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  1. I often think about this and I’m reminded that Circuit of the Americas in Austin is wildly successful and reside outside the city. Maybe it can be a model for how to go forward with the revitalization of the track?
  2. Ritz-Carlton.. or any of the top trim Marriott properties. As an ambassador elite member I’d like that lol
  3. I'm sure it's buried somewhere in the thread, but whats the overall height going to be for the two towers? Will they look similar in height as office floors are usually taller than hotel floors?
  4. Yeh I am questioning the side ways push. a 78 is about the same size as a 76, with the 78 having a wider wingspan. How many 767s currently service BNA? Do they all push sideways depending on their arrival gate?
  5. how will the Joseph compare in height to the Omni and the tri-brand it sits next to? That's a dense few blocks there.
  6. Living in SA, i can tell you that city planners are very conservative when it comes to building height, modern design, etc. They try very hard to keep the skyline low and use colors and designs that are typical of historical south Texas. I was shocked that the Frost Bank building was approved as it. Nontheless, I love living in SA, but always miss my home in Nashville.
  7. While the video provides some great insight into the low-cost world of flying, I still don't see cost savings so great that Ryan Air can charge 20 bucks for a 2-hour flight but Allegiant charges 200. The video mentions the cost of training FAs and other staff, but what are the real numbers? With no data, it's really speculative and hearsay. In my experience, the EU is obsessed with safety as much, if not more, than the US. With that, I don't see the cost of training an FA for Ryan Air being that much less than an FA for Delta. I say all of this to say that I think 9/11 presented ways for US airlines to increase profits while hiding under the guise of security or increased operating costs due to security, etc. I'm sure this is unpopular, but I'm a firm believer in the almighty dollar and its power amongst almost every facet of our lives..
  8. I'm all for low-cost carriers and their expansion, but, for the life of me, I cannot understand why Europe's low-cost carriers are truly low cost compared to the US given the need to mercilessly tax everything in sight in the EU. Living in Europe, my wife and I did a day trip to Copenhagen from Brussels and flew round trip for less than 25 euro per person. I was able to fly from Brussels to Rome round trip for less than that as well. Another trip to Dublin was similarly priced also.
  9. let's not forget the 50+ ice machines and a full complement of RTIC coolers, cups, buckets, etc. My wife tried to prepare me for this place upon moving to Texas, but I wasn't. It's quite a sight to see.
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