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  1. Nice classic Mustang in the artist's conceptual rendering, BTW!
  2. I'm curious how C-19 will impact the census numbers.
  3. Bittersweet for me. I'm thrilled that a new, bigger building will be rising on campus. But particularly my freshman and sophomore years (fall of 1981 through spring 1983), I had classes in that building. Ended up dating a girl from one of those classes for about a year. Wow - seems like an eternity ago - lol. Still, I'm glad to see VCU keeping the pedal to the metal with new projects. A bigger and better VCU helps Richmond.
  4. Again, I would think places like NYC, where density is extremely high relative to other U.S. cities, would potentially scare people away from living in such huge population centers more so than locations in Virginia. Hopefully, Richmond will continue to see outstanding population growth. Relative to Norfolk, it does appear Richmond is growing at a much faster rate (whether or not Norfolk is growing or continuing to lose population) -- and hopefully, given the increased emphasis on density in areas like Manchester, Scott's Addition and now the VCU area, Richmond will continue to see more rapid growth and keep up momentum. Obviously the pandemic is shutting things down but we can only hope this will pass sooner rather than later. Stay safe and stay well, guys!
  5. Mega cities like New York where the density is extremely high, I'd suggest folks might shun moving to such locations down the road. I'd tend to think Richmond likely won't suffer from folks afraid to live in cities. I'd argue Richmond is far from built out. Just look at the sea of parking lots that make up Monroe Ward. PLUS -- even if every square inch of land had a building on it, there is still room to build vertically. Richmond can and should strive to build skyward and increase her density. The city has a long way to go and hopefully will keep going 'up'.
  6. Fantastic! So glad to see the East End really buzzing with new development.
  7. i fear this is but the first of many business casualties we will see forthcoming.
  8. That's a good question. One wonders though - I'm guessing a building demo and cleanup will be far cheaper than a gut and renovation project. And in all likelihood, DE wants to hang onto the land, so selling the building likely won't happen. Plus - if we are heading into something as disruptive or worse than the Depression, there won't be anyone ponying up to buy anytime soon.
  9. Somewhere, the NIMBYs are celebrating. "NO SHINY NEW THINGS FOR YOU!!!!" (Guys, please know this is said very tongue-in-cheek and isn't meant to demean the severity of this pandemic.) I hope you're right about doubting the demo date.
  10. Let's hope under the current brewing economic circumstances this project gets under way and is actually fully developed. And -- YES to the re-title. Adding "Fulton" is a good idea. IKR? Given the current situation and not really knowing when things will stabilize both with the virus and the economy, I get nervous any time i come on here or look at the RTD or BizSense thinking there might be bad news of something getting delayed, paused or pulled off the table. Richmond's on too much of a roll - we can't afford something like that.
  11. That being the case, curious then as to why the new 111 route would not be up and running as planned. I am concerned that the fallout from this virus situation will scuttle projects that are not already underway, and even then as the financial situation deteriorates until there is some stability, I wonder how projects already underway will be impacted? Seemingly more so than other cities, Richmond can't afford to have projects (planned or underway) tabled -- for whatever reason, when Richmond projects get delayed, they ultimately never happen.
  12. If I were a bookie, I'm laying 5:2 it will end up a parking lot and 100:1 that a new tower won't rise on that spot in the next three years. Were it not for the massive disruptions caused by COVID-19, I might think the odds would be better. But I just don't see it.
  13. Wow! Is the rest of GRTC shutting down as well?
  14. Hoping VCU has a better year next season!
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