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  1. Wonder if they'll put the Dominion logo on the other side of the building as well? I wondered the same thing about that very top part being "open" like that. Seems kind of strange to leave that part exposed like that, but I'm not in the construction business...
  2. Tower crane is going down!
  3. Seriously? Now you're complaining about the American flag?
  4. RVAbigdawg

    New Richmond Arena

    Having worked at that Philip Morris location in the past, it's not really a "corner of the city". That section of Commerce and Bells Road is easily accessible from I-95 and it's not THAT far from downtown - it's only 5 or 6 miles. Plus, there are GRTC buses that go to that location, so for folks who don't/can't drive, they can get there, no problem. My guess would be that's another reason why they're choosing a location like the old PMUSA Ops Center, in addition to the size of the building being a good size. And with it being a temporary location, I think it's a good stop until they find or build something permanent.
  5. RVAbigdawg

    New Richmond Arena

    There's something in the RTD (I don't have a subscription) about the Department of Social Services possibly being relocated to where Philip Morris' former Operations Center off of Bells Road used to be, to make way for the redevelopment...
  6. Flagpole was put up late last week, I think - they raised up the American flag today around lunchtime. She looks good!
  7. RVAbigdawg

    New Richmond Arena

    Look, I might not know a whole lot about TIFs and this and that or the other, but I will say this from my standpoint. This city absolutely needs a new Coliseum. Those renderings are impressive and they compliment the other buildings that in that area, including the new VCU outpatient center that just got started. This city has missed out on so many acts and concerts and such due to JPJ or Hampton/Virginia Beach. This city council needs to stop thinking about themselves like they have been for the last 40-50 years and start thinking about right now and the future. The potential for this city to grow is incredible, the potential to bring in more money based on more events happening, more rooms being booked, more tourists visiting our city is HUGE. It is time to start fresh, people!
  8. RVAbigdawg

    Richmond International Airport

    Looks like it's seasonal, along with a new flight to Tampa as well.
  9. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Developments

    Interesting...VCU announced that after 46 years, they will not be having graduation ceremonies at Richmond Coliseum in May 2019. Is this a sign that the Coliseum will be rubble??
  10. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    Didn't the children's hospital have 2 cranes?
  11. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    Tower crane looks pretty good!
  12. I have to agree... it's hard to see from I-95 driving north, unless you're really looking for it. If you're heading towards the river on the Downtown Expressway, you better not blink, otherwise you'll miss it. Best views are either coming down the Expressway towards the city or coming across the Manchester & Lee bridges into the city. Maybe when they build that second tower, it'll stand out some more. I think it'd be nice if a few tall buildings were built on the other side of I-95.
  13. Webcam looks like it's back up and running... plus, it looks like it's been adjusted so you can now see the top of the tower!
  14. Tower crane that was over the parking deck has been disassembled!
  15. RVAbigdawg

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    It appears that all of that netting that was on the fence surrounding the site has been removed. You can now see pretty clearly in there.