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  1. My dentist is the building next door. If I remember correctly that house has already been demolished and wood fence has been put up between the dentist and this parcel.
  2. I'm presuming it is maintenance of the stucco finish. Possibly cleaning and patching as needed.
  3. It certainly is a beautiful building. and glad to see an aerial of the building on the site so we can how it cleanly sits. Wonder if the curtain wall is timber curtain wall
  4. Correct. With this building being a post-tension slab there is a little less rebar, but have the post-tension tendons in there. But everything for the slab had to be put in place and then the infrastructure for the apartment units all had to be put in its final location prior to pouring each slab.
  5. I think the garage and the concrete work on the office tower took awhile longer, but the steel went up relatively quick. The apartments on this project was extra tricky because the exposed concrete in the apartments caused major elements such as electrical conduit and junction boxes had to be put in place prior to pouring each slab.
  6. influenced by Party Fowl? I think they could've found a better muse for flavoring....
  7. Update on the Millersville City Hall: Siding just about done, the dormers will be a vertical board+batten style. All window frames are in place with 90% of glazing in place.
  8. While i applaud the use of brick over cement board. This looks very......bland
  9. As a Red Sox fan, I was never a fan of Dombrowski. There were known issues after he left Detroit and Boston scooped him up like he was the hottest commodity in baseball. He has a history of selling off the farm system for a win now mentality, but doesn't really know how to build a team/organization. No doubt he is a big name to have, but this may be his way of getting in on the ground floor of ownership rather than just being involved in day-to-day.
  10. That's terrifying! Thank go nobody was hurt
  11. I was actually speaking with Eric Hoke over at NCDC about this project awhile back and they were very excited for what the Vandy students were working on. The term "Spaghetti Junction" is certainly a familiar term within the planning world as many cities have these monstrosities.
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