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  1. I would be sad about this. Cedar Fair has been investing a lot into Carowinds. Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike each cost 30 million. Ever since recovering from bankruptcy, most of Six Flags' coasters cost at most 10 million, and are not the same quality as Cedar Fair's.
  2. Do you think WSP will recommend a transit tunnel in Uptown? http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article159347634.html If so, would you be in favor of it?
  3. change CTC/Arena station to CTC/Spectrum Center station. It's not called TWC Arena anymore, and Brooklyn has Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station
  4. Yes, JAL airlines is a partner of America https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2017/09/30/as-american-airlines-moves-boeing-767s-to-philly-charlotte-could-get-more-europe-flights/#47913dd127f3 Vasu Raja said he wanted to add CLT-Europe flights that had connecting opportunities from Oneworld carriers. According to the article, that could include Helinski, Berlin, London, and Madrid, That could mean either a 3rd nonstop to LHR, year-round Madrid, or twice daily seasonal Madrid. It could also mean new destinations such as Helsinki and Berlin. I know Charlotte has many German-area c
  5. When do you guys think CLT will get Asia service? Where do you think the plane will go to? Unfortunately, AA is very conservative when planning Asia service.
  6. Kind of off topic, but when will AA upgrade CLT-DUB from seasonal to year-long. Bofa has made Dublin their EU HQ after Brexit. Why does CLT-LHR have a second daily flight?
  7. Master Plan: http://www.cltairport.com/AboutCLT/Documents/Development Master Plan/CLT ACEP 02232016 - FINAL.pdf
  8. Once Concourse A Expansion Phase 2, and 3 are finished, do you think Lufthansa will move to the OAL terminal, or stay in the American Airlines Terminal? Also, in the future, do you think the AA Terminal will become a Oneworld terminal?
  9. What happens to Concourse E after the satellite terminal for express planes is built?
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/01/30/charlotte-airport-previews-concourse-expansion.html "The additional gates are part of a large-scale expansion and renovation that includes eight lanes of lower and upper level entrance roads now under construction and slated to open in February 2019. Soon after that, a three-year main terminal expansion and upgrade will begin." Did the opening of the new entrance roads get delayed?
  11. Tweet and email John Lewis and CATS, so they can reconsider putting one platform, and a few Amtrak tracks. At least put space for Amtrak expansion, and future commuter rail.
  12. I was reading the final recommendations for the Gateway Station. I saw that CATS wants local buses to: 1. Accommodate CATS bus service in an off-street facility located on the ground floor of a structured parking facility on the South Block. The off-street bus facility will be shared by CATS local bus services and intercity bus services. 2. Bus ingress and egress to the facility will be off of Third Street (accessed from Graham Street) and Fourth Street. 3. Provide an indoor, climate-controlled waiting area adjacent to the bus facility. CATS wants express buses to:. Accommodate CATS
  13. CATS Express routes should go around Uptown but they should end at Gateway Station. CATS should downsize CTC, and make it the primary local bus hub. Most of the local buses would end there in Uptown, but some could end at Gateway. A few express routes could end at CTC. Local bus passengers connect from bus to LRT more than express bus passengers, so they could just walk to CTC/Arena Station.
  14. Yeah, you are right. Do you think CATS should try to put a sales tax increase for transit on the ballot before the temporary Gateway Station finishes? Then, CATS could put space on the Gateway Station for a future North Corridor Commuter Rail.
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