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  1. I think some only care about quickly seeing yet another tower go up, even if the haste to get it up were to cause the irreplaceable theater to collapse.
  2. Check out Copenhagen! I've never seen so many bikes in my life! Funny story, by the way. I don't think I'd have the nerve to rent a car in Europe. I always use the trains as they go practically everywhere, are on time (unlike Amtrak) and I know I won't get lost. The only time I've driven in that part of the world was in Scotland as I had little choice (business trip, and I had to go to a factory location in a rural area every day). But having to drive on the left-hand side of the road, and every intersection was a roundabout (where the left-side driving was extra challenging and I constantly had trouble figuring out how to exit these things and would go around in circles each time), really tested my nerves.
  3. I care mostly (by far) about the theater. It would be devastating if work on the theater halted. For me, the hotel is just the cherry on top -- quite a big cherry, but nevertheless just the cherry.
  4. One crane per year. They're quickly ramping up the work.
  5. And here in my neighborhood in San Diego we also have power lines out of sight in the alley, but they're going to bury them anyway! And in the process probably destroy my patio and sprinkler system!
  6. I agree. That surprised me, too. I was there many years ago for a wedding and also went to the horse races. We stayed at a nice lake cabin and hung out at a pretty decent and lively bar downtown. I thought it was a pretty town.
  7. There is some speculation that Trump might be creating this brouhaha with Cooper just as an excuse (and with a person he can blame) to move the convention to one of his resort properties so he can rake in a lot of cash for himself. But what is certain is that he craves applause from big crowds, even if it's at the expense of other people's lives. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  8. No masks, no social distance . . . WTH?
  9. Yeah, and I also noticed the lobby staircase is in a different direction than the illustration. It's parallel to 6th St. in the illustration, but perpendicular on the plan
  10. Oh wow, sad to hear. I was on a month-long educational visit to Guadalajara, Mexico when I was in college. It was arranged by the UNCC foreign language department for college credits. Dr. Robicsek's daughter was on that trip with us, even though she hadn't yet graduated from high school. One weekend we went to Manzanillo and on the way back (eight-hour overnight bus ride) she got very sick. They were having to locate a doctor in the middle of the night, driving through mountains and jungles. Poor girl. She was just a kid. Later, I worked a temp job at the Mint Museum and remember some paintings on loan from (or donated by) Dr. Robicsek. He was a Charlotte institution.
  11. Can someone tell me what we're looking at here? I'm trying to orient this concrete tower-looking structure on the construction site with the blueprint and the lobby drawing that were posted earlier in this thread (I've added them here for comparison). So I'm trying to figure out what this thing is that's being built and how it relates to what's in the blueprint and shown on the lobby drawing. On the side facing Tryon St., you can see that this concrete tower construction is going to have four windows or doors on the lobby level. But when I look at the blueprint, I don't see anything that's exactly equivalent. There is something in the center back of the lobby in the blueprint that could be it; you can see immediately its right side is the corridor leading to the theater entrance. But in this blueprint version, there are only three (not four) wndows/doors facing towards Tryon. And even more confusing, when I look to the lobby image, what I'm seeing in that same location is even more different. It looks like there's a box office in that location, with some rather tiny windows. And it only rises to the lobby level as there is a balcony right on top of it. But this tower thing on the construction site continues to rise. It wasn't topped off with a balcony; it's still going up. So what is happening here?
  12. I get that, but with stay-at-home orders I didn't think officials would allow these systems to operate. And how can you practice social distancing inside a train car? I just checked for news of our public transit system here in San Diego and was surprised to learn that our buses and lightrail are still operating on regular schedules.
  13. Wait . . . what??? The Blue Line is running in the middle of a pandemic?!
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