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  1. A group of friends and I went a couple months back (I think grand opening weekend maybe) and had an absolute blast! They also offer adult curling leagues there too
  2. I agree about platform way, but I am more disappointed that there is no actual entry points along Church itself. I understand we are a car focused city, but the fact that the only entrance into the residential lobby spaces are from the car loading/unloading is really disappoint. I'm the Y will have some focus at the corner the way they have stepped back that corner, but this is a big miss on the design of the residential portion of the building.
  3. OMG they value engineered down to fiber cement LAP SIDING?!? Fiber Cement was called for on the elevations we saw, but no designation was made between panel and siding, so maybe this was their intent the whole. This does not fall into a redevelopment district and looking at the "high quality" material list in the DTC, fiber cement siding (there is a difference between panel and siding) is listed as an approved material. We will see how the finished product looks, but I am not pleased as of now haha
  4. That was a figure I remember hearing years ago at least. That may have been a political pitch price tag (as I cant find anything lower than the 2.5/2.8 billion estimate). The mega-project has spurred countless "best-practice" articles, but this one I just found specifically looks at the cost estimate and its inflation. https://www.pmi.org/learning/library/practices-mega-project-cost-estimating-6668
  5. I agree that an overhaul of the overpasses and laying new track within the ROW is probably the only way to get additional rail on the lines. We would never see heavy rail (which to me is a third rail powered train) within this close proximity of the CSX freight lines (at least without additional separation protection), but a regional rail type setup (ie WeGo Star) could slip into the ROW with the improvements Baronakim is laying out. Ideally the regional rail would be EMU powered locomotives, but this would required electrification of the service which is a bullet that I don't think anyone would want to touch. An overall of rail and highway is a necessity for our city's continued success. And ultimately it may come with the price tag of Boston's Big Dig. The Big Dig was originally planned all the way back in the early 80's (yes actually way back then) with an original price tag of around $14 million (which after design later in the decade shifted to $2.8 billion), by the time that the state got through EIRs in the 80s and pulled the trigger on construction in the 90's and finished construction, that cost ballooned to $14.5 billion! The received $7 billion in aid from the federal government and borrowed the rest. After factoring in interest and transit commitments, that final cost is at $24.3 billion!! The state of Massachusetts will be paying the debt until 2038. Here is an interesting article about breaking down a very complex project. All this being said, what Nashville is looking at with its rail, roads and infrastructure is going to be even more daunting very quickly. We have a very limited amount of tax revenue (compared to the states) and a political viewpoint that clearly illustrates they don't want to invest in these things. I think we are very quickly approaching a tipping point...
  6. This structure was always a curious one on my drives south on Gallatin. Sucks that the previous owner left it in such disarray, but hopefully something nice replaces it. There are some decent trees that provide some nice buffer to the street. I hope they keep the trees with whatever they do end up doing with it. Unless the new owners purchase the decent looking house in between it and the bank to build something of decent scale. So basically a corporate rental or an STR investment property. STRs are allowed on this property with zoning conditions, so I presume they met whatever was required.
  7. This project is expected to be on the February 10th Planning Commission Meeting agenda. They expect to have their SP approved by 5/5/2022 as well. Some other key dates that were shared today are: Asbestos Abatement & Demolition is slated to begin in mid-June (the northern portion of the site could start as early as April) Begin Sitework/Mass Grading/Utility work is slated to begin mid-September and be completed in January of 2023
  8. Wedge wood Avenue (Beau Fowler) spoke to this purchase during the meetup. Wedgewood is also working with Brother Z on a transition plan, which is great for local business staying integrated into the neighborhood! Brother Z also has another store on Dickerson as well as a food truck Below you can see the previously announced Gatewood & Dickerson and then a new multi family development (west of the Luton connector and what looks like could be townhomes or walk ups east of the Luton connector this also shows the possibility of a meridian court connection at some point. Also love the approach of no direct connection to Dickerson Pike, but rater off the road that 1411 will build along its southern property line. Looking forward to seeing additional information on this one. Also hoping that Wedgewood can buy the two T4-CM parcels at the corner of Dickerson/Marie and Dickerson/Gatewood and build a real nice neighborhood/edge along Dickerson.
  9. Are they serious?? I'm surprised the Super Bowl hasnt turned into a similar blacklisted event like the Olympics. Sure it is a huge media draw, but from some of those expenses it seems like that is a very pretty penny to play on the merry-go-round
  10. I don't think we need a full roof either. Looking at Hard Rock Stadium, I think a canopy similar to that renovation would 1) work very well for stadium, provided it accounts for the east/west orientation to actually shade fans on the east side during games and 2) would go very well with our other open air sporting venues in the Fairgrounds Speedway and the MLS Stadium. Additionally, Hard Rock Stadium cost reportedly $755 million (completely financed by it owners Stephon Ross and Wayne Huizenga) so while I dont think $600 million will completely solve Nissan's problems, I think it will definitely go a long way in making it a modern facility.
  11. So I recently was just made aware of this as well, but the final column of the bonus height chart (highlighted yellow) is truly a Max Height figure. It is not a figure that is added on to the first column, but the final height figure (prior to an Overall Height Modification). We have the unlimited height in two of the areas of town, but the rest all fall in line with the last column.
  12. Looking at google earth It seems like the Alley is actually in pretty well used up to the west end of the existing warehouses. If I was working on the design of this site I would probably recommend single entries off Merritt and Hamilton, propose and enhanced alleyway with garage access as well. The intent here would be a continuous street wall from the entry point on Hamilton all the way around to the entry point on Merritt. This would allow for commerical activation at the intersection of Merritt and Martin (possibly even both floors being commercial) and then four floors of residential on top. I would look for a completely lined garage (green) with Residential (red) wrapping it, and the amenities (blue). The amenities probably wouldnt back up to SFH and would want to be surrounded by the housing (aka above the parking). but this would just be a fast thought about what you could do.
  13. This is a pretty big hill, so hopefully whatever design is produced takes that into account. Looking at GIS contours it is about 28' drop off from the Hamilton/Martin intersection down to Martin/Merrit intersection. This could provide two floors at the low end and then bury a pretty sizeable garage into the hill. If they got a 4th floor along Martin/Hamilton (see criteria below) and then had 2 floors below those down the hill, this could turn out to be very dense for the neighborhood and would only add to the nice corridor. The WeHo-Chestnut Hill Overlay hits the mobile home parcel as well so that will certainly play a factor. The parcel falls in the Merritt Southgate district of the Overlay which allows 3 floors at 45' by right and an additional 4th floor by special exception. You can see other bulk standard criteria below. For those interested, here is the text of the WeHo-CH Urban Design Overlay I agree that they will 100% go for an SP. The SP could request bypassing the overlay, but I bet Colby would not play ball with that. The overlay did upzone the parcel to RM-20-A-NS so they can get a fair number of units already with that base zoning. I would think they would want to get at least MUN to sit behind the SP though.
  14. I wonder how much the Grand Prix will impact the logistics of this site. My guess is the little off shoot of 1st Ave used by the racetrack would be closed down during construction (for this project and the previously announced RMH House), which would change the racetrack configuration or make the construction a bit more logistical.
  15. This actually is in the River North district as it falls into Subdistrict 1 of the River North UDO (found here). Bonus height would allow for up to 18 floors on site. The River North UDO has it's own Bonus Height guidelines separate from the DTC, but the document does refer to the DTC for many definitions and guiding principles. The tricky part about any of the sites between Cowan and the Interstate is with the expanded ROW of Cowan these parcels get pretty narrow, so whatever is designed here will have to be very well designed to make the most of the narrow site. That's the plan at least. Cleveland will be a vehicular tunnel and Grace will be a bike and pedestrian tunnel (which IMHO I think will need to be very well thought through on multiple levels for security)
  16. Gotcha. So while not 100% accurate there is definitely a connection. On a sidenote, Strategic Hospitality's (owner of Paradise Park and Bastion) website is completely down. Here is a breakdown of their properties in Nashville (per their LinkedIn)
  17. Immediately?? That is wild. Seems like interesting timing with the Bastion fire happening a couple weeks ago. If I remember correctly the ownership of Bastion and Downtown Sporting Club are/were one in the same.
  18. Cowan is expected to be expanded to approximately 110' wide ROW. Vashti will certainly need improvements, but the question will be is how much seeing as the road terminates up at Baptist World Center Drive. Unless the plan is to improve from Vashti allll the way up Brick Church Pike to Trinity (which would be great if it was improved and not expanded), I think most of the eggs will be going into the Cleveland Street tunnel project for the second major, vehicular access point.
  19. CREA has submitted revised SP documents to the city and sent them to the neighborhood as an update. The biggest change in regards to height (I know everyone's biggest concern) is at the tallest part of the project at the southwest corner of the site. We will still see a 10-story structure, but it will step down more rapidly to a 6-story structure, rather than an 9 or 8 story. Thankfully due to public comments, we also can see story and height counts on all the buildings now. Here is "Option 1" that leaves Dickerson Connector alone and turns Berry Street north to connect into Grace Street Here is "Option 2" which extends Berry Street out to Dickerson Pike and re-builds the "Dickerson Connector". The density counts don't change between the two and this is the development team's preferred option. Here at the two Civil Site Plan layouts. The important differences are really in the overall street design. Option 1: Option 2: Here are the intended Open Space areas. Option 1 would dedicate some drives at the south end of the site as public ROW, while Option 2 would keep those private and extending Berry out to Dickerson Pike. Option 1 Option 2 Parking is relatively well hidden throughout the site and access does not change between the two options. Because of this I am only including Option 2 (because this is the developers preferred option) to show the parking. A nice win is while the site does have some surface parking, ZERO structured parking is visible from any direction. All structured parking is lined. Here is some of precedent and inspirational imagery for the garage screening where it will be utilized.
  20. To EVERYONE who puts in such a herculean effort throughout the year, I thank you for your tireless efforts! Specifically to Mark, Ron, Taylor for you photography and mole-esque digging of document as you guys truly are the soul of our group. One can only think 2022 is going to bring plenty more of new projects as well as hopefully a couple surprises.
  21. Interesting that they just plan on demolishing this entire building. It is certainly nothing to look at, but it is a step up on the historic scale as it is eligible for national preservation and also falls within the Broadway Historic Overlay District. I will say I do not believe this structure contributes at all to the architectural vernacular of Lower Broadway and I believe a new structure will contribute better. This will create an odd canyon for the "finger" portion of the Moxy which went the route of maintaining the existing frontage along Broadway while now both sides will go higher. The last time we saw a complete teardown was Steve Smith at Kid Rock's title bar and there was a massive lawsuit with the Moxy Hotel because many of these buildings share party walls and the Kid Rock team pulled down the wall for the Moxy. Also, "Bottled Blonde"? There is only a handful of country music singers that I feel like would entertain this. Carrie Underwood is my leading contender.
  22. I actually meant to walk over and snap a picture the other day as demo was occurring last Wednesday (11/15). I believe it will be a rebuild of the fire station to modern standards, but I am not really sure. The demolition permit (being handled by Tiny's Demolition – what a shock lol) states that all concrete will be crushed up and remain on site.
  23. Way off topic here, but whenever I see this garage name literally all I can think of is Dothraki from Game of Thrones haha. Amazing how the human brain associates words together.
  24. LOVE THIS! Let's just hope that some of the Mom & Pop shops that are still in the Arcade can remain. It's only been a couple weeks since I am close enough for an everyday stroll, but every time I walk through there I need extra napkins because of the excited drool that manifests with the smells and wonders of delicious, hole-in-the-wall eateries (and a very convenient post office haha).
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