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  1. Thanks so much, @HRVAfor posting this. Indeed, this is a robust development with a lot of major components. I LOVE the 2 over 2 stacks - these bad boys are absolutely gorgeous!
  2. I think we've had this development previously in this suburban thread - but a brief update from the Times-Dispatch. The 450-residential-unit Cloverleigh development is on the docket for the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors' upcoming meeting (December 14) - and if it gets the green light, it will get underway in 2023. The proposed development was approved by the county's planning commission in mid-October by a vote of 4-1 in favor. Unfortunately, the RT-D article did not include any art or renderings. Also - the story does not appear to detail (unless I missed it) whether the "units" are apartments, townhouses or if this is a subdivision - and while I'll admit to being lazy in researching this, I honestly don't feel like schlepping back through this thread to see if I can find it. (Apologies!) https://richmond.com/news/local/proposed-cloverleigh-development-project-is-ready-for-next-step-toward-approval/article_67758560-9fc2-568b-bba2-5244c6676e8b.html?utm_source=richmond.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fbreaking&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=0ec7e032dd1e4ec101109fd5c9cd7c5c0a175c41
  3. Definitely good news! I wonder if there are any updated renderings available anywhere? Glad to see this getting underway. NOW - if we could just get some movement at 2nd and E. Marshall on the Project Formerly Known as The Admiral...
  4. Our good friends over at Richmond BizSense have added their first new area to their initial offerings of metro RVA development maps. This new one focuses on central Henrico County. This is their first addition to their collection of area-specific interactive development maps since they first launched this concept several months ago. Check it out! https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/23/central-henrico-development-map/
  5. You KNOW the Thanksgiving meal was good when the entire household is snoring for a couple of hours afterwards.
  6. My dear friends - I just wanted to wish everyone and all in our wonderful RVA/UP community a very Happy Thanksgiving!! May today be a day of family, friends, food, football, fun and festivity for all of you. Hope the weather in the River City is nice, particularly if you're going out to visit family/friends today/tonight. Everyone - enjoy the day - stay safe and be well!
  7. Right - this one -- on the property of N. Chasen & Sons -- is the next REALLLLY BIG project for Scott's - this one is THREE buildings - and ALL of them are something like 7 or 8 stories tall if memory serves (no worse than 6 stories), yes? And it straddles Marshall - which is REALLY cool - two of the three buildings will be more or less across the street from each other.
  8. Wait - you mean the site demo has taken place? (What was there previously?) Level 2 - now that's the Leigh's Addition building (the big one at A.A. Blvd and Leigh) yes?
  9. Thanks, Coupe! Glad to know Soda Flats is finally foaming up and not fizzing out!
  10. More redevelopment and density coming to Chimborazo - this time courtesy of our good friend Mr. Louis Salomonsky (who developed the Icon in Scott's Addition, is developing the Bakery Lofts in Shockoe Bottom and has proposed a 10-story apartment building at Gaskins and Patterson in the West End). Salomonsky is looking to build a 70-unit addition to the Bacon Retirement Community at 815 N. 35th Street in Chimborazo. The project will include eight townhomes, three detached houses and a three-story add-on to the current retirement community building (the former Bacon school). Once complete, Bacon will boast a total of 129 income-based housing units for seniors. VERY MUCH needed, to say the least! Oh - what's more, this project is (as the crow flies) about seven blocks north of Daniil Kleyman's 100-unit apartment development at Glenwood Ave and Government Road. From today's Richmond BizSense: https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/23/70-unit-addition-new-homes-planned-as-part-of-senior-apartments-renovation-near-church-hill/
  11. Very good news - the Commission of Architectural Review voted on Tuesday to approve BOTH the 8-story apartment building at Madison and Broad (Bank Street Advisors) and Virginia Credit Union's remake of the building that once housed the Bistro (27 W. Broad). Both projects received unanimous approval. The only amendment that the CAR prescribed was that Bank Street add windows to the east-facing façade of the apartment building. From today's Richmond BizSense: https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/23/planned-8-story-arts-district-apartment-building-gets-first-city-approval/
  12. That's definitely good news! What's the story on Soda Flats and the Outlier (on A.A. Blvd) ? I believe it was reported previously that the Soda Flats - after pausing - was back underway. Are they still working on that? And what of the Outlier? Do we have any information about that project? At one point, how ever-many moons ago, there was some preliminary site work - wasn't there some demo work that needed to happen there? I get worried because of what's been reported even in RBS about how construction costs, inflation, supply problems and now interest rates have slowed the pace of these development. I worry about these projects sitting around on the shelves collecting dust for too long -- which at least in the past -- has not been a good sign. Aside from that - "calling all cameras... calling all cameras... red spindly mini-crane is up over the Novel apartment building construction site..."
  13. Oh COOL!!! Ummm... any chance umm... we could get... you know...
  14. Is that on a crawler or is that a stationary crane?
  15. I was wondering what the latest and greatest on Bakery Lofts might be. Thanks SO much for the update - you answered my question before I could even ask it.
  16. Ice - you and @Brent114are knocking it out of the park with the AWESOME photos!! Thank you SO much for taking & posting. You officially get today's "YOU DA MAN!!!!" award! So - by my VERY informal count: FOUR tower cranes are up across RVA at the moment (unless there are more that I'm overlooking) 1.) Belleville/Scott's Edge - Scott's Addition 2.) The Commodore - Manchester 3.) Parc View - Monroe Ward 4.) VCU Tech building - edge of VCU academic campus Are there more? Definitely more will be on the way soon - but at the moment, are these four it?
  17. A small but nice adaptive reuse project on W. 31st Street, two blocks south of Semmes Avenue in Woodland Heights. A 99-year-old former nursing home that has sat vacant for a decade is to be converted into 19 apartments, if the developer can secure the SUP for which he has filed. The former Manor nursing home building is pretty badly run down cosmetically - BUT - is quite structurally sound - making the project feasible. Should be a nice mini-insertion of density into that part of Southside. From Richmond BizSense: https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/22/realtor-trio-plans-to-convert-rundown-old-nursing-home-into-apartments-near-forest-hill/
  18. Just for fun and out of curiosity and nostalgia, I did a little research into Colonial Stores since it was a part of my RVA childhood back in the '60s and '70s. They had a big presence in Virginia in general and in Richmond in particular. Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of Colonial Stores in the southeast (not in Richmond) that look VERY much like the two that were the closest to me when I was growing up. The first one looks very much like the store that was on Westover Hills Boulevard - if I recall it was in the building that Safeway ended up in for DECADES (close to 49th and Clarence). The second one looks very much like the one that was in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center - which I think was actually the same store (meaning people and business) that simply relocated from Westover Hills.
  19. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! The nine-story office building that Thalhimer was talking about at some point. So - wow - given that they're actually building stuff of decent density in that part of Manchester (a 7-story apartment building and an 8-story apartment building) - maybe there's hope with them controlling that parcel that they will either go back to some kind of office building or mixed-use development - or - put up more high-density residential there. They're (sort of) slowly redeeming themselves from the dumpster fire that they're building over in Greater Scott's across the street from the Diamond District (although, is Thalhimer building the 7-story residential beauty that's slated to rise on Ellen Road? I can't recall who the developer is on that one.)
  20. How about a Walgreens or a CVS? I'm guessing there might be either one (or both) lurking around a little farther west near Chippenham - but those corner parcels like that are often good fits for a stand-alone Walgreens. Maybe not the highest and best use - but they'd probably do plenty of business.
  21. Just curious about a vacant parcel along the Manchester riverfront and a parking lot across the street - both parcels at 4th and Bainbridge: Do we have a read on who owns these and if there might be any potential at all for either or both to be redeveloped into something with some density? Of the two, I'm more curious about the larger triangular-shaped vacant parcel north of the intersection as I'm guessing the parking lot might be connected to/owned by the City View Lofts (would that be a safe bet?) I'd love to know the scoop on these two parcels and if there's any possibility something of any reasonable size/density could rise on either of them.
  22. Idk - I think our memories of various areas of RVA that are changing (or have the potential to change) are valuable and relevant to the conversation - it certainly adds richness to the discussion, particularly for those of us who go back quite a ways growing up in the River City many MANY moons ago and remember how things were (which fuels excitement of the potential of what could be!) My mother LOVED that old long-gone Ukrops - we shopped there ALL - THE - TIME. I also got my hair cut (on occasion) at that barber shop (though I frequented a couple of barbers in Westover Hills more regularly because they were friends of my dad). Now - do you go back far enough to remember (in the shopping center that had the Ukrops) either 1.) the old Ben Franklin store that was on the far southwest corner, all the way at the end and 2.) the Whistle Stop Train Shoppe hobby store? OMG - when I was a kid, I LIVED for the opportunities to go into those stores. I got a TON of model railroad stuff at the Whistle Stop - and my parents bought me my first-ever issue of Sports Illustrated - January of 1971 - coverage of Super Bowl V - from the Ben Franklin. As I recall, they had a small soda fountain and we'd go there and get milkshakes now and then. I seem to remember that I got my second-ever issue of Sports Illustrated from that Ben Franklin later that year - early June 1971 - coverage of the Indianapolis 500. Either way - all of this is to say that RVA is growing, changing, moving forward - which is what cities are meant to do. Much as I might miss that old Ukrops or the old Colonial Stores grocery store in the Stratford Hills shopping center or some of the other businesses, those are fond memories that will always remain - and it makes me all the more excited about what the future might hold. Mind you, Stratford Hills isn't a "hotspot" of rapid change the way Scott's Addition or lower Manchester are these days - but that doesn't preclude growth and change from coming to the area. I think exciting times are ahead.
  23. I grew up in Granite - exactly one mile east of the Hathaway Towers building door-to-door (I measured on Google Maps from my old house to the Hathaway building) - my bedroom (2nd floor) was on the west side of the house and in the winter with foliage off the trees, I could see the top of the Hathaway building on the horizon off to the west. All of that to say - I agree with you. Stratford Hills Shopping Center has very little in the way of charm. It always looked like it was one recession away from being boarded up and bulldozed - yet somehow it survived. My favorite place in that shopping center when I was growing up was an old hardware store that was probably one of the original tenants when the strip center was first built way back when. You're right about Sheetz being a bit of a dumpster-quality kind of business - but honestly, I'm not sure what else aside from, say, a Walgreens might go there. Would WaWa be any better? (Methinks not...) True, traffic would be a real concern - and as Coupe said, it's far from an easy trek through that area as it is now. What has always amazed me, though, about this strip shopping center is that the parking lot seems WAY outsized for amount of business these retailers get. I'm looking at the picture, though, and there are (surprisingly) a fair number of cars in the lot. I just don't ever remember it being extremely loaded up though. Hard to say either way. I don't see a Sheetz bringing much added value to the area. But neither do I see letting shuttered buildings remaining boarded up bringing any intrinsic value either.
  24. That makes sense, what with continued issues with inflation, construction costs and now interest rates going up.
  25. I like it! Very muscular looking building - and it will carry a strong presence on Hull Street. Glad they're keeping the smoke stack. Call me crazy, but I think the building fits in quite well there - and seven stories, based on square footages and units, etc., is about what was projected earlier, no?
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