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  1. I would love to see someone do something with that Belknap space.
  2. I don't think Creston is open for lunch at the moment. But they are often quite busy for dinner. Been a couple of times since they reopened and it's pretty good under the new ownership.
  3. I'm surprised there's such a negative reaction. The location does seem odd to me, although it sounds like maybe they're trying to push some revitalization down Bridge a little bit? In terms of design, I feel like they're going for a modern longhouse vibe, which fits with the Scandinavian theme. Makes me a little nervous, since I've always been a fan, but I'm still optimistic to see what they do with the space.
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread, but saw this on Reddit. Anyone else heard of this and know the specific location? Was just saying that I can't believe we don't have a real beercade type place in town. https://www.reddit.com/r/grandrapids/comments/or53pt/new_gymbararcade_coming/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  5. If you haven't tried Morning Ritual yet, it is pretty good. I feel like they focus more on unique drinks versus just coffee, but some of their drinks are pretty great.
  6. I believe at least Commune and whatever that salon is called would have to be torn down, right?
  7. Haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but Creston Brewery is officially (pending approval) part of Saugatuck Brewing's portfolio now. Rumors had been floating around since COVID started, but it was confirmed.
  8. Agreed. Been hearing this rumor ever since they closed. Creston wasn't the best, but it served it's role as a casual neighborhood place, so I'll be glad to see it reopen. Especially with the other developments happening in Creston
  9. Looks like two new direct routes will be announced tomorrow. Must be planning a bounce back post-COVID
  10. I think it's been confirmed that Amazon purchased a pretty large stake in Spartan, but I read that someone from Spartan denied that they would be converting any stores to WF, but could have been a misdirection
  11. After (my perception) of the success of Bridge Street Market, I would love to see more urban concepts, but I agree that it probably won't happen. Can hope though.
  12. That's what I'd heard, but haven't seen any movement or updates recently.
  13. As someone who loves coffee and loves within walking distance of Kingma's it's certainly a quality of life improvement for me. RBJ has had Mad Grub pizza "coming soon" since we'll before COVID. Seems pretty dead in the water. Same with all the Creston Brewery new ownership rumors. This neighborhood needs some good investment.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/?ref=home&_rdr#!/thesparrowsgr/photos/a.10156414310347464/10158597148162464/?type=3&source=48 So ready for this. Let's just hope it goes better than Sparrows Bridge Street or Kingma's Ada
  15. Tried to go up to Knoop (the Canopy rooftop beer garden) the other night. Said they had an 1.5 hour wait. Good to hear they're doing well so far.
  16. I don't recall which bar it was, but someone just posted that they were tapping a keg of Creston's blueberry sweet Street. Not sure how long kegged beer stays for, or if they maybe have still been producing beer?
  17. Rumor was that Saugatuck Brewing bought it. But that's been the rumor for like 3 months with no update, so not so sure about that anymore. I liked it there, but never seemed to know what it wanted to be.
  18. Not on Wealthy, but if you haven't seen, Terra is opening a bagel shop on the old EA Brady's location.
  19. Anyone know the story about this place? Surprised to see a bar opening during a pandemic. Looks like it is taking over that interior design office? Is it affiliated with Buffalo Traders next door? https://instagram.com/postoffgr?igshid=1jx2mrm61qvf1
  20. Nantucket's production facility near Fuller and Leonard is officially becoming a full retail space (at least that's what it sounds like). Curious to see what they do with the space since it's so much larger than the original location.
  21. Looks like GRBC is not dead afterall. Thought they were one of the rumored closures.
  22. https://grbj.com/news/beverages/alt-city-beverage-company-to-open-in-downtown-market/ Didn't see a mention of what space they are moving into
  23. I've heard that everywhere, but still haven't seen anything official. The posted on their Facebook not that long ago to dispell some rumors, but not this one. Would be great to hear something.
  24. Not sure if this is the right thread (UICA is considered Heartside right) but looks like the UICA at Fulton and Division is no more Moving into the Fed. Seems like a pretty big deal for the area. A massive space is going to be pretty much empty. Source
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