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  1. Actually, NASCAR does not possess this as far as I know. The major equipment they utilize at the tracks is AirTitan which is an track drying technology (they partner this with traditional jet dryers). Mother nature handles clearing away the rubber laid down on the track (rubber actually makes the track stickier so better for traction). So much so that many tracks have been adding a "traction compound" to preferred grooves to increase traction.
  2. Forgot to mention this at the meetup, but we had a rep in the office on Thursday that said they recently had a meeting with the group responsible for redeveloping the octagon building into a hotel and they are dealing with budgetary issues, which may be why any progress is slow. This rep was lighting and he mentioned that the lighting budget was set by the contractor and is astronomically low for this type of project
  3. Notice that the buck hoist construction elevator is gone and they are enclosing where it was. Hopefully not too long till they start working on KVB street scale
  4. Pretty sure this partnership doesn’t exist anymore. If I’m thinking of the right people this would be James Kennon and Matthew Taylor and they separated awhile ago. Kennon now owns The Architect Workshop (preciously Kennon - Calhoun) down in Melrose and Taylor owns Studio 8 in Rutledge Hill
  5. Was going by the site today and they are on site demolishing the historic home. They are being very meticulous about how they are removing brick and are even protecting certain aspects of the building. Wonder if they are trying to reclaim the brick and other elements or maybe something else
  6. The footprint of this structure is really quite impressive! Progress on the garage and ground floor elements. Also, the setback from the road gives me hope for some really nice sidewalks (and Greenway space?)
  7. When you think about the level finish and how Four Seasons have very specific ways things must be done, I would say this is a very respectable timeline
  8. Glass going up nicely in the entry courtyard. Building overall will have a nice impact. really impressed with the finished look of the precast cladding
  9. Place making was mentioned this morning at the meet up. I think this small touch of this sign on the Belcourt Village makes it all the better
  10. We are getting a crane jump on the office tower. Also, bridge connecting the office tower to the food hall is erected and looks good
  11. Recently spent a week in Las Vegas for a software/A/E/C convention and took some self-guided tours around the strip. It is absolutely crazy when money isn't a real or all the money is spent to keep people indoors. Overall, was a good experience and am happy to say that I have been to Vegas, not really a place I would find myself visiting often though. So many better cities out there. One building I did not get to see really was the new Raiders stadium. Looks pretty cool so far and from what I heard is going to have some really cool amenities (including an exclusive club that will have something like a 10K cover charge), but it is still shameful how much money the Vegas residents will have to fork over for it. Inside the Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian. Shopping mall with a canal running through (this is on the second floor FYI). The night I walked the northern portion of the strip was one of the rainiest nights in recent history.... Linq Promenade and its massive Ferris Wheel Cool restaurant seating area in the shoppes that were attached to the Aria Hotel Vegas is definitely not pedestrian friendly in terms of street level world. Pedestrian bridges are almost mandatory to get over the 8 to 12 lane roadways including the wide expanse of the strip FIVE Tower Cranes and a single crawler crane around the new Resorts World Casino (looks alot like the Wynn Casinos) Stopped my southern strip tour at the Wynn properties and walked back before playing black jack for 30 minutes prior to leaving for the airport.
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