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  1. AmIReal

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I've been going there for lunch a couple times a month since they opened 20 years ago. I never encountered any news playing on the TVs. It was always music... That was my standard meal, minus the drink and sour cream and it was $7 and change.
  2. AmIReal

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Just another national piece touting UCF's unicorn.
  3. The 1st 500 people got gift cards (ours were $5 each). Everyone got a carry bag and an apple?? on the way in. Once inside, pretty much every food item was being sampled, but I just went straight for the coffee (good). I also went back for a late lunch (got another bag) and sampled/ ate my way around the store (including an over cooked pizza and a yummy clam chowder). Their hot bar looked better than Lucky's, but I was too full to eat anymore... Btw, they have beer and wine on tap and a "relaxation" area to hang out (should be a nice attraction for the homeless). They weren't serving today, but will start tomorrow. I believe they are doing the giveaways again on Saturday if you can drag yourself out of bed...
  4. A SoDo board member told me some sort of juice/smoothie type thing, but did not provide name.
  5. I had heard the location was already spoken for, but that would make much more sense for them if they can get it.
  6. I went to the new Earth Fare this morning. I'm pretty specific in my wants/needs for a grocery store and they met those needs better than the competitors, so I assume this will be where I do most of my shopping. I noticed that this morning... I've been wondering why this has been delayed so long while their other projects progressed so quickly. Hopefully the banner was simply removed by a homeless person who used it to make a tent.
  7. AmIReal

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    Too bad, I thought it was widely agreed Griffin Park needs to go away. "And the whole demolition/moving plan has another snag. There's practically no federal funding, so that means a five to 10-year delay."
  8. AmIReal

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I wonder what spenser will say... 7-11 Test sit down concept. "The test location features a taco restaurant, ice cream station, and wine and beer on tap."
  9. AmIReal

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Sorry, not photos taken by me, but a collection of postcards currently on OW. The photo of Hotel Gatlin (12), Hotel Lucerne (13), Main St First Presbyterian (32) and Crescent Court (34) (anyone remember "Buckets") were a few of my favorites. Yes, I know some are depictions and not photos.
  10. AmIReal

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    That is going to be ugly. I have no idea how many cars actually travel EB I4 between 11p and 5 am, but I'm pretty sure its more than what normally travels Garland throughout the entire day. This, btw, is a Friday and Saturday night. Although that is good for some I think it may be problematic for the drunks after last call trying to exit via Garland.
  11. AmIReal

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Like other food trends (and trends in general) Orlando is a little slow on the uptake. Natural wines, like pet nats are just now having their moment here despite being well established in other cities for several years. I think you'll start seeing more session cocktails at higher end restaurants and craft bars, but certainly not in most bars downtown. The exception is Courtesy, as you mentioned, which has a nice selection of product and I know Justin behind the bar is pretty creative. Same with Guesthouse and Ravenous Pig.
  12. AmIReal

    the Press.

    I believe the takeaway is that the overall local economy is very strong and vibrant however we should understand economic segmentation. Maxwell is correct in that the next major downturn will hurt our economy as a whole, but there is a certain, and very large segment, that suffers higher exposure and is least able to afford it.
  13. AmIReal

    the Press.

    I had not yet gotten to the article, but now after reading it I'll agree with dculey on the impact of large scale projects on the economy and most of those working in that segment. Months ago there was a long running debate here on this forum re: tourism and the impact on median wages. The service economy does not pay well- I think we all recognize that. Also, the service economy is the fastest growing segment in our region. So I will also agree with you that there is little that can be done about Orlando's standing in the wage rankings.
  14. AmIReal

    the Press.

    Scott Joseph thinks its yummy, but the service is bad. I wonder what Scott Maxwell has to say.
  15. AmIReal

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Another good Tacko article "... Fall has arguably led the Knights to three of the five best seasons in the program’s history.1 This year will likely culminate in the program’s first NCAA tournament appearance in 14 years. “I think he wanted to come here and leave this legacy,” Dawkins said. “He chose a place where he could really impact what was going on. He made that commitment. And look where he’s taken the program.”