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  1. The interchange over I-65 will be a Diverging Diamond Interchange. Here is a link to TDOT's info page about the project https://www.tn.gov/tdot/projects/region-3/i-65-buckner-road-interchange.html
  2. This development is directly adjacent to the City Hall project that is currently approaching completion.
  3. I know everyone is calling for a really unique Flat Iron-esque building. But I really don't see a developer outside of Vandy/Belmont that really has the stomach to build something this elegant (or costly). I believe @AsianintheNations aluuded to "The Pierce" in Boston awhile back about being a contemporary Flat iron, and I believe that is really the most logical approach. This building also has really created a great entry point for the neighborhood. Would be really something if they did it as residiences as The Pierce is. I bet those units would sell in a heartbeat! A good design/development team I'm sure could come up with a great design for this intersection. Pairing a modern flat iron such as the Pierce to Broadwest across West End and Skyhouse just to the south will really be a great trio on this end of downtown. Flat Iron NYC: The Pierce in Boston's Fenway neighborhood:
  4. Don't want to be a technical ass here, buuuuut I would argue that the exterior cladding at about 5% to 10% in the image above you can see the crews installing the actual cladding. What we have been seeing up to this point appears to be the exterior furring for cladding attachment and exterior insulation. I guess it could be closer to 40% is we are considering the structure and insulation are part of that system. Based on the images posted in 12/2018 (snipped and included below) we should be expecting a silver and wood tone cladding.
  5. This is shaping up beautifully so far! The only thing that I hope for is covering the garage that you will see from 8th Ave (Mark's last picture).
  6. They would need to place a mechanism on the shaft for it to go vertical like they have had on the Four Seasons. The orange supports on the outside of the formwork I believe are the jacking system that allows the forms to move vertical. Tower 2 does not have any of that. In my opinion, the metal supports they are installing are for a screen wall to protect the tops of the shafts for the time being.
  7. StructureCraft (working on Nashville Warehouse as well) is serving as the Structural Engineer of Record as well as the timber supplier on the Pannattoni Development. Their post below talks about the use of the DLT system on the project - not CLT as I had thought previously. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/structurecraft_dlt-activity-6753402582883958784-4GZ5
  8. I believe this building is going to be Cross-Laminated TImber (CLT) versus the Nail Laminated TImber (NLT) being used over at the Nashville Warehouse. COuld be wrong, but I recall having a conversation with a timber supplier out of Cookeville and he mentioned supplying CLT to a large development in town.
  9. That is very logical. Corners in parking garages are tragically inefficent, so utilizing it for elevators makes sense. Plus wasting that corner on elevators for the residences would be such a loss for Tony's revenue of the buidling.
  10. Good to see they flipped the loading to 9th. Having it on Rosa Parks was extremely dumb and would've been a nightmare. 3 Elevators for the parking Structure and than 3 Elevators for the Tower is intertesting. Looking at the graphics of the elevator layouts, it would appear the elevators in the top left of the plan are to serve the residences (separated elevator shaft is possibly the emergency access elevator/service elevator), but then again having both egress stairs in the center of the building makes more sense for serving a tower and giving 360 views to the residences. The other possiblity is the elevators in the top left are for the parking structure and the separated shaft is for the underground parking and the other two are for the above ground parking.
  11. Good news for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. New racing series started by Ray Evernham and Tony Stewart will be racing July 17th, a month after the top three series race at the nearby superspeedway. the races are scheduled to be televised on CBS Sports.
  12. I would argue the suburban mentality would've been to push the garage all the way hermitage. Hopefully whatever development goes on the Ryman parking site either doesn't need parking or is buried down to start at the lowest level of this garage. I applaud MDHA for taking this otherwise dead corner of the property and utilizing it for parking and leaving the surface lot for true development
  13. It doesnt help that the state continues to handcuff the city. The way the city and state pursue affordable housing is absolutely pathetic.
  14. It is important to note too, that all of 2nd Ave from the pedestrian bridge up to Union Street is within the Historical Preservation OVerlay which will require the buildings to be rebuilt to those standards. As Baronakim mentioned, while the fronts of the buildings facing 2nd Ave have heavy damage, the building fronts can be rebuilt. It really doesn't look like any of the party walls collapsed so there is hopefully a lot of structural integrity remaining in those walls. That being said, I do agree that this is a great opprotunity for Nashville to have a beautifcation process of downtown and create a pedestrian zone that really improves the city. I just spent the day in Boston on Monday and was walking through Downtown Crossing and it always amazes me the beauty and comfort that that area brings to myself and people moving through it. If we can create that type of atmosphere along the green highlighted areas, I think the businesses would actually thrive. My Proposal: Close Lower Broadway (5th Ave to 1st Ave) to vehicle traffic - keep crossing traffic at 3rd and 4th Close 2nd Ave from the pedestrian Bridge Overpass up to Church Street - Convert 2nd Ave from Demonbruen to the Pedestrian bridge to two way traffic. Do the same from Church Street up to Union Street. Commerce terminates at 3rd Ave. Emergency vehicles would still be able to access the pedestrian area zones in the event of emergency - this could be handled in a number of ways including retracting bollards. Delivery vehicles also could be allowed certain access. I would love to close down 1st Ave from Broadway to Church as well so that we could do away with the "alley" appearance that it currently holds (not to mention how much this would improve the waterfront), but if this were to happen delivery vehicles would need explicit access rights to that stretch as well. This would require a lot of coordination with TDOT as Broadway is State Road 70. This proposal would also move SR70 to KVB and connect back to Broadway via 8th Ave via the roundabout.
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