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  1. It’s not even funny anymore smh
  2. Sunrail to meadowwoods? Does that sound beneficial to you? The ONLY benefit it may have is if sunrail going to Orlando airport THATS IT. Or maybe if I was landing at OIA .
  3. I’ve been mentioned that lol, this doesn’t help anyone out except tourist in central Florida.
  4. Lol why would they stop in Lakeland???? they don’t even have a real stop in Orlando. If they make a stop in Lakeland that’ll just be a wasted stop that could have been an extra one for orlando convention area or even the port area. There’s nothing in Lakeland lol
  5. we are raving because this would be the greatest building ever constructed in metro Orlando.
  6. If they build that I’m telling you I’m kissing someone’s foot
  7. I think I like this building more from the side
  8. Actually exploria isn’t that bad of a name, we’ve had worse “camping world”
  9. How are they killing it? Lol Orlando is growing just like any other city in America
  10. This is only phase 1 chill
  11. I’m all for saving buildings only if it is a right fit, these are not a right fit for such an urban area that is next to the tallest building in downtown, so tear it down!
  12. lol is this sarcasm? I’m really interested in the landscaping that they apply to this when it is all done, knowing Orlando we are going to get some generic ass landscaping.
  13. I always tell people that a great city doesn’t need y’all buildings, just look at D.C
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