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  1. Braxton Winston. It's official.
  2. BUMP "The St. Louis Fortune 50 company cited a 'fundamental shift in the way people work' as the reason for its decision. These days, almost 90% of its workforce is fully remote or working in some sort of hybrid environment." https://charlotte.axios.com/305953/centene-cancels-plans-for-its-1-billion-regional-headquarters-in-charlotte/
  3. My nephew just left last month. A couple people in my agency have moved far from where our office is located, and to other states. Others are in the planning stages. You need to read this interview. It's happening *now*.
  4. This is disheartening but it's happening. I pointed out in another thread awhile back that our downtowns post pandemic are not going to be the same. Companies have realized they don't need to have people in the office all the time and the work can still get done. I gave an example of my nephew, who works for a firm in Uptown Charlotte. He just moved from Charlotte to Charleston. They let him do it. He's never coming back to Charlotte. His Uptown office is permanently vacated. I also gave the example of the agency I work for. Since COVID we have closed our office and become permanently remote. All of us. Our employees are now spreading out all over the country. Some people "laughed" at my comment. Those people want to live in a fantasy and not face facts. Yeah, Charlotte will continue to grow, or at least the Charlotte region will, but not as fast. And sadly it seems it's going reach a point where it doesn't grow the same way, which is sad. And the environment and animal species will likely be punished for it. And probably American cities also. We'll see. I just hope urban planners can come up with creative ways to entice people back. https://www.wfae.org/business/2022-07-28/data-show-more-people-leaving-mecklenburg-than-moving-to-the-county
  5. Oh wow, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. is a favorite of mine as well. If these,are the same folks, that's a positive sign.
  6. Asheboro also had a Carolina Theater, and also Hickory.
  7. And in 1921, The Virginia Theatre opened . . . in Champaign, Illinois.
  8. Why is it called Mountain Creek Park? Is there a mountain there? Or a creek?
  9. Hint: Charlotte made the list. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2022/06/10/great-outdoor-cities-travel-vacation/
  10. https://www.citypopulation.de/en/usa/combmetro/
  11. The first time in my life I ever saw someone who didn't like hushpuppies. I don't eat them anymore because they're unhealthy, but few things taste as good as a hushpuppy.
  12. And I'm old enough to remember the busing/school desegregation crisis in Boston in the mid '70s. I was in grade school in North Carolina at the time. My school system had been desegregated since before I started school, so to see Boston going through that years later (when desegregation was all I had ever known) was an eye-opener.
  13. Maybe drive through Elise Stefanik's district in New York sometime. It seems she can't be Trumpy enough for her constituents. Or come down to California 50th district and try campaigning for a Democrat as I did and see what happens. You'll be watching your back. Go over to the town of Ramona and some friends of mine can tell you about a bar there to you where they proudly display a Confederate flag (as if the Confederacy had anything to do with California). We've, unfortunately, had violence in San Diego with Trumpists from the region coming to our beach communities and causing trouble. Then there was this: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/story/2020-11-01/pro-trump-boat-parade-in-san-diego-bay-caravan-snarls-traffic-on-i-5-streets San Diego is a very Democratic city but the Trumpists are not far away. Even One America News is based in SD.
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