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  1. Stopped by Brawley's last night for a beer, and took a picture of the Novel Montford Park apartments. Any news on what retail is going in here?
  2. Can any of the wonderfully intelligent and knowledgeable residents of this forum clue me into what is going in on the first floor retail element of the Novel Montford Park development? I heard a rumor of a rhino market... but it was likely just wishful thinking.
  3. Does anyone have information on what is going in northeast the Pfeiffer university building that was renovated recently? Corner of Abbey place and Hedgemore drive. I drove by on Sunday and there was a crane up, so I imagine its something that will be 5 or more stories. Hopefully its something worth cutting down all the mature trees on the site.
  4. I work at Siemens. Reports of this factory's death are greatly over-exaggerated. As stated, this rolling shutdown is part of the PG division's greater shut down. The industry is experiencing a multi-year contraction of new app demand. There is also a move towards delaying service on existing equipment for as long as feasible. Both of these are hurting Charlotte's traditional bread and butter of utility scale turbine work. BUT, Siemens is adapting, like any good company does. The good sign for Charlotte (not so much for other places), is this factory is the premier facility in North America for Siemens Power Generation. To keep the plant viable, management has shut down several facilities around the US and is moving the work to Charlotte. We also are looking to take on work from other divisions that we normally would not have touched (such as wind turbine components). Demand for gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators will come back. There are several Nuclear Plants scheduled to be decommissioned in the next decade, along with a slew of coal plants. As much as we want a zero carbon future, a stable grid will always be deemed more important.
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