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  1. I miss RVA

    Shockoe Bottom

    From Richmond BizSense: the latest and greatest on the continuing saga of the City, the Lovings and the proposed Slavery Memorial & Museum: https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/01/20/lovings-open-to-city-buying-not-taking-shockoe-land-family-attorney-says/
  2. I remember when City Hall was built - and as photos over the last 50 years have borne out - it pretty much always seemed like it would never be surpassed by anything along that part of Broad Street. Even though it's the Marshall Street side of Children's Hospital that will have the height - it's amazing to see a building in that part of downtown surpass City Hall's primary roofline height. Needless to say - along with the outpatient hospital, VCU certainly has beefed up the northern part of the skyline rather dramatically.
  3. Icetera - you have been a busy man these days! Thank you SO much for getting around town, taking these fantastic photos and posting them. It's so good to see these projects continuing to roll along on schedule!
  4. Icetera - thank you sir for these great photos! It is SO exciting to see so many projects coming to fruition and rising all across Richmond - literally seems like all points north, south, east and west are just bursting with energy of new construction. THIS is certainly how cities grow FAST. A lot of synergy - with developments rising simultaneously, businesses moving into town and population pouring in. SO good to see Richmond finally doing this!
  5. Same here - this will be a great development for that part of the county.
  6. From our good friends over at RVA Reddit: A stunning picture of the skyline taken from the overlook at 22nd and Grace behind the old WRVA studios:
  7. We're going to see quite a few of these cranes (and maybe some boom cranes) popping up over the next few months as all these new projects get underway.
  8. So combined with the previously announced twin-building Belleville apartment project, there looks then to be a really nice row of apartment buildings taking shape at this end of Scott's Addition. NICE!! Hope even more will start popping up nearby to these sites.
  9. Would love it if anyone in this community knows him they reached out to him. His voice on this forum would certainly be most welcome, insightful and informative!
  10. I miss RVA

    Shockoe Bottom

    Might be a stretch to hope for 10-12 - but stranger things have happened! Would love to see some height and good density here.
  11. Maybe they'll relo to Green City when it gets built? (J/K!!!!)
  12. "This link will self-destruct in five seconds..."
  13. Aside from Dominion and VCU Health (as part of the development across 10th Street from the new Outpatient hospital, I'm not holding out much hope for any new high rise office building downtown in the relatively near future, especially until we see how things shake out post-Covid. No idea what CoStar will do. Hoping you're right that Atlantic Union might do something. I think most of the new high rise development (unless, say, that big Hyatt Regency that was part of Navy Hill gets built) will be residential - and I'm 100% okay with that right now.
  14. I miss RVA

    Shockoe Bottom

    My biggest concern is that the city -- as usual -- will allow this to completely derail any/all momentum to even do this project. If this lot isn't necessary, then why not just bag it and proceed as originally planned?
  15. I'm just curious overall to see how brick-and-mortar retailers will fare once everything shakes out.
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