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  1. Took a Google Map stroll from the West Main at Forest Street location roads-scholar just posted toward town. Isn't there a buried creek near Wakefield Buick? Wouldn't it be great to daylight it and have some kind of water feature in that vicinity?
  2. https://gsabusiness.com/news/architecture/80715/ Did everyone see this? Award for the Montgomery Building restoration.
  3. Spartanburg ranked number 28 on this list of Best Performing Large Cities from the Milken Institute. This was up 8 places. See it here: https://assets1c.milkeninstitute.org/assets/Publication/ResearchReport/PDF/BPC-US-2018-WEB.pdf
  4. Affirm "unlock the water and bring it downtown..."
  5. Interesting that you mentioned the Wakefield Buick space. Running through my mind is that the creek could form a town (mini-) lake which might have an impressive water feature (with changeable lights) surrounded by parklike features. Like all your other wishes.
  6. Is there any news/update on getting a Mast Store or equivalent downtown?
  7. Is there any kinetic public art around? This is a nice little piece which whirls and spins to welcome you to Lenoir, NC.
  8. Here is an installation that I have never seen at night. Nicely executed. (found in a Google search)
  9. I am new to UrbanPlanet/Spartanburg. I was born in Spartanburg and get there from time to time but live in NC and Murrells Inlet in retirement. I have checked in with this site from time to time and caught, occasionally, a glimpse of public art. Is there a thread which focuses on Spartanburg Public Art? If so, someone please point me in that direction. If not, those of you who like to take photographs, please post some from time to time. The renaissance of downtown is heart-warming.
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