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  1. A quick update on Rose Arts. The City Muni board approved it (again) and whoever wants to challenge that has until tomorrow to file am appeal. Otherwise it may appear on the Commission agenda 8/23 where it is unclear if it has the votes. Even if passed, it has to go to the State for Opportunity Funding approval and then back to the Commission for final vote. I am well aware I do not live there and likely do not appreciate the impact this may have, but I hope it eventually comes to happen. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2021/07/23/orlando-construction-florida-rosearts-proj
  2. Yes it is. Of course a few have since outgrown it (after their original transplant), but this is a BFD.
  3. I thought I already posted this, but couldn't find it... The City approved construction of the 3rd affordable housing project in CV. 190 unit directly behind the Julian. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/orange-county/third-affordable-housing-parcel-approved-orlando/5BTZX5DDIBFKHGN62OX2BEMU4U/
  4. This article is about phase 3, the food hall, but there is also this strange bit... “The food hall goes from the Bumby Arcade on Church Street back through the Orchid Garden — and the Orchid Garden is the beautiful building with all of the ironwork on the ceiling area. There’s been a million weddings in that location and our project team and our architects have been super careful and super cautious about making sure that we maintain the integrity of those buildings as everyone knows them,” Hansen said. She added that the stained glass and the light fixtures inside the Orchid Garden
  5. The old man (who has been dead for a few years) was certainly terrible. His eldest son Richard, husband to Betsy, also certainly terrible. The current Chairman of the Magic, Dan, seems a little less terrible- or at least he seems much less tied to Republican politics. I see his name pop up as donating fairly equally to Rs and Ds. Also, they are the number 1 private funding source for homeless issues in the area as well as tons of money to UCF entrepreneurial programs, performing arts and even half a million to the Pulse foundation. I wouldn't go to bat for calling them good people,
  6. I agree. While it seems silly to give $ to companies, the long tail increased tax base along with the short term construction costs is well worth it.
  7. I'm not sure it is in the Ambassadors job description to assist the homeless. I think they are told to avoid them unless they are causing a disruption. We can't house/ shelter our way out of this problem. It really is more of a mental health issue (primarily) followed by an addiction issue.
  8. I preferred mackerel over mullet when I was growing up, but now I prefer a cleaner white fish. The Aardvark does a fair job for a non-coastal place.
  9. I'm not following you. Are you saying you would have preferred all the property along Central Blvd to remain SFH?
  10. Besides the rusted rebar you mentioned there also appears to be lots of ownership financial issues. I suspect lawsuits will start flying soon. I don't have high hopes for Tower II anytime soon. Yes, I agree. That's good.
  11. What could possibly go wrong... "The city that is home to the University of Florida may allow people to drink legally from open containers in public places such as sidewalks." Yes, they have a full year of testing the program and have not had significant issues. Of course a few hundred thousand things have been missing over the past year... https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/florida/os-ne-florida-city-may-legalize-public-alcohol-drinking-20210719-hvhtj3m6dfb2lnjnngcvfup2dm-story.html
  12. Consolidated Tomoka (now CTO Realty Growth) is the property owner. The developer/ builder they had under contract pulled out after doing due diligence. I think it will still happen as long as the economy holds up.
  13. I'm sure I'll eventually check it out, but seeing the chef came from Santiago's Bodega does not set my expectations high.
  14. Doesn't appear to be needed since she was not in close proximity with them and she is vaccinated. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/563565-harris-avoids-covid-19-risk-in-meeting-with-texas-democrats-aide-says
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