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  1. The Ballys site is definitely a mess. And yes , there are tons of atv/ dirt bike trails back there. We would trailer in and ride for hours. I think it used to be some sort of dump perhaps? There is a small stream that runs through it though. It is in no way , shape or form some pristine piece of land. Maybe they should purchase the property themselves to keep it as it is.
  2. I would vote yes as well. But I don’t necessarily like any of the three locations. Ballys would lead my list , but unsure if it should only have access from 150 or the Powhite and eliminate any access from Forest Hill ave.
  3. I wonder if the Urban One casino has the edge over the other’s due to it being majority black owned.
  4. A little update for Winding Brook up in Ashland/ Glen Allen area. Oh what could have been.
  5. skinsfan

    Monroe Ward

    Reading that the potential developer specializes in this type of building kind of puts the mind to ease. I like the chances of this one happening.
  6. VDOT has huge plans for the 95 corridor thru Richmond. Removing exits, moving some, realigning ramps, etc. Pretty good stuff.
  7. I like how the new tower incorporates a lot of the styling cues from the Children’s hospital. Makes it more cohesive.
  8. Speaking of infrastructure, log into The Vdot website and click “ projects and studies” Proceed to the Richmond icon, and click the 95/64 overlap link. Pretty cool plans for the Richmond corridor. Lots of work to be done. Lastly , I believe the John Rolfe parkway was originally intended to be the western 295 loop . As noted by the previous post pertaining to Henrico holding onto the land for the future expansion.
  9. Any updates on this project?
  10. She looked beautiful (and rather tall) from my journey north on 95. Secondly , I think I like the new tower idea for building two.
  11. That crown is rising taller than I thought it would. Looks awesome! The glass will continue up into the crown correct?
  12. Nothing to report really on the second MCV tower. He is pretty tight lipped about their projects. I think he has mentioned it’s called a bed tower.
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