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  1. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood

    Anyone know what's going on at the old Red Ball Jet? Looks like it sold back in February and I've seen some movement inside. Would be great to see another restaurant in there soon.
  2. Winston1206

    New projects in Monroe North

    That's a great addition! Do you have a source that it's a Rowster project? I can't find anything about it online. On the Embassy Suites website they list the "Sixth Street Bridge Coffee Shop".
  3. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood

    Citizen has a new name:
  4. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood

    Anyone tried Sloth's Revenge yet? I feel like they're leaning a little hard on weed thing. Didn't even realize Mainstreet BBQ had closed.
  5. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood

    Looks like the DAAC and are return of Gaia have an official building in mind:
  6. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood Only temporary, but will be good to have some better coffee options in the neighborhood.
  7. Winston1206

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Looks like the controversy is catching up to Georgina's. Building is up for sale as of yesterday.
  8. Winston1206

    Creston Neighborhood

    Anyone knows what's going on at this storefront on Plainfield? Right next to the Super Thrift. Looks like they've been working on the facade for a few days.