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  1. Rails to Trails proposal would allow you to walk/ bike from Eustis lakeside into downtown Mount Dora. "This week, that trail -- dubbed the East Lake Trail -- got one step closer to being built. Mount Dora council agreed to enter a partnership with Tavares and Lake County to work on the Rails to Trails initiative for its construction." https://www.dailycommercial.com/news/20200224/east-lake-trail-is-one-step-closer-to-being-built
  2. Fyi, all of the seafood you buy at Publix has been frozen even though it may not be pre-packaged.
  3. Back in the old days on Court Ave. we would pop in for a late nite skid row sandwich... peanut butter, banana, granola and honey on wheat. I was younger and thinner back then. Its also funny to think of what we called "craft beer" back then. Oh, they have St Pauli...
  4. Congrats on this big step. Please update us to proposed schedule when it is clear.
  5. Nothing new to report, just a rendering from B&B showing phase 2. This may have been posted previously.
  6. "plyscrapers" Has the wooden skyscraper revolution finally arrived? https://www.cnn.com/style/article/wooden-skyscraper-revolution-timber/index.html
  7. I suspect they did it to make the parking lot more useable. If it was for visibility they would not have planted the row of magnolias along the street. The owner of the center seems to be making a lot of improvements- as we mentioned a page back. The new Dollar store, 2 new restaurant tenants (Uncommon and Papa Llama), they are changing the entrances, realigning the parking lot, creating a community space between the buildings and making exterior improvements to the 2nd building to better match the 1st building. I think the trees were just in their way.
  8. Good for him... been at it a long time. Any word on who bought?
  9. There may be less of them in the future https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/man-accused-of-arson-attempted-murder-at-orlando-home-to-face-judge
  10. So you say you were in the vicinity... hmm.
  11. Thanks Jerry95. The video you linked to also had some helpful shots from different perspectives. Boy, these apartments look silly in scale.
  12. @Mark Baratelli has a good piece on Orange/Robinson that also touches on Golden Sparrow. Both of these are "happening". The 2 projects will bring over 1250 new units into the 2 block section of Orange. That is a lot of people for an area that has very little currently going for it in the way of food/drink/ etc. and will hopefully start to fill the gap with NQ. https://www.thedailycity.com/post/orange-and-robinson-apartments-1 Maybe one of our creatives will photoshop these 2 building in so we can get an advance view. Throw Zoi in just for giggles.
  13. Absolutely agree with all of that, but the trees may be safe. I believe the lot they mentioned to me was the large surface lot in front of Lutheran Towers- bordered by Liberty and Lake and Jackson to the south. OC owns that lot as well.
  14. Agreed. CSP is there and I think CSP 2 will happen as long as they move forward in the next few months. And I'm a believer in S+ED just because it makes more sense then any other development in town. Highwoods seems to be somewhat of a promotional gimmick at the time, but I'd love to be wrong. OC building... not so much.
  15. Combine the Capital Plaza with CSP 1 and 2 and The Magic S+ED and that is a huge forward step for downtown. The condo/apartment craze brought residents. The office tower and hotel developments bring a whole new and (at this time) desirable element to the picture. Orlando has needed someone to push the "class A" space definition to a higher level. I hope these 3 projects do that. Btw, if you look at @Jvest55 rendition above that includes the lake... I've heard rumor OC may be considering a 2nd building on their back lots. That would fill that space pretty nicely and would, hopefully, promote more amenities in that area.
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