA struggle to buy $800k entry level houses. An average Orlando worker literally doesn't qualify for a mortgage on a $195k house. Agreed. I am waiting for an apology from the person who made the cheap "tall building"/manhood joke and the one questioning my motivations.
  3. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    "I would really like a 60 story building downtown.." "I don't necessarily want to be like New York City or Chicago..." "If only they waved the FAA height regulation..." What were you saying about flying unicorns? Funny, I didn't see anything about jobs until I started posting. I read this for weeks before I posted anything. Nothing about jobs. It's all buildings buildings buildings. It's like a blog version of Zillow. Figure out what really constitutes an urban community. It's not buildings. Don't tell me you "get" it. You are insecure about were you live and need some type of validation. Grow up.
  4. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Yes, you've figured me all out. I don't live in Orlando, but I inexplicably really, really, really want it to have high-wage jobs. It's all part of my scheme to have professional jobs from my city move to Orlando. All the big -shot business leaders read the Orlando version of UrbanPlanet. That means you, Elon and Bezos. It's all part of my sinister plan. Keep crying about the height of buildings. That works. You don't have the faintest idea what it takes to be a real city. Others are smarter and know what it's all about. Move to NYC, big-city-poser.
  5. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Don't question my motivations. From what I can tell, I am the only true believer here. What have you done to mark the city a better place? Make innate postings about buildings? This is an urban development website...not a real estate website. I have been banging my head all week trying to get people to realize how poor the economy is here. I get lots of excuses...Disney...we're "new"...things are getting better. That's such lackadaisical bullcrap. People in other cities would REFUSE TO ACCEPT our current economy. People don't even seem to realize there is a problem. Nothing is going to change because people have a buried their head in the sand. My suggestion...if you really like tall buildings, take your defeatist loser mentality and move to NYC. Seriously. Because the economy here cannot support tall buildings. You are living a lie and trying to be something you are not. Don't question m motivations again. I at least am trying to make things better.
  6. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    I am glad you are so dismissive about "Orlando's lack of corporate clout." Charlotte has 5X the economy Orlando has. I can't speak on behalf of Amazon, but Charlotte does not need it nearly as much as Orlando does. But then again, why would we need or want 20k great-paying jobs & 5 billion in instant investment? Total loser mentality.
  7. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    All I see in this website are people saying they want taller buildings. I thought maybe the "tall building" thing was somehow a proxy for wanting a strong economy. But I have learned that people on this website really want tall buildings. It misses the larger picture. I have no problem with that though. But it demonstrates to me that people here are NOT happy and that they long for something more. Why else world anyone write a post about wanting a 40 story building, unless they want to be part of something bigger and better? Everyone is sooo proud....yet want something different. It's totally inconsistent. But you raise the issue of low rise buildings. Every city in the nation (big or small) has its share of low rise and mid rise buildings.
  8. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    I listed 12 cities and forgot many others like Minneapolis (Target HQ) and Portland (probably the most diverse economy in the nation). And you pick out 1 of the 12 cities I mentioned? Okay...let's talk about Charlotte. Charlotte is the national HQ of Bank of America, Duke Energy (the nation's largest energy company), BB&T, Lowes and Nucor. It's not well-known, but Nucor is a large, innovative company written about as the model business in "Good to Great." Charlotte also has an NFL team & light rail. Do you mean THAT Charlotte? Tell me the corporate HQs in Orlando again?
  9. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    How to you account for the lack of corporate jobs & HQs here? Again, Amazon doesn't think Orlando is even a TOP 20 location for a corporate office. Sorry folks, that is an indictment on our economy. I would again refer you to my previous list of similar-sized or smaller cities with corporate HQs, large law firms, finance jobs and tech jobs. Raw numbers...not on a percentage basis. The list is long (i.e. Seattle, San Jose, Vancouver, Denver, Austin, Columbus, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Pittsburg, San Diego, San Antonio, even tiny Salt Lake City).
  10. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Orlando has the lowest average wages among the 50 top employment centers nationwide. Something is obviously wrong with the economy. What do you think is the problem? I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Problems can't be fixed until they are recognized. What is the problem? I think it's a pretty fundamental question. Why didn't Amazon even consider Orlando in its final 20 lists (when smaller cities with no public trans were chosen)? To put in language that UrbanPlanet viewers seem to prefer, why aren't there more tall buildings here?
  11. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    I agree. Let's go back to the usual conversation: "I would really like a 60 story building here" "I don't necessarily want to be like New York City or Chicago..." "If only they waived the FAA height regulations.." i can see you have more important matters to talk about.
  12. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    I am truly happy that you have found a new home here. Seriously, that's great. I did not write the article in the Sentinel today about the below-average wages here. I didn't write the previous articles, columns, studies and data sets we have already discussed over the past week. I think we can agree that wages are suppressed in the region. Whether using either raw numbers & percentages, there are fewer high-wage jobs here than elsewhere. Also, all of my HS friends left the area years ago for college. Every single one. They have not returned.
  13. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    That is a reasonable position. I have no problem with that. My point is that there is a reason we don't have more vibrant downtown and taller buildings. It's a function of demand. I have many (literally dozens) of friends who have moved from the area for work or school. They are gone and will never return. There is a brain drain for professionals. There is an economic void here that other places just don't have. It is unique to Orlando (and probably Vegas). When I lived elsewhere, people did not look favorably at Orlando. It kind of has a joke reputation. I don't think they myself and I know we can do better. I look around here and see so many people struggling just to get by. They are good, hardworking people. This morning's Sentinel website had a headline about Orlando's wages being below the national average (expect cooks & waiters) People here deserve better. I see a lot misplaced priorities, like the convention center. I am fine if trade shows go to Las Vegas rather than here. We can actually stand up & say we don't want more of those jobs. It's not a race to the bottom. We need to find the political will to improve the quality of jobs here. I am sure everyone would agree.
  14. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    I've been perfectly clear. What about "jobs jobs jobs" is so confusing? I like good paying jobs. Orlando NEEDS good paying jobs. You guys can dream about 70 story buildings and fight for basketball courts under a highway overpass all you want. Wake me when something is done for better-paying jobs.