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  1. This is a good interpretation, but it is also a human health item. If cities were all hard surfaces there would be no way to reduce heat island effect or absorb all the carbon dioxide that buildings give off. Green space is imperative to this as all of our traditional building materials produce carbon dioxide, while greenery and softscapes retain this. The softscapes also bring a certain amount of comfort that you cant get from steel concrete and asphalt.
  2. Green space? nice resting spot along the greenway. Good spot for some canopies and maybe a single spot for food truck or cafe pavilion? Would be great for workers who want to eat their lunch outside.
  3. This looks great! Hopefully we get some street activation here. *Wish-list* wouldnt it be nice if they could go under the RR tracks and somehow connect the street grid?
  4. *Applause* for this park design and for Tony for making the effort for it. I believe it is more of a strategic publicity move to get what he wants than anything else, but showing he is willing to go even beyond what his original deal stated he would do is applause worthy. I still believe even with this we would need the original Church Street Park to remain as part of the project though. If this design were to be implemented and then the Tower built, we would essentially just shift the current parks problems around the corner. All the programmable elements that make this park look good are what NCDC recommended for the current park and were put on blast for. They showed all the possibilities that could go on in the existing park, and Tony is essentially showing the same ideologies along the street rather than in the park. I honestly believe (and have been saying it right along) that ADDB and Church Street Park need to both be public green space. CSP because it would anchor the downtown green chain, and ADDB because it would connect to legislative plaza. Isolated areas really wont be all that successful. Think the High Line or the Emerald Necklace and how they have been so successful in their short and long lives. Connecting all the pieces together is really what drives the success. This beautiful park design will work great in a network, but right now it would just die at Church Street and we would start this same conversation all over again. On another note, who is paying for the "year-round staff" that is mentioned in the video by the urban planner??
  5. There are multiple "For Sale" signs up on the construction fence around the parcel. I noticed two of them last night. Are these old or maybe for a different portion of the land??
  6. The Council for Community and Economic Research has released their Quarter 1, 2019 Cost of Living Index for the country. There were 257 urban areas that participated in the index with NYC rating the as the most expensive city in the country with an Index Rating of 238.4 and Harlingen, TX rated as the least expensive with an Index Rating of 74.7. The national average of all 257 urban areas is 100. Reaching out to the council, they shared that Nashville's Index Rating is 101.3. So we talk about being a very expensive city, when in reality the city almost spot on for the national average. Here is the direct link to the article and research group's website: http://coli.org/quarter-1-2019-cost-of-living-index-released/
  7. I'm sorry to ask this dumb question.... When did the crane get taken down here??? I looked on the previous page of the thread and it was still there in most of the photos. I thought they were going to have to helicopter this one out??
  8. I like the brick portion in the back because it speaks to the Rutledge Hill vernacular very well, and the taller portion speaks to downtown. This development is kind of the definition of stitching neighborhoods together, the shiny glass of downtown and the old town brick of Rutledge Hill. I'm jealous that ESa always gets all these projects (as well as hastings), but on a project like this, it is really impressive and understandable why they continue to get the work.
  9. This isn't huge development news, but two interesting projects in my neighborhood that will impact the intersection of McFerrin @ Cleveland. The first item (blue outline below from Smeags development map) is the gas station and parcel that Ruby Ann's sits on is up for a re-zone, going from CN to MUN-A. I believe the owner of the gas station also owns the empty parcel behind it, so it will be interesting to see if it becomes a true mixed use development or a multi-family like The West Eastland across the street. The second item (red outline below from Smeags development map) is a little more involved. The project (located at 725 Hart Ave officially) will go from an RS-5 to an SP zoning (second attempt by the developer), and will rotate the site's true frontage from Hart Ave to Cleveland Street. There is plenty that I am happy about with this project, but there are also some negatives about it. Concept Elevation along Hart Ave... Concept Elevation along Cleveland Street... Proposed Site Plan... Positives: Adding density along a busy corridor Sidewalk improvement is part of the plan and will integrate a planting strip (even if it is the only on on the street) Parking will be off the alley on pervious pavers for stormwater purposes (shouldn't get engineered out for stormwater and lot coverage purposes). Also very limited parking in an urban setting so less consistent traffic loaded into the area. Owner Occupied STR permits are the only permittable STRs. Won't be an investor property only. Front porches to create a sense of neighborly connection. Negatives: Very little open space. While the front porches are a nice touch, This level of density makes it hard for a development to create a sense of community. While the area is developing, two units rather than three would've gone a long way in helping with that connectiveness. Setbacks: With the lot turning its frontage to Cleveland, the old side yard setback of 5'-0" should revert to 20'-0" of a new rear yard. Looks like that won't happen, so a Landscape buffer should be implemented, but it does not show on the site plan. Design blends nicely with typical styles, but I (personally) would've liked to see a bit more variation in the design. (granted this is just concept) Hopefully ridesharing will default to Hart Ave. I am a bit concerned if a ride share vehicle just stops on Cleveland right there. People fly up it. I hope the city follows up on things such as the pervious paver and bioretention because I feel like those could easily be value engineered out when all is said and done. The only thing that is really a deal breaker to me is the setback at the rear yard and no landscape buffer. Without that buffer, I feel like this project could be a sore subject for the neighborhood. Clip from smeagolsfree development tracker.
  10. In most situations I would say LOOK AT THE THREAD TITLE, but I'm in a good mood this Monday so I'll share that it is a 2,500 car garage . This diagram from a couple pages back shows (3) access points in and out of the garage. There will certainly be backups, but that is a price cars will have to pay. With a garage this big, hopefully we can get a couple surrounding buildings without any parking (think the 333 building in the Gulch). 2,500 cars is ALOT of cars. This site will have a very nice revenue stream from the parking alone.
  11. They’ve definitely implemented speed zones. I’ve had trouble on Demonbreun between 9th and 3rd the last couple times I’ve used them. Also a limited portion of the pedestrian bridge is within a speed zone. Lyft (the primary one I use) has also implemented the time restrictions as well. They seem to be very committed to the new regulations. I’ve been having these same thoughts. I thought I heard that the “geo-netting” could accurate to within 5’ because there was some talk about restrictions around Vanderbilt campus, such as their pedestrian bridge.
  12. Dude is gonna get PAID this coming offseason. Crossing my fingers it’s by the Sox!
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