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  1. Hotel Lobby / Amenity. so I am thinking it is the amenity lobby. The first floor also indicates a Lobby space.
  2. From the sounds of the post, it is early enough in the process that they may not have wanted to take it to Colby yet. If they are thinking about affordable housing this early, it’s possible they are early enough where they are trying to get their ducks in a row. honestly, this location would be ideal for a rezone, height adjustment And if the developer is not only looking at affordable housing, but also no curb cuts and potential commercial activation on Chestnut it is worth a consideration and would make Colby look stubborn for not considering it.
  3. Took this at about 5pm yesterday. Tower will probably be operational this afternoon I would think. The bottom left of the picture shows additional sections of height as well for future jumping
  4. I mean, i guess, that is where the tenant would have to make a concession for a prime location and the public health. Also the drive aisle coming through the building connects to the same intersection with two right hand turns that wouldn't create a dangerous intersection. I would prefer the city says no left turns outright, possibly even build a forced turn barrier so some numbskull in a rush doesn't try to pull an evel Knievel and make the turn anyways. After driving here for three years I would say that is a 50/50 bet on the drivers lol
  5. I actually made a post about this awhile back..... Which was based on the traffic flow diagram that Mark had posted from public documents. I have no problem with an access point on Broadway, but the site egress should be limited to right turns only. Turning left out of this site is just plain dumb.
  6. It appears so. The Methodist Church owned all the parcels outlined in Red below. Vanderbilt already owns the Blue circled parcel. Probably only a matter of time before they buy the two remaining parcel on the block.
  7. Impressive sized pool along with what looks like spa and possibly additional planters at the bottom of the image. Granted I know this is a very luxury buidling, but you definitely don't see rooftop pools this big very often.
  8. HAHA no we shouldn't be getting that. That is just the only image I have been able to find. The current structure is already an extra floor taller than this. They also have that black brick along the 4th Avenue facade. If the plan was to paint or cover that brick up they would've used a lesser grade brick. They have also sawtoothed the black brick around the corner on the first floor so the material will probably continue on that facade. It does appear to be squared off on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so it should be interesting to see what happens there.
  9. Needless to say, we will not be getting what the architect posted to his facebook page in January 2020. Though I am curious what the final design will look like seeing as I cannot find ANY design drawings beyond the cover page via Metro's website
  10. Glad to hear! Another thing to this is that the Collector plan only covers more "major streets" and not so much Local streets. I don't really believe the plan associates with the naming of streets because like Smeags said, there is no rhyme or reason to some of the streets in the city haha. The plan outlines everything within a street's ROW including sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic lanes, parking lanes. The interactive map (which can be found here) will show local streets, but aren't specifically addressed by the MCSP. Local roads typically are only guided for right of way width. here are the m
  11. Oh it is absolutely preferred to have seats in Turn 1, just sucks that the track is just very constrained. There is zero space for hospitality areas (including a fan zone that have vendors and merchandise) directly adjacent to the grandstands entrance. One of the factors that made the Superspeedway events so successful was the free movement between the grandstands and the Fan Zone (and other hospitality). Unless there would be a plan to shut down the Benton Ave extension just after the entrance to Block B (see red tick marks below) and utilize that stretch of road for the fan zone. The Expo C
  12. This looks and sounds awesome! The only compliant I have is that giant parking lot right along Tennessee Boulevard. I know the area isn't allll that urban, but the parking could've at least moved more towards the back and the structures closer to the road.
  13. Progress being made on the QT Station just off I-65 in Goodlettesville. LOTS of excavation up in the back, so I am wondering if this will also have some truck parking. The diesel pumps are located on the back corner of the building (straight behind the building in the pictures)
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