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  1. opivys85

    College Park

    So excited about it. We just moved to CP and have really enjoyed the restaurant scene so far. The new Lebanese place, Jaber, was pretty solid.
  2. I agree with the idea of using the stadium to galvanize improving the surrounding community without displacing the current residents. Buddy Dyer spoke at the beginning of the game about some programs aiming to do that, but I'm not sure what stage those are in. I think the approach of bulldoze it and build it closer would just doom that part of town to continued stagnation, making it left behind vs the investments we are making to the more metropolitan and affluent parts of the city.
  3. We went to the Florida Miami game this weekend and it was an absolute disaster getting out of there. I understand that any event like this is going to have logistical issues, but this was pretty bad. Not helped by the fact that you find yourself in a terrible part of town. Overheard many out of towners say this was the worst football stadium/city they had ever been to. They really need to work on connecting this stadium to Exploria and then downtown.
  4. Couple of pictures I took from Winnie Palmer. Looking pretty good. And another vantage point.
  5. Nice pictures and what a beautiful day! I really like the white paneling mixed with the blue glass. Looking real nice
  6. Whoops my bad. Guess I just hadn't heard of it. Yeah I thought the SCC Orlando thread was pretty much defunct but it's picked up a bit recently.
  7. https://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=235035 This was just posted on skyscrapercity, new "high rise" 9-story luxury apartment building on Lake Ivanhoe slated for 2020.
  8. Not sure what you’re talking about. I’ve seen respect and reverence from CNN and NYT, to name a few. Obama himself spoke respectfully about HW and Michelle Obama halted her book tour to go to the funeral. Not everyone is forgetting about the controversies that exist with his legacy, just like when McCain passed. Yes there are people that are crass and inhumane in times like this, but I would say it is nowhere near the norm.
  9. Huh? Sweeping generalization there.
  10. One of the most frustrating things about Orlando. Too many chains, not enough unique institutions. I guess it's not part of the culture here yet.
  11. Do y’all recommend any of these paid sources for general Orlando business and development news? OBJ, sentinel, growthspotter, etc?
  12. Yeah, I agree. I mean, Anchorage #28? I would put Orlando in the mid-30's. These articles always feel so click-baity and something like this is so subjective anyways. Orlando doesn't have any significantly tall buildings (and I don't suspect it will in the near future). I guess right now there isn't a great vantage point that really encompasses the breadth of the Orlando skyline and it lacks a signature building/feature. I currently live in a high rise south of Eola with a nice but incomplete view of downtown from the balcony. Having just moved here from New Orleans, I would say that, moreso than tall buildings, this place needs more hip locales for eating/drinking/listening to music. Having said that, we've been to some great restaurants so far and I'm a big fan of running around Lake Eola.
  13. Some kind of food hall would be great. As someone moving to Orlando from New Orleans, the sheer amount of chain restaurants in the city is a little depressing. I will be living a few blocks from this building and would love some nice, unique places to eat/drink at.
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