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  1. We just need one to get one and then down the road we'll probably get the others too. Needs to be proven out.
  2. https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsf21314/assets/data-tables/tables/nsf21314-tab045.pdf Wake is 40th in health sciences R&D expenditures ~$227 million vs ~$36 million for ECU. Duke & Chapel Hill are pretty serious, 4th and 7th at ~$750 million and ~$618 million
  3. https://ncsesdata.nsf.gov/profiles/site?method=rankingbysource&ds=herd I think there's probably an opportunity in the next few decades as the anti-science/anti-government Republicans retire to start investing in state supported R&D again, as a percentage of GDP it's much lower than it was in the 60s. Hopefully we can capture more of a share of that. As an aside, US News is a garbage magazine, it's weird that they have so much influence in how universities are run and what metrics they target.
  4. Didn't Bank of America recently adjust their tech executive team?
  5. 44% based on what? I don't want to look at this too much, but it's probably treating the financial indicators of a bank the same way as any other company.
  6. Is their digital bank based here? That's probably more valuable on the market than auto lending.
  7. Finally starting to see articles mentioning this type of thing in business media. (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-09-02/lurch-to-the-right-may-imperil-texas-s-attraction-for-employers?srnd=premium) Pretty sure they have hb2-style laws of their own too.
  8. Total speculation with nothing to back it up, but could it be a tech center for BofA?
  9. What's this font they are using under the logo? Looks like someone did this in MS Paint.
  10. Is the operator Delaware North? When you click careers on the Two Kings website it sends you there. Doesn't look like they have the best properties: https://www.delawarenorth.com/divisions/gaming
  11. Has Arrival really said that?
  12. I don't think these tech salaries include RSUs. Most engineers I know in Bay Area/Seattle are making 2-4x that all-in.
  13. Think this is more dependent on what the feds do. Biden's budget talked about "Regional innovation hubs. The plan proposes $20 billion go toward creating at least ten “regional innovation hubs” and a “Community Revitalization Fund.” The hubs would “leverage private investment to fuel technology development, link urban and rural economies, and create new businesses in regions beyond the current handful of high-growth centers.” A lot of the science/tech infrastructure is where it is because of the National laboratories and institutions created between WW2 and the 60s. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-medical-schools/most-research-money-rankings Duke + UNC are pretty good. I don't think this list changes much from year to year.
  14. I walked through Venture-X down in Toringdon a few months ago and Square had some space there.
  15. I don't know if it's been mentioned, but it seems like Square is adding people here. In particular for Cash App and the Tax product they acquired from Credit Karma.
  16. This is cutting edge in finance 2021? This is a decade behind big tech.
  17. Tesla is famous for its # of haters. No surprise when I see one. A lot of people think the old rules still apply to things.
  18. " Deaths of despair followed" Is that true? I've read the suicide rate is actually down. Edit: looks like that was for 2019, we don't know what the numbers are yet.
  19. Texas gets away with a lot. They do things like HB2 all the time, guess too many people are making too much money there.
  20. Perhaps some day we'll do something like this: https://www.vox.com/2015/1/9/7520805/hamburg-highway
  21. Exactly, was just going to say this. Uptown is currently over-optimized for the big companies that need huge blocks of space. There's aren't too many options for startups and companies that don't want to spend over $35 a sq foot with long term leases.
  22. Another Fortune 50 HQ. Will be 3 of them if we include Lowes!
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