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  1. Does anyone have any news on what's going on with the theater restoration? That's what I'm most concerned about.
  2. If it looks anything like the image J-Rob posted from Danielle Chentob, this is hugely disappointing. What Faison had proposed building looked classy and fit the character of the neighborhood like a glove, but this image looks like some bland boilerplate office design a building in a suburban office park. And as I said before, I think the neighborhood made a huge mistake, not only by tossing out Faison's beautiful design, but in assuming an office building will mean less traffic than apartments. People occupy more square footage in living space than they do in work space. 1000 square feet of residential equals one or two residents, but 1000 square feet of office means about ten or more workers. Were this to have been an apartment building, many tenants would be choosing to live there for jobs uptown that they could reach via the Gold Line or by walking (i.e., not driving). But the hundreds more people that will be occupying that property as workers more than likely will not live in the neighborhood and will be commuting there by automobile. So weekdays may be a traffic nightmare, but then nights and weekends when those workers are back in their far-flung homes, that property will mostly be deserted. Apartment tenants, on the other hand, would have been enjoying the restaurants and retail in the neighborhood in the evenings and on weekends. So not only have the brought in an inferior design and more traffic, but they have sucked out the potential for better street life. Sorry, I don't see any upside here other than filling up an empty lot. For what it's worth, here's an article from The Charlotte Five on this proposal: https://www.charlottefive.com/jackalope-jacks-site-in-elizabeth/
  3. Although I love the colorful art at the LYNX stations, I agree with you. Open air is how the stations are designed here in San Diego and I've never seen any vandalism. There basically is nothing there to vandalize, other than tagging, which can easily be remedied with paint the next day. My guess, though, is that these vandals may be people opposed to the gentrification that will inevitably be created by the BLE. I recall years ago people in low-income areas of DC being angered that the DC metro lines at that time only went through more affluent areas. They felt they had been overlooked. Eventually the Green Line was built to serve some of those communities, and guess what? Gentrification is in full swing along that line. Likely many of those people who wanted Metro service, if they didn't own their homes at the time, have since been forced out of their neighborhoods because of gentrification. While I find the vandalism at the LYNX stations heartbreaking, it's a possible reminder that the city needs to work to ensure the LYNX system does not run people out of their communities. CATS is using the success of South End as a selling point for creating the Silver Line. That same kind of success is desirable on the BLE and the future Silver Line for the sake of curbing sprawl and getting cars off the roads, but that needs to be balanced with affordable housing options. These do not have to be competing goals: gentrification and development can happen alongside affordable housing zones. City leaders just need to be creative and find solutions that can work for all.
  4. That's good to know. Still I wonder, though, unlike the lightrail trains, these vehicles don't have a dedicated right of way, so it seems like they're no different than riding a bus, just a whole lot more expensive than a bus system.
  5. So this looks like pretty sophisticated transportation, but along with these new cars is there any intention to speed up travel along the Gold Line? I was watching a video on Youtube of a trip along the current Gold Line route through Uptown. It looked painfully slow. It appeared people could get to their destination much more quickly by walking.
  6. That's awesome. Grocery shopping every day means fresh food every day.
  7. I love that idea, too. I wish I had thought of it myself. But maybe some folks will opt to ditch the car and get a little exercise when going out to buy groceries. Get one of these fold-up carts and you're good to go. Got one myself.
  8. I guess that's kind of my point. NoDa may not have enough people now to support a grocery store, or not enough within walking distance. But if it gets dense enough there, they could have a store without a parking lot that would only attract people coming on foot. But until it reaches that point, I agree with your earlier comment about a store on the other side of the tracks being more practical. The supermarket in my neighborhood does have a parking lot, but many people, like me, walk there.
  9. Come to my neighborhood and I'll show you a large and thriving supermarket on a one-lane road, plus a smaller specialty foods market and about a half dozen convenience stores.
  10. You didn't do anything special? You only gave us a huge scoop -- as in 40 stories high scoop -- of what this major skyscraper will look like, days before any other news outlet. Consider yourself hired! And keep on stumbling along.
  11. I have to hand it to you guys, you really know how to uncover the big scoops. You're twelve steps ahead of Charlotte Agenda. While they're running "Confessions of a Hooters Waitress," you've got actual renderings of Charlotte's next big skyscraper. I get you. I'm not seeing what others are seeing. So far I'm underwhelmed. I'm hoping to be shown that my first impression is very wrong.
  12. It currently looks like this eyesore below, so that's progress!
  13. Yaaay! Good news. Now we don't have to talk about Michael Jordan OR chicken legs.
  14. This is the project in Uptown I am most excited about BY FAR, so I don't want to hear any bad news. Unless @ricky_davis_fan_21 has good news to share, I'd rather talk about Michael Jordan.
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