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  1. Thay have been going at it for a few months. They thought they'd open by Sept, but last I heard it may be a little longer.
  2. That term, in this article, implies out of the central florida market.
  3. I think it's great. They've owned me about 20k for a year and I can't get anyone on the phone or to reply by letter. My accountant laughed when I asked if he had any ideas... Also, putting my issue aside, every agent hired does not mean someone to come out to pry into your files. Much will go toward providing customer service reps on the phone.
  4. I generally try to avoid the attractions area, but they do have an amazing amount and diversity of restaurants out there. Questions: how far off campus do you want to go? Is it a dinner out or a day trip? Does it involve kids? Do you have a genre/ experience in mind? If you're not spending all your time in the attractions area, what area will you be in?
  5. Finally, an amusement park for me...!!! https://diggerlandxl.com/ Surely, we can get one of these is Lake County, right?
  6. AmIReal


    You're very welcome, but your original question has me wondering where his chef customers are turning. I know Kevin Fonzo and Bruno Fonseca and many of the high-end pop ups bought from O-meats. I need to find out where they've shifted to.
  7. Nope. A lot of the problem drinking- and additional products- are consumed in the parking lots. That is why they are talking about so much additional enforcement on them. There are a lot of "kids" downtown that can't go in the bars, but they "load up" in their cars then walk around all night. Sure, bar fights occur, but that is not where most of the action is. One of the byproducts of everyone having to pass through some form of security to get to the party zone is it allows the cops to pick out those that are already too trashed to enter. It also makes it less likely that certain bad actors are going to enter that area because they don't want to have the cops' eyes on them. Side effect- the bad actors will now hang out in other areas, just basically moving the battle front.
  8. AmIReal


    You can have pretty good luck with Whole Foods when it comes to steaks (even some dry aged stuff), but you can't get Eliot's great sausage and unlikely to get cool cuts like picanha. I'm going to try Wild Fork in WP next time they get some grass fed rib eye in stock. They also have a location in Dr Phillips. Palm Beach Meats has been doing some pop-ups locally- last week at ziggies pizza, previously at bad ass. They deliver A5 Wagyu, but you have to preorder. https://www.facebook.com/palmbeachmeats/ I haven't tried the Local Butcher in WP in a long time because I was using O-meats, but my guess is they are pretty good based on how busy they seem to be. https://www.tlbandm.com/
  9. I don't think there is a lot of new info in this GS story except the developer is now saying JW Marriott would be the anchor. Summa Development is "seeking a major certificate of appearance approval for the project, which includes the luxury hotel, a convention center and JW Marriott branded residences — a combination of 102 condominiums and 27 penthouse units over the hotel." https://www.growthspotter.com/news/downtown-orlando-developments/gs-news-orlando-downtown-jwmarriott-hotel-convention-center-chihuly-20220815-xgkzj4ij35bthfbevd44phm7au-story.html
  10. To pull that list out of your... inner recesses... shows a well-developed sense of Orlando's bar scene. I confess that, in all my years on discussion boards, I've never encountered an individual so wedded to his opinion of what is true and best unless it was a board for Trump supporters. I don't think you're getting a lot of comments that nothing is wrong. But most of what you do is complain/ moan/ finger point and try to turn it into political capital. I find it off putting, but that's just me.
  11. Tap and Grind is no more Ann Teagues Lamp Supply I think this is called Bellhop...? I saw a sign that said "The Corner" Maybe Com Gray would like to point out which specific bars he would like closed down.
  12. Can I assume you are not a fan of the art installation around Lake Eola? I agree the Calder work would be great, but when comparing the public art of this administration to the previous 2 admins, it is obvious the Dyer admin has done much better. This is actually much of the problem. OPD has reported the biggest problems downtown are not the people in the bars, it is those that come downtown to hang out.
  13. I don't understand this point, but regardless, it's not all perfect in Savannah. Nearly a decade ago a wealthy developer (Ben Carter out of Jax) invested heavily (purchase and rehab) in a lot of retail building in downtown- primarily on Broughton Ave. His plan was to fill those with national retailers, which he did- much to the chagrin (at the time) of the local businesses that had remained there. Things went swimmingly well for the first 5 years and soon enough the local retailers started filling up the smaller off the ave places, but when it came time for those nationals to re-up leases, most did not and most of those nationals have left or are in process of doing so. Of course, this does not impact Mr. Carter because he sold the properties to other concerns shortly after he originally filled them up. This shouldn't be a problem because you now have old buildings that have been through some portions of rehab. New, local retailers can move it- right? Well, not many locals want a space as large as these are. Ok, so maybe they can get more fancy restaurants (Savannah has an unusually high number of these considering their size). Unfortunately, much like the old buildings in downtown Orlando, buildout for a full restaurant is close to impossible (code issues). So you know what can go into those spaces... bars. Savannah is trending upward as a party city and is a huge draw for bachelorette parties. Wandering through downtown Savannah on a weekend night just a few months ago I was surprised at how "wild" things were (downtown is an open container area, so drinks are everywhere). Oh, and local businesses are getting pretty loud about the homeless problem https://www.wtoc.com/2022/08/03/savannah-businesses-police-work-address-crime-linked-homeless-population/ Much of the new growth (and the more moneyed crowd) has been along the river and it seems to be leaving the central core floundering, at the moment. Let's see how successfully Savannah navigates this over the next 5 years. Regarding manufacturing in the burbs- this is true, but those folks seldom wander downtown, much like can be said of Orlando.
  14. A- This is not high school. By the time you reach your 3rd year the curriculum is generally determined by the instructor or at least by the program. B- WTF are you talking about- how are they not qualified. Do you have the faintest clue what it takes to get to that position? C- Extra WTF. No really, WTF. Is there some weird internet conspiracy that I've missed because I don't know what you mean. No. That is actually part of the problem. The general population is not very intelligent. We hope that people going through a very highly acclaimed, high-priced University are more intelligent than their parents when they leave. Your lovely little brats that go off to the U will be able to be confronted with off putting ideology- no matter what spectrum it comes from- and come out whole on the other side. And I really do mean this to apply to both sides. (*yes, I know extremes have a limit) As @spenser1058 mentioned, evolution is not a questionable theory to be de debated. And, CRT is a concept taught in 2nd year law school and should be. Although UF has made great strides in their program recognition in the past 8 years, a decade of Desantis rules would set it back tremendously.
  15. The proposed project that includes the old Nassal property was mentioned here a few weeks back. Now Craig Ustler says he is involved in it. I think this makes it more likely to get done. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2022/08/10/florida-developer-craig-ustler-sodo-orlando-projec.html
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