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  1. Pat on my back. I called this last year. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/09/13/slice-by-pizza-bruno-wont-open-in-mills-50-after-all
  2. I'm not sure this goes here- Skyplex Announcement The world’s tallest rollercoaster in Orlando’s I-Drive corridor nabs FAA approval https://www.growthspotter.com/news/hotels/gs-news-skyplex-orlando-nabs-faa-approval-20190913-epdjqab7cre75k2d5kh62bwlsa-story.html Approved up to 720 feet but will likely be around 595. I know Dale posted approval last week, this just gives more details on the numbers.
  3. This may not be "cool stuff", but... American Airlines is out of their contract for naming rights of the Heat arena. Guess who has submitted a proposal for naming rights... BangBros Submitted $10 Million Naming Rights Bid for Miami Heat Arena https://www.complex.com/sports/2019/09/bangbros-reportedly-submitted-naming-rights-bid-for-miami-heat-arena Makes you question yourself for hating on Amway and Exploria
  4. I agree there is space- add to that list the Exchange and the Empire on Central and several more- but then the question becomes at $2,000 to 4,000/ per 1000 square feet what type retail can/ will pay for it and should the City provide incentive for that to happen? I think retail will fill in if a retailer sees the need and so why blame Mayor Dyer if that hasn't, or never will, happen?
  5. I live in the Lake Cherokee area- one of the areas you referred to... why would I want to drive downtown to buy my home repair items or why would I want a hardware store in my neighborhood. Heaven forbid I need to drive 2 miles to Ace to get what I need. But those neighborhoods are not in the CBD- which is where I assumed you thought we should entice national retail vendors. Here's an interesting game to play with downtown properties- everyone on the forum can participate. Name a vacant 3,000 square feet building that needs retail in it and then state what sort of retail you would like to see there. The Sentinel property is excluded since we don't know the plans for it. And the game gets even harder if you try to do this with Eola Heights and Thorton Park... Bottom line, retail is swell. I guess someone gets out to shop for stuff although a stroll through the mall makes me think it is mostly visiting Brazilians. But if I were a Mayor or a Downtown Orlando Director I'm not sure I'd stake my beachhead on trying to attract stores that will have 15 staff members that are paid $9/ hour to sell $7 shirts made in Malaysia or wherever Old Navy gets their stuff. Remember, any project- particularly national players- that go downtown will get some financial incentive to be there. Is putting that incentive in retail a good investment for the community? I'm more than open to having my views changed on this, but I haven't yet heard good arguments for it. If someone wants to come along and force the issue and build a "mall-ish" type project than that would be great (for example on the Sentinel property). Meanwhile, retail can grow on its own without Buddy or the City getting involved. And again, I've spent time recently in Greenville... nice place to visit, but its not all that.
  6. I don't know, I think the excuse still works unless you have better info. Austin no doubt has a leg up on about everyone in the country. Seriously, retail aside do you want to spend anytime in Greenville. I've been there recently and don't need to go back. Retail is a moving target. You may want a place to buy you button downs and khakis, but do the other residents downtown need the same. I don't hear the people living downtown clamoring for retail. I've never hear anyone, other than on this forum say they need a hardware store in the CBD. As you often mention the need for organic growth, I would think retail will fill in when the downtown citizens quit spending their available funds on drinks... and not until then. Having been involved in attracting businesses to this area and others, I can assure you they will come when the clients are there to pay them.
  7. All those teams badly need this game. FSUs matchup is likely the hardest and if they lose the season is done. UM should be a cakewalk. UF and UCF are the games to watch to predict the rest of the season.
  8. I have thought about that place numerous times over the years- trying to recall what and where it was- and my brain is like a sieve. Best I remember it had exposed interior walls. It may have been a small free standing brick building. I think it was the corner of Magnolia and Church and I think I'm talking circa 1985ish. Come on @spenser1058 lots of City and County admin folks went there for lunch in those days... surely you can remember this place.
  9. UF should have this. Not that I'd underestimate UK, but if UF plays well they have so much more talent. The secondary is not going to be tested like week 1, but if they are they better play better. Which Franks shows up...? UCF should get a hard fought win. FSU, I'm not so sure.
  10. The 2nd version of the Eola Bandshell was built in 1924. This shot is from 1946. I just thought it was cool. http://orlandoremembered.org/
  11. AmIReal

    Orlando Transit

    …"Pittsburgh metropolitan statistical area is home to 2.3 million residents (growth -1.34). In comparison, the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford MSA has increased 20.53% over the same time frame, growing to 2.6 million residents. In Central Florida, LYNX has approximately 300 buses to service 2,500 square miles. However, in Pittsburgh, 700 buses provide services to a county that is only 745 square miles..." From Ennis Davis at Modern Cities- Orlando Transportation Tax Referendum Coming In 2020? https://www.moderncities.com/article/2019-sep-orlando-transportation-tax-referendum-coming-in-2020
  12. They still are not announcing their tenant list, but they say 15,000 feet of retail- five retail units, plus restaurant, plus drive thru. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/09/10/orlando-will-soon-get-its-first-combination-of-retail-store-drive-thru-and-storage-units?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures&utm_content=HomeTopFeature
  13. Yeah, I think that was my point. The bar just seems set fairly low since they are considered the best. My knock is less on the quality of the meat (it is passable), but their sauces are not very good and their sides- which I know plenty of people like- are terrible.
  14. Case in point https://www.thedailycity.com/post/rlando-food-hall-bumby-arcade https://bungalower.com/2019/09/10/floorplan-for-new-church-street-food-hall-revealed/
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