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  1. They do have some sort of requirement for a grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb, you can see it in the new builds that have done sidewalks. I don't think it's wide enough for trees though and honestly that's asking for a lot of yard to give up already for some of these houses. IMO it would be a good opportunity to make some of that space for sidewalks by narrowing some of the side streets a bit but I imagine that ship has sailed with the patchwork stuff that has already been built since the sidewalk bill. My street is apparently wide enough that even with cars parked on both sides drivers feel comfortable flying down it between stop signs.
  2. If I'm reading this correctly: It probably functionally means bigger setbacks than the standard (20 ft for R6) when you're converting an existing lower-density neighborhood.
  3. I think even if Davidson County determined to deny all appeals, there is state-level recourse beyond that https://comptroller.tn.gov/boards/state-board-of-equalization/value-appeals.html
  4. I heard a month or so ago that this one was going to be Texas-style barbecue. In any case, I'm happy to have it coming to the neighborhood.
  5. Vandy has started demolishing the other old tower from the top down, I'll try to grab a pic one of these days.
  6. http://www.nashvillemta.org/maps/route24.pdf
  7. I believe that 2nd one is the same ownership as The Centennial.
  8. It seems like the increased parking ticket fine + more enforcement officers could pay for itself? How many tickets do you need to write in a day to cover the cost of an employee and a vehicle, 10? You could do that in 2 hours easy any weekday around Centennial park / Vandy.
  9. Yeah that's an AM call-in radio crank-level rant but you do you I guess.
  10. I have been thinking that a bold but (maybe?) gradual approach would be to establish a clear hierarchy of uses for publicly-owned transport space, and not invest any resources in lower-ranked uses until those higher were sufficiently met in that space. So we could say for the UZO: First, a space must meet the needs of pedestrians, wheelchair users, etc. Then, if there is still street space remaining, it must be used to meet transit needs (on a major street this may mean a dedicated lane, perhaps just space for bus loading on a smaller street.) Then, if there is still street space remaining, it must be used to meet bike/scooter/etc needs. Then, if there is still street space remaining, it can be used to meet the needs of private automobile traffic. Then, if we have so much right of way at our disposal that we can't find any productive uses for it, it can be used for appropriately-priced street parking. I'm sure it would be local-politics-messy in implementation but I think it would it would be a major improvement to make a clear statement of priorities with the cleanest and most-efficient uses of space at the top, and to bind ourselves to actually trying to live up to it instead of the current weak hand-waving about "Complete Streets" while still overwhelmingly devoting space and resources to private autos.
  11. Velodromes are used for Track Cycling, which is a different style of racing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_cycling . I think you are correct that there are none in the state, looks like the closest might be Atlanta or Indianapolis. I'd love to have one here but I'm not sure there's enough local interest. I have an acquaintance that volunteers at a track in another state and he says the cost to build an outdoor track is not that large relative to other recreational facilities, but they require a ton of volunteer organization to run and maintain.
  12. It is definitely not accurate enough to determine that, I think the margin of error is multiple meters.
  13. I didn't take a picture but I was over that way voting this morning and it looks like the small office building at 62nd and Centennial (https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/20976477/start-looms-on-mixeduse-building-for-the-nations) is close to being finished.
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