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  1. Bos2Nash

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Thanks for sharing Mark. Tiny homes aren't really affordable homes. They are just moderate cost small, workforce spaces. I had a 740 square foot apartment in Rolling Mill Hill for $1,535 ($2.08 per SF). These units come out to about $2.22 per SF. Also, I question the land use of these. True affordable housing is units large enough to fit a single parent and their two kids, which is way more than 450 square feet. Unfortunately, I do not see Amazon, A+B people buying or renting these. Why cant we get an apartment complex with minimal amenities that just charges less?
  2. This might have also been a fire protection thing. I forget where in the code, but if you leave open garages you typically do not need to sprinkler them. Once you begin to enclose or cut off the movement of natural air flow, fire protection becomes a problem. Besides, these butt up to the highway, why should they enclose them?
  3. Technically this doesn't lose a lane of traffic, it just narrows up the lane so cars have to go slower to get through it. It will create traffic congestion for the construction period, but I bet they re-stripe the intersection similar to what they did on 8th for the JW Marriott construction. This is too big of a pedestrian corridor to lose the sidewalk for the length of this construction. We are going to lose the bike lane which means bikes/scooters may be in the traffic lane more. So please be extra aware of surrounding driving through the area!!
  4. Bos2Nash

    Nashville, as MLB Expansion Market

    Granted these discussion need to occur early on, but the Sounds and the Rangers just signed a 4-year deal so it would take a little while for everything to pan out. The city cannot support Minor and Major league baseball
  5. I would say the color selection blends with the branding of alot of the Whole Foods stores.
  6. True... that being said, affordable design does not always have to look "affordable"
  7. Lets just hope the next infill like this gets a bit more attention in the design and finish process. These are straight ugly.
  8. When I drove by there was several workers on the site too
  9. So what happens if teachers want to live in a non-government designed house? What happens if they want to live in an area that only a minor pay increase could help? I am not saying sell the land put that money back into the teachers fund, I am saying take the construction money they would spend to build housing that less than the majority would want to live in and pay the teachers (even if it isn't that much, 216 per month is still 2,500 a year more. That's a lot for some and could be two months rent some places). We want our public schools to get better so that children dont have to go to private school for a quality education, we need to invest in the teachers and the schools. Teachers should not be having to spend their tiny paychecks on school supplies. They should be able to spend it on housing where they want to live (or as close to it as possible).
  10. Bos2Nash


    We shouldnt have to rely just on the Davidson County vote either, as an alternative at least. Some of the most successful transit agencies are state wide agencies.
  11. We were just discussing this in the office the other day. Talk about the biggest slap in the face for the teachers. So instead of paying them a wage to be able to live in the city (rent or buy). The city wants to spend millions to build homes the teachers "affordable" housing. Why don't they take the money they would use to build the houses, and put that in the teacher wage pool?? Also, that site doesnt really appear to be close to ANY schools. Probably why it has been a bus depot...
  12. I agree that not every street needs to be a complete street, but due to the fact that CSX is not going anywhere anytime soon, we need to have at least two of these viaducts be more complete. Demonbruen is quite honestly a sad attempt at it, so that leaves Broadway and Church as the viable candidates for a redesign and integrating these strategies. There was no metrics to say that we needed to design all roadways around cars and continually expand our roads to the point that people need to run across four to five lanes of traffic when they are walking in a downtown area, but we built them nonetheless. Society is shifting from a design standpoint and we need to work to implement the best strategies for a successful city and that is the improvement of bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Drop the lane count on both Broadway and Church, or make the lanes the absolute minimum to reduce speeding and increase comfort for ALL users. Cars are no longer all the users on these streets.
  13. So I believe the landscape buffers only apply to the direct adjacent lots and are not required where a road divides two parcels, but I would hope that there is a required buffer dividing this lot from the residential neighborhood to the north.