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  1. Bos2Nash

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Careful, you're starting to sound like me with crediting Boston In all seriousness though, I agree with the dedicated lanes, that is key to moving anything forwards. When it comes to what technology is used, it should start out as bus for sure, but the ROW should be purchased with the foresight of expansion in mind so that as demand and population grows a "Phase II" could be implemented to carry more people. i.e. Light rail trains. One of the lesser known lines in Boston is the Silver Line and it technically has a "Phase III" to convert a large portion of it to light rail (not that it will ever happen unfortunately). Planning a system that serves the current city is imperative to the continued success. Planning a system that serves the city now with expansion and future growth is crucial to the systems long term success.
  2. Bos2Nash

    Nashville International Airport

    I dont recall this video being posted in September. Sequencing for the Garage C.
  3. Bos2Nash

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Now if only we could re-design Broadway and Church to be more "urban" streets with a warm and welcoming feel.... damn those puppies were low!! Impressive flying
  4. This project has mildly confused me from the get go. I'll be interested to see the acoustic and insulation treatment, especially on the train tracks side of the building. Being that the building is directly at the rail crossing, for safety the train should be blowing its horn and i can only imagine how long it'll take before residents complain and petition to have trains not blow their horn for the crossing. (Apologies if this was discussed upthread)
  5. Bos2Nash

    Soccer in Nashville

    Thanks for the image! Interesting to adding what would be the primary entrance off Craighead. Definitely would require a new traffic signal and I would think it would be required to be further from the intersection with Nolensville Pike (?). We have all talked at great length to the concerns around parking. but looking at this illustration, its possible to use the parking spots closed off by the normal outdoor vendors and then have people walk over to the new expo area. Granted this is a longish walk (it is now to depending on where you park), but this would suffice until the new development comes in and buries a massive parking garage under the entire thing. (I know this isnt in the plan, but a man can dream haha). Also, I am interested in how much site work needs to be done near the top of the image, because if I remember correctly, that is quite the hill, and please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't one of the big reasons for the 2011 referendum was to keep development from cutting away at the hill?
  6. Bos2Nash

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    If you were walking in the area, you most likely walked right past my office then. Directly adjacent to the Old State House, which in another form of reuse now houses an MBTA train stop in the ground floor/basement. The old corner bookstore was one of the first big successes of the Historic Boston Inc. They actually were founded originally for the intent of saving this building. For many years this was their offices until they moved to the Roxbury area. it's definitely a staple building and I loved walking through that pocket of the city where tall and short all work together. I have never actually been in the old city hall, but unfortunately with land value so high and needing to lease space, those high end restaurants really are the only ones that can swing them for extended periods of time. Plus, there are only so museums that a city can hold. If every historic building like this was fully museum use, they would literally be in every other building lol. They have officially rebranded as simply Dunkin now, such a staple to the bostonian diet haha
  7. Bos2Nash

    The Gulch Projects

    I tend to agree with these sentiments when it adds to the character of the city. This though is not one of those instances. We are essentially seeing the start of a freeway/expressway/oversized thoroughfare at this point. If the suggested re-routing was ever to be established, you have the potential to have very interesting, urban friendly developments. With its proximity to Nashville Yards (when complete) and the downtown area as a whole, this could be one step closer to unifying different parts of town. One suggestion I would make to this would be to run 8th ave (Rosa Parks Ave) north and have it connect to Rosa Parks Blvd through that annoying parking lot at the end of 8th
  8. We could technically use the FAA for height, right? They need to approve a building prior to it going up. I know previously I have seen them used on other forums, but I personally have never been able to find the files for it. Have you ever come across this Smeags?
  9. Bos2Nash

    City Lights, 7 Stories, 71 condos, restaurant

    Crane has come / is coming down this afternoon!
  10. Bos2Nash

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    There were workers on site here this morning pulling down plywood. Hopefully getting the ball rolling more.
  11. Doesnt Nashville already have a development like this called RiverNorth? Why isn't he partnering with that developer to help that come together? Having worked with a couple partners along this corridor, I would be concerned what this type of money influx would do to the existing community. Too many times these big wig developers bring in their dollars and want the clean slate development. Its harder, more thought provoking when you work the existing fabric into your grand schemes. Also take a look at where these bridges would connect to and MetroCenter would need a ton of work to make this plausible. While I love doing master planning, basically this guy is saying "Lets make this place much more glitzy and glammy, so much more that the people living there stand no hope of financially or comfortably be able to stay where they are.