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  1. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    Didn't the children's hospital have 2 cranes?
  2. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    Tower crane looks pretty good!
  3. I have to agree... it's hard to see from I-95 driving north, unless you're really looking for it. If you're heading towards the river on the Downtown Expressway, you better not blink, otherwise you'll miss it. Best views are either coming down the Expressway towards the city or coming across the Manchester & Lee bridges into the city. Maybe when they build that second tower, it'll stand out some more. I think it'd be nice if a few tall buildings were built on the other side of I-95.
  4. Webcam looks like it's back up and running... plus, it looks like it's been adjusted so you can now see the top of the tower!
  5. Tower crane that was over the parking deck has been disassembled!
  6. RVAbigdawg

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    It appears that all of that netting that was on the fence surrounding the site has been removed. You can now see pretty clearly in there.
  7. RVAbigdawg

    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    Get ready for a giant mud pit!
  8. Noticed on my way in this morning that the first row of glass panels for the roof/crown are being installed on the south side of the building.
  9. RVAbigdawg

    The Locks at 321

    What a shame.
  10. RVAbigdawg

    The Locks at 321

    Are there any webcams up on this project?
  11. RVAbigdawg

    Richmond Developments

    I think that surface lot at 10th and Canal that drayrichmond mentioned is a good spot. It'd be cool to look at as you drive by, heading west on the Downtown Expressway! Mayo Island would be pretty sweet.
  12. Hopefully there will be a couple of new ones right next to it when they build that second tower (crossing fingers)
  13. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to start seeing some glass on that crown!
  14. RVAbigdawg

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Just thought it'd be cool to have a thread filled with pictures of Richmond, past and present, buildings being built/demolished, etc.
  15. RVAbigdawg

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Is there a thread on the Richmond forum that has pictures of current (and past) buildings being built in the city of Richmond?