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  1. Those Commerce lanes are wild, I totally get the confusion. I had to double take to know where to drive the first time I went through there too.
  2. I've had a car rub into those flex posts right next to me while I was biking in a bike lane and it sure doesn't feel safer in that moment!
  3. I want to scream from the rooftops that we already have sufficient public right of way for transit virtually everywhere we would want it and all of the billions of dollars in engineering tunnels or elevated or whatever is only in the service of not taking away space from private auto traffic or often, even worse, parking.
  4. Maybe just their founder moved to Tennessee and wants somewhere cool to work out of "Michael Persall is a Founder and Chairman of ABP Capital, C3 Capital, and affiliate companies. Michael is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for C3bank. In addition, he is President of the 482-home Master Plan Development, Hideaway at Arrington, located south of Nashville, Tennessee in Williamson County"
  5. The Titans practice facility is "St. Thomas Sports Park" so they're unlikely to be engaging with any other hospital.
  6. Now that you mention it, I think there was some sort of historic PT boat or landing craft or something tied up next to Nissan Stadium for a short while a couple years ago but I can't rustle up any news mention of it.
  7. So that would be 3 Publix (Publixes? Publixii?) in a 7-mile stretch of Charlotte, plus one over on Harding. Wild.
  8. I don't know how you could, the census is a huge operation and already hard enough to get right (obviously). By the time you got through the funding wrangling, politics, and lawsuits, it would be time to start ramping up for 2030 anyway.
  9. I’ve said it a bunch of times and people (who are wrong) disagree with me but BNA-Downtown would be an expensive waste. At least until we already have an existing network to tie it into. It would be useless for the huge majority of Nashville taxpayers (a small % of Nashvillians fly regularly and a small % of those flyers have any interest of starting and ending their trip downtown). And many out of towners would not find it useful either (think about where many of the airbnbs are that we like to complain about). If a normal commuter route in direction of the airport makes sense on its own merits maybe it would be worth connecting to the airport, but don’t spend a billion bucks so that some small fraction of rich people that don’t live here can get downtown somewhat cheaper.
  10. The Camp concept was always intended to just run out the last two years of the lease but yeah I don’t know if that was ever made publicly explicit.
  11. I would argue that unless you work from home or have a parking spot right next to your desk, "pedestrian" is actually the MOST-massive of transits and most people are pedestrians for at least part of their commute, though the % will vary. edit: I guess I'm overstating that. But still, if you have to cross a street or walk on a sidewalk to get from your car to your building, you share concerns with the pedestrian mode.
  12. My current missing middle obsession is that we end up with stuff like this in central locations (this is edgehill), a 2 for 1 with 2x3000 square foot $1m+ SFHs, yet parking minimums and other zoning prevent this lot from being 4 or even 6 spacious apartments or condos with more or less the same amount of built space. This feels like low-hanging fruit for housing affordability. edit: these are more like 3500 sq ft including garage space I think.
  13. This is my recollection as well except I think it was only flights to Philly.
  14. Wow, New Haven is the smallest airport I have ever flown through, surprised to see them get some many destinations. Pretty sure when I was there a few years ago there were only about 5 staff in the whole place including 2-3 TSA.
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