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  1. 23 hours ago, Sparkleman said:

    My wish list is similar to some of the others and in no particular order.

    Do something with the Coke building that will bring people to it and expand the lines of downtown.

    As I have said before, bring a hip, trendy retailer to downtown. I have mentioned Belks but Banana Republic would work fine as well.

    Unlock the water and bring it downtown somehow some way.

    Put a major chain restaurant downtown but kind of out of the way. Again something guaranteed to bring folks and expand the lines downtown. Dreaming Cheesecake Factory or a Bone Fish grill.

    A big white collar employer to move in  and either renovate SHJ headquarters or put up a new building.

    Lastly put a small parking deck somewhere below Cribbs. This is a huge need and there just isn't enough parking down there. Ideally put it on that vacant lot by Cohens closeouts. That by itself could help lure folks down there.

    Affirm "unlock the water and bring it downtown..."

  2. On 12/30/2018 at 9:35 PM, roads-scholar said:

    Love ‘em all!   


    On 12/30/2018 at 8:19 PM, spartanburgh said:

    I'm going to wish for some different things this year. Some are a little far fetched, but I think we are ready for the next step.


    -Minor league baseball announced in new downtown stadium and the Socon moves its baseball tournament there.

    -Wakefield Buick announces a move in conjunction with a redevelopment plan to open the creek and create an

    attractive park in its place. This could possibly be combined with a small, but high quality Zoo between VCOM  and

    the park. This could replace Hollywild.

    -A condo building in the planning phase.

    -The  bus station moves to the rail station site and the existing station becomes home to a white collar employer.

    -A high quality water park opens downtown that converts to winter activities when cold. (ice rink etc.)

    -A high rise development in the 14-16 story range.

    -A permanent feature in Morgan Square such as a carousel in the area that is now Dunbar Street. Dunbar would be

    closed and additional green space added, including a feature similar to this.

    -A large annexation that boosts the population significantly.

    - A pedestrian pathway that connects Westgate to Downtown to the Eastside, including space to add  electric

    rail in the future.

    Yep, some are crazy, but all are possible.




    Interesting that you mentioned the Wakefield Buick space. Running through my mind is that the creek could form a town (mini-) lake which might have an impressive water feature (with changeable lights) surrounded by parklike features. Like all your other wishes.

  3. On 7/5/2009 at 11:30 AM, dobboard said:

    Wow, quite a bit of good news for Main Street. I love the addition of the Church and landing a Mast store appears to be a major coup.


    Interesting, because I visited the Mast store in Greenville just last weekend. There were a ton of people shopping there.


    Fingers crossed that both projects come to fruition.

    Is there any news/update on getting a Mast Store or equivalent downtown?

  4. I am new to UrbanPlanet/Spartanburg.  I was born in Spartanburg and get there from time to time but live in NC and Murrells Inlet in retirement.  I have checked in with this site from time to time and caught, occasionally, a glimpse of public art.  Is there a thread which focuses on Spartanburg Public Art?  If so, someone please point me in that direction.  If not, those of you who like to take photographs, please post some from time to time.  The renaissance of downtown is heart-warming.

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