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  1. This is a very interesting concept and could potentially be another draw for younger folks looking to live in an up-and-coming urban neighborhood like Scott's Addition. I hope this venture really takes off and does well! https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/09/20/richmond-regions-first-dog-park-bar-opening-near-scotts-addition/
  2. Does anyone happen to know the history of Leigh Street in that part of town? Obviously it was realigned - (I would imagine there were houses where the earth patch and the westbound lanes of Leigh are now). What's the history? Curious to know when it got realigned and why. OR - even if the streets general alignment was unchanged, why was that stretch from just east of Dineen Street to N. Myers Street was widened to four lanes, divided with a median? I cannot imagine that -- back in the day -- that was a four-lane divided street. (Does this qualify as a "stroad"? I know Midlothian Turnpike, West
  3. Agreed - it's an underrated part of the city. I think in bygone years, though, it was significantly denser than it is today. I'm not sure if the tornado in '51 impacted things much there (that did damage a little farther west in Byrd Park - and north going into the lower fan, yes? Or was Randolph impacted?) Even though it runs farther north, I'm sure there was some impact from the path of the Downtown Expressway - and if I recall, RVA's infamous dance with the ideology of "urban renewal" that was popular in the 1960s, 70s and even the 80s decimated whatever was left of Randolph back then.
  4. That tower in Dallas is gorgeous. It would look fantastic in RVA! Design-wise, it looks kind of like a slightly bigger (20-story) version of the Hotel John Marshall.
  5. Wow! The hits just keep coming! FIrst - three projects last week in Manchester - plus more upzoning requests. Now Novel in Scott's, duplexes in Randolph, and some good density here in the northern part of Carver. Looks like August's break in the fast-and-furious world of development announcements was just a brief pause for the RVA real estate market to simply catch its breath and get its second wind for 2021. This really is amazing to see!
  6. Three duplexes then? Nice! Glad to see development of reasonably good density coming to Randolph.
  7. Okay then!! Wow! Scott's and by extension RVA is joining a pretty high-level list of cities for this brand: Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Washington D.C. This IS a major step-up for RVA to attract THIS level of developer. If the Scott's property is successful, I wonder if Novel might also look to build in Manchester? It seems that in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas - they have multiple properties - perhaps in different parts of town. This is a huge pick-up for RVA.
  8. I 100% agree. A "downtown" Manchester (while I guess historically has always been the Hull Street corridor) would be perfect along this stretch of Commerce from Semmes to past Hull. It's certainly wide enough to easily handle significantly larger (translated - taller) buildings. And, as you suggested, something akin to what is envisioned for the northern part of Arthur Ashe Boulevard in greater Scott's (the renderings we've seen in the Richmond300 Plan) would be something I could definitely see for this stretch of Commerce. It could really up the ante in any kind of 'competition' for businesse
  9. That's very true. Still - I've seen run-down tenements in Brooklyn that are far more attractive and well integrated into the urban fabric of the neighborhood than this design. As was stated earlier, this building actually brings to mind a correctional facility in a lot of ways. I get where the developer isn't going to spend a lot on "fluff" amenities, given that these units aren't going to go for market value - but the drab appearance really doesn't do that much for a prominent corner. If anything, I'm disappointed that such a prominent intersection isn't getting some kind of highrise developm
  10. You said what I was thinking. It actually does look like a prison. The lack of balconies really doesn't help the look at all - but if it's income-based housing, it's to be expected that it's not going to have the flashiest design or architecture. No ROI for a developer to build something to market-value quality in terms of appearance, architecture, features, etc., for income-based leasing.
  11. Architecturally? And with the lack of street-fronting business/retail space? Yeah - I'll admit I'm not thrilled by the rather stark, somewhat institutional look (especially when compared with the other much more dynamic buildings planned/announced for the Hull Street corridor) - but at the same time, more residential units replacing a surface parking lot in that stretch of Manchester, and pretty good density. It's a compromise. Yes - I'm trying to be charitable toward this project.
  12. I remember when the Lions played at Tiger Stadium. I loved those old stadiums - they were the most amazing venues for professional sports. I grew up going to RFK Stadium (when there were tickets to be had - usually you had to know someone who had season tickets who wasn't going to use them for a given Sunday or Monday night) - and, of course, when they transitioned to FedEx Field, I didn't mind. Bigger stadium - farther out, but I enjoyed going. I was at the second-ever game at FedEx - a Monday nighter against Dallas - Washington won 21-16. Had end zone seats at the front of the upper deck. Ju
  13. Okay - to put things into some really exciting perspective: much to Bruce's point - lower Manchester is booming in a way that RVA has never seen. Even if we focus just along the Hull Street corridor - if the buildings depicted in the collage all come to pass, this is what we will see rising along Hull Street north of Commerce Road: Top left: The Commodore - 7th and Hull Top right: Port RVA II - 6th and Hull Bottom left: The Overlook - Hull from 5th to 4th Bottom right: (not yet named?) - 3rd & Hull to 4th & Decatur And this is not even counting the project that would
  14. This is just amazing. For as many projects of considerable size that are underway currently in Scott's, I thing Manchester is surging ahead and taking the lead again in terms of sheer number and size of upcoming residential (and mixed use) projects being developed. Richmond has never seen this level of en masse development before, certainly not in any of our lifetimes - and maybe not in the past century or more (if ever!)
  15. This is really exciting - these two projects going up catty-corner across from each other (at 4th & Hull). Did anyone take notice of Bruce's comment? He mentioned River's Edge II - the twin 11-story buildings. I'm encouraged that he mentioned the project in such a way that makes it sound like it's still very much a "go". Here's Bruce's comment in RBS: "Hull Street will soon be a canyon-way of new apartment buildings 4-7 stories tall from Mayo Island to Commerce Street. That’s not taking into consideration the the towers along the canal where it meets Hull. Then, sweeping upriver,
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