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  1. Favorite of the four? - Let’s vote! Thanks SH1 Confused SH2 Like Avery Hall HaHa Silos project
  2. Diane is my Aunt. Married to my Uncle Eugene. I don’t see them that often outside of larger family functions but I can ask why they sat on it for so long.
  3. Agreed! Drove through yesterday and thought the same. Also noticed precast going up on the opposite side of 195 as well recently. Any idea what project that may be?
  4. https://www.kahlerslater.com/news/new-mass-timber-riverfront-development-announced-in-richmond Here’s a little more information provided by the architect.
  5. Really enjoying the rounded corners on the apartment building. Something different for Richmond.
  6. Winding Brook in Ashland was supposed to get a surf park as well but it fell through year’s ago. Good news is that they’re building a Hobby Lobby there though.
  7. Looks like a mini T crane is there from the opposite side of Broad. The Nuckols road apartment building is also coming up pretty quickly. Looks pretty robust , especially with it’s close proximity to the street itself.
  8. It may have been a little passed The Current. But definitely on the opposite side of Hull. I wasn’t expecting to see it , so it caught me off guard at first. Great things are happening.
  9. I bet you’re right. I did the cctv at Benchmark brewing last month and things are changing big time down there.
  10. My daughter and I drove downtown a little bit yesterday and I noticed a massive hole across from The Current. I scrolled through a few pages of post’s but wasn’t successful on finding the project. Anyone know what is coming up across from there?
  11. Looks good coming down 95.
  12. I wonder if this is the one visible on 295 near the railroad bridge.
  13. At least it’s Hardi plank instead of Vinyl. But agreed, brick would have been far better.
  14. The Garrisonville diverging diamond interchange is equally as bad. Now , I will say that there are a ton of folks who utilize the walkways along Gayton so a traditional interchange wouldn’t be ideal.
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