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  1. This unrest has been relatively mild so far by historical standards (compared with the 60s/70s), but if it gets worse will we lose a lot of the gains we've made in the last 10-20 years in America's cities?
  2. Could a MLB stadium be built where Bank of America Stadium now stands? 10 years from now I think we'd been a great position to have one of those.
  3. How are they ever going to calculate that?
  4. What if travel is less available or is unsafe? https://www.axios.com/future-air-travel-coronavirus-bcee181c-1d3a-4305-992d-053d5c80a909.html Big companies will have their own jets of course.
  5. Then let's put protections in place for the people so they don't need to make the choice between spreading the disease and losing their home.
  6. I don't think the shortage of supplies like swabs and reagents has been fixed yet. It also may be impossible to fix because we over-optimized our inventories and supply chain and we can't do anything in this country except for the 'value-add' activities.
  7. Can they use the convention center or is not possible because of the renovations?
  8. There's also the international student question, it's possible there will be fewer Chinese students paying the full sticker price.
  9. I wonder how many of the universities won't open in the fall. I think it'll be 25% or so.
  10. Open plan offices are great for spreading the flu and covid19, if they becomes less popular, it will result in less employee density and more sq footage needed for physical offices.
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-22/fed-s-bullard-says-u-s-jobless-rate-may-soar-to-30-in-2q I don't know if this type of thing can be solved with money.
  12. Do we need airlines to be as big as they've been? They are one of the worst contributors to global warming and make over-tourism possible. Think we can use this an opportunity to make them more sustainable.
  13. Shareholders must get what should be coming for them, hard. The employees and government should get ownership.
  14. This isn't a downturn, this is zero demand for months. All of the profitable business travel is cancelled for the foreseeable future.
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